10 BEST Small Towns in Canada to Visit

Entrance to the old town of Maple Creek Saskatchewan
Entrance to the old town of Maple Creek

When I travel I prefer to discover the charm of a small town over that of a big city. There are always exceptions – Quebec City for example, but on the whole I like the simplicity of visiting smaller centres. Described are 10 small towns in Canada I think you’ll want to visit.

These small towns in Canada all offer something unique, most are very pretty, and they showcase a cross-section of Canada from coast to coast.

Trinity, Newfoundland – famous for whale watching and iceberg viewing

With only 200 year-round residents, the small town of Trinity remains compact and very walkable. The best time to visit is in summer when everything is open including the Rising Tide Theatre.

In the town itself you can visit galleries and small shops, check out old cemeteries and churches and dine very well at the Twine Loft.

Nearby you can go whale watching, and look for icebergs if you’re visiting in spring, explore the Bonavista Peninsula or even visit the site of Random Passage(a TV mini-series). Hiking is excellent in town and on the nearby Skerwink Trail.

St. Paul's Anglican Church in Trinity
St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Trinity
Another view of Trinity Newfoundland
Another view of Trinity Newfoundland

Wolfville, Nova Scotia – one of the small towns in Canada I lived in for a summer

I’m partial to Wolfville as I spent a summer living in what is now the Blomidon Inn – but well before it was refurbished. Wolfville is home to Acadia University, so there’s always a lot going on when it comes to courses and culture.

Nearby you can wander the red mud-flats – with some of the best examples in Blomidon Provincial Park on the Bay of Fundy.

Sample some darned good wine in the Grand-Pré area, visit the Grand-Pré National Historic site, go bird watching, bike, tube on the local rivers and enjoy the simple camaraderie of locals in a café.

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Another look at just how far the tide goes out in Blomidon Park
Another look at just how far the tide goes out
You can sign up to do a tour of the Grand Pre National Historic Site with a Parks Canada interpreter
You can sign up to do a tour of the Grand Pre National Historic Site with a Parks Canada interpreter

St. Andrews, New Brunswick

What you’ll find with St. Andrews, New Brunswick is a cute seaside town with lots of centuries old buildings that harken to its colonial heritage. St. Andrews is one of New Brunswick’s hot destinations – especially in summer when beaches beckon and golf courses are open. 

Whale watching tours are popular. There is some excellent sea kayaking and renting a bike is a great way to experience the town. Don’t miss a visit to the Kingsbrae Gardens – one of the top public gardens in Canada. When you’re hungry, chow down on a fresh lobster roll.

One of the charming small towns in Canada is St. Andrews, New Brunswick
Kingsbrae Gardens in St. Andrews – one of the charming small towns in Canada is St. Andrews, New Brunswick

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario – one of the most beautiful small towns in Canada

Another one of the small towns in Canada I love is Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Not only did I get married here, but I lived here for 18 months and ran a flower shop on Queen Street. Granted it’s a bit touristy, but if you get off the main street what you’ll find is a town filled with beautiful, historic houses and a very active and welcoming community.

Aside from the Shaw Festival – that runs from mid-April to early November, you can spend days wine tasting, visiting orchards, biking along the Niagara Parkway to Niagara Falls and beyond, golfing, shopping and dining. You need at least a weekend to get a feel for this town. It’s also magical at Christmas.

Visiting a Niagara Winery
Visiting a Niagara Winery
Visiting Niagara Falls with my son
Visiting Niagara Falls with my son

Magog, Quebec – one of the small towns in Canada that surprised me 

It’s a toss-up in my mind between Magog and Lac-Brome for the best small town in Quebec.

Granted I haven’t seen the entire province (but most of it) and I was very impressed at what Magog offered the visitor. Located on the shores of Lac Memphremagog, it’s a pretty place with great restaurants and shops.

