I usually travel to Arizona once a year to visit my father and step-mother. But I like to add anywhere from three to five days to the trip to hike and explore a different part of Arizona. I’ve covered most of the state now though there will always be places I want to visit.

These top 10 Arizona hikes showcase a huge swath of the state but they don’t cover everything. What’s missing are the hikes to Havasu Falls, Coyote Buttes and The Wave – all bucketlist worthy hikes that are still very much on my wish list. The hikes in this blog start in the north at the Grand Canyon and take you right down to the border with Mexico.

Arizona always wows me with its sunsets

Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim hike

Hike: The Rim to Rim to Rim Trail is a 71 km/44 mile round trip hike with total elevation loss and gain each of 3000 metres (~10,000 feet). If you start at the North Rim take the North Kaibab Trail to the Colorado River. Join the Bright Angel Trail to ascend to the south rim. To return I recommend the South Kaibab Trail leaving from Yaki Point – after two night’s of rest on the south rim. Of course there are loads of less taxing hikes. See the guide for ideas. On both hiking days we started at 6 AM.

Highlights: Literally every step of any hike in the Grand Canyon is scenic. The colours are mind boggling especially at sunrise and sunset. The trees are beautiful; the Colorado River wild and the bird life excellent. This is one of the world’s great hikes but the season is short because of the heat. Plan on spring or early to mid-fall.

Time Needed: Anywhere from a few hours to several days if you do the Rim to Rim to Rim Trail.

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Usery Mountain Regional Park

Hike: Try the 3.2 mile return hike (with a 850 foot elevation gain) to the Wind Cave located in beautiful Usury Mountain Regional Park just 25 minutes away from the Mesa Airport.

Highlights: Gorgeous vistas, bird life, good workout in a short time frame; It’s possible to continue past the Wind Cave to the summit via an un-maintained trail. Dog and family friendly.

Time Needed: 90 minutes to 3 hours depending on your fitness level and how many photos you take.

10 of My All Time Favourite Arizona Hikes

Lovely saguaro views on the way up to the Wind Cave

10 of My All Time Favourite Arizona Hikes

Beautiful desert vistas from just above the Wind Cave

Superstition Mountains

Hike: Start in Lost Dutchmen State Park and head for the Siphon Draw Trail. It’s only an hour’s drive from Phoenix.

Highlights: Scenic vistas, birds, vegetation, great workout. It’s possible to do a 3-4 day backpacking trip in these mountains.

Time Needed: 5 – 6 hours if you want to climb the Flatiron; a 3 hour out and back hike gives you great views and a taste of the area.

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10 of My All Time Favourite Arizona Hikes

Hiking in the Superstition Mountains

Petrified Forest National Park

Hike: Choose from a dozen hikes off the 28 mile road that winds through the park. Some require navigation but most are signed or obvious.

Highlights: Petrified logs, interesting geology, big skies, history, colourful badlands scenery, lots of photography opportunities

Time Needed: One half to a whole day

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10 of My All Time Favourite Arizona Hikes

The desolate beauty of Petrified Forest National Park

Sedona Courthouse Butte hike

Hike: The 6 mile Courthouse Butte loop with options to add mileage.

Highlights: Gorgeous red rock buttes, vistas, interesting rock formations, birding.

Time Needed: One day will barely scratch the surface of what Sedona offers the hiker. This is an easy two hour hike and a great introduction to the area, especially if you’re short on time.

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10 of My All Time Favourite Arizona Hikes

I doubt there’s a bad hike in Sedona with so much red rock country

Camelback Mountain hike

Hike: The Cholla Trail gains 1,200 feet over 1.6 miles. Another option is the steeper Echo Canyon trail that is 1.2 miles one way.

Highlights: Workout, great views, camaraderie on the trail, dogs allowed.

Time Needed: 1 -2 hours. Go early in the morning in the warm months or it will be blisteringly hot. Parking can be a problem near the trailhead.

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10 of My All Time Favourite Arizona Hikes

Carefully picking your way up and down Camelback Mountain

Pinnacle Peak hike

Hike: It’s a 3.5 mile round-trip hike to do the trail in Pinnacle Peak Park with 1,300 feet of elevation gain. You need to be a rock climber to summit Pinnacle Peak.

Highlights: Beautiful rock formations, big vistas, saguaros, birding. Easy accessibility.

Time Needed: A few hours.

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10 of My All Time Favourite Arizona Hikes

The mass of interesting boulders you see on the Pinnacle Peak hike

Cochise Indian Trail, Dragoon Mountains

Hike: The 6 mile round trip Cochise Indian Trail.

Highlights: Incredible rocks in all shapes, big vistas, some of the best birding in Arizona, rock-climbing.

Time Needed: 3 – 5 hours

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10 of My All Time Favourite Arizona Hikes

The stunning Dragoon Mountains in southeast Arizona

Chiricahua National Monument Hike

Hike: The 9.5 mile Big Loop would be my first choice. With snow we settled for the Rhyolite Canyon and Sarah Denning Trail. That got us to Balanced Rock – and you don’t want to miss that.

Highlights: Rock pinnacles in a great variety of shapes and sizes, big vistas, mountains that rise to 9,763 feet.

Time Needed: One to two days depending on how ambitious you are. As a day hike allow 4-6 hours.

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10 of My All Time Favourite Arizona Hikes

Otherworldly rock formations appearing in the mist – Chiracahua National Monument

Ramsey Canyon Hike in Cochise County

Hike: The Hamburg Trail

Highlights: High canyon walls, big vistas, diverse plant and animal life with up to 12 types of hummingbirds, over 100 species of butterflies

Time Needed: One day to several if you’ve come for the birding.

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10 of My All Time Favourite Arizona Hikes

Monster sized sycamore trees seen in Ramsey Canyon

10 of My All Time Favourite Arizona Hikes

Big vistas from the high point on the Hamburg Trail

Bonus hike: Coronado National Monument

Hike: There are 8 miles of trails in Coronado National Monument. In addition you can climb Coronado Peak.

Highlights: Stand inches from the Mexican border. Desert scenery. Big skies. Interesting vegetation and bird life. Almost no one around. Free.

Time Needed: A day.

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10 of My All Time Favourite Arizona Hikes

Looking south into Mexico from the trails in Coronado National Monument

Do you have a favourite hiking trail in Arizona? 

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10 of My All Time Favourite Arizona Hikes - these ideas include epic & family-friendly hikes with everything in between

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