There’s plenty to do nearby – including cycling the Green Route that runs through the town and skiing at any number of local resorts in the winter. A visit to the Abbaye Saint-Benoit is also very worthwhile. Check out the interior of the building and sample and buy the cheese made by the Benedictine monks who reside here.

For some of the best Mexican food you’ll eat outside of Mexico, check out Guacamole y Tequila at 112 Rue Principale Ouest.

One of the small towns in Canada, Magog on the shores of Lac Memphremagog
One of the small towns in Canada, Magog on the shores of Lac Memphremagog in Quebec

Hecla, Manitoba

Hecla, is located 90 minutes north of Winnipeg on the shores of Lake Winnipeg. Hecla is a small but strong community with Icelandic routes.

Originally settled in 1876, it has seen its’ share of tough times. But since the summer of 1975 when Hecla/Grindstone Provincial Park has been in existence, life has improved. If you’re a cyclist, kayaker, hiker, birder or history buff, it’s a great place to explore. In winter, visit for the cross-country skiing.

There are only a few places to stay and eat – a B&B and a resort though there is lots of camping available too. On a summer weekend don’t miss a visit to Integrity Foods – located on a strip of farmland north of Riverton. Order a pizza and get it baked to order in an outside oven. While you wait admire the surrounding gardens and say hello to the cute goats on the property.

Hecla Lighthouse overlooking Gull Harbour
Hecla Lighthouse overlooking Gull Harbour
The waters of Lake Winnipeg are higher than normal
The waters of Lake Winnipeg were higher than normal when we visited
Picking garden toppings for your pizza at Integrity Foods in Riverton
Picking garden toppings for your pizza at Integrity Foods in Riverton

Maple Creek, Saskatchewan – one of the small towns in Canada in the middle of nowhere

In what feels like the middle of nowhere, you’ll find Maple Creek. The nearest ‘big city’ – Medicine Hat is 100 kilometres to the west and to visit you must leave the Trans-Canada Highway.

Maple Creek is close enough to Cypress Hills InterProvincial Park that you can visit on a day trip. The town offers easy access to the Saskatchewan’s Great Sand Hills – huge dunes everyone will want to explore.

And it’s a great stop on a visit to Grasslands National Park. Plan to visit between May and October.

Entrance to the old town of Maple Creek Saskatchewan
Entrance to the old town of Maple Creek
One of the interesting small towns in Canada - Maple Creek is near the Great Sand Hills
You feel small in a landscape of sand and sky in the Great Sand Hills

Lacombe, Alberta – one of Canada’s charming small prairie towns

Located about 90 minutes north of Calgary, the small town of Lacombe has been called by author Bill Corbett – ‘a rare prairie town that has preserved and restored many of its early 20th century buildings and maintained one of Alberta’s finest Edwardian streetscapes.’ 

Visit for the beautiful downtown boasting six designated Provincial Historic Buildings and some excellent murals but also for all the nearby things to do.

The Ellis Bird Farm is an outstanding place to visit in spring and summer for the birds, gardens and the teahouse.

The Kraay Family Farm reportedly offers one of the best corn mazes in the province – with 15 acres of nine foot tall corn and the Lacombe Agricultural Research Centre is home to a truly fascinating weed garden.

Local travel writer Debbie Olsen suggests dinner at Letos Restaurant.

And I can tell you that the tacos at Blindman Brewing are superb.

Another must stop for people on gluten-free diets is the Totally Gluten Free Bakery. Debbie says people travel from Calgary just to load up on baked goods. 

No shortage of bird houses at the Ellis Bird Farm
No shortage of bird houses at the Ellis Bird Farm
The iconic Flatiron Building in downtown Lacombe
The iconic Flatiron Building in downtown Lacombe

Tofino, British Columbia – one of my all-time favourite small towns in Canada

Now that I live in Calgary, it’s a serious jaunt to get to Tofino. But it’s always worth it, no matter what the season. The town of under 2,000 people endures on average 3.3 metres of rain per year so they can live in a beautiful temperate rain forest with monster big trees.

Magnificent beaches are another major draw. So is the food. Don’t miss Tacofino Cantina, Wolf in the Fog or for a real splurge The Pointe Restaurant at the Wickaninnish Inn.

Try cold-water surfing, whale watching and a visit to the hot springs. Sea kayaking is first class and the cycling is easy especially on the ʔapsčiik t̓ašii trail.

Beautiful accommodation options ensure you can have a room with a view – if you stay at the Wickaninnish Inn, Long Beach Resort or Middle Beach Lodge.

You could easily spend a week in Tofino – just bring lots of reading material for those rainy days.

Beautiful Long Beach in Pacific Rim National Park
Beautiful Long Beach in Pacific Rim National Park
One of the massive trees we saw along the trail
One of the massive trees we saw along the trail
YYou'll be wowed by the sunsets at Long Beach Lodge
Be wowed by the sunsets from Long Beach Lodge

Dawson City, Yukon Territory – one of the most remote small towns in Canada

If you want to visit a town with a colourful past then be sure to visit Dawson City. Its one of the hardest small towns in Canada to get to as it’s a seven hour drive from Whitehorse – but it’s a beauty.

Check out the Discovery Claim – where the famous gold rush started. With a little gold panning on the Goldbottom Mine Tour, you might catch a case of gold fever yourself. 

Take a cruise on a paddle wheeler, join a Parks Canada guided hike complete with Robert Service poetry readings.

Visit the Midnight Dome for the views and check out the Jack London Museum. Join 100,000 members who have quaffed the famous Sour Toe Cocktail – where your lips must touch the toe. And wander the town. It’s filled with houses in a rainbow of colours.

 The view of one of the most interesting small towns in Canada - Dawson City from the Midnight Dome
The view of one of the most interesting small towns in Canada – Dawson City from the Midnight Dome 
The Palace Grand Theater in the Klondike City
The Palace Grand Theater in the Klondike City

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10 small towns across Canada you'll want to visit

  1. Oh my…I feel we are lacking the time to visit all these beautiful places when I read travel blogs like yours. Maybe we should set up a rotation schedule with people like you so we can live in each other’s area for a year and move on! 🙂 For sure your posts always make me daydream about characteristic and authentic places to visit…

  2. What a great guide Leigh – Lacombe (just down the road) sounds like a must-visit. My goal next summer is to explore the prairies more so Maple Creek and Hecla are now on my radar – obviously petting cute goats while waiting for our pizza to cook sounds fun, especially for our little dude.

    1. @Miranda Lacombe offers much more than meets the eye.I absolutely have to visit Brown Eggs and Lamb – for the name alone. The pizza place near Hecla is a great one for little people an Maple Creek is definitely worth a weekend trip. Do stay in the B&B for the authentic stagecoach experience.

  3. Correction – Trinity (45 min from my home) only has about 40 or 50 year round residents.

  4. I really wish we were at least 25 years younger. So many to see, so much to do. We’ve not even been to one Canadian city and here you’re tempting me to visit more! I really hope we get the chance.

    1. @Marlys I think when you have so much to see that’s new and different close by, it takes a real effort to commit to going overseas- and taking a longer holiday. I think you’d be thrilled with what you found in Canada.

  5. Of these I’ve only visited Niagara-on-the-Lake and that was very cute. Such a great variety of landscape in Canada.

  6. I loved Maple Creek, Saskatchewan! I was there summer 2014 and on the day we visited, there was a farmer’s market, a street fair and a rodeo going on. They have a great thrift shop, people were friendly and I’d love to return when I can spend a few days!

    I lived in Lacombe, and granted it is a lovely town, but it’s not exactly where you want to spend your teen years. 😀

    Tofino… how do I love thee, Tofino?? A few years I took my kids there because all my daughter wanted to do on vacation was learn how to surf. I can’t tell you how happy we were with “Surf Sisters”, a surf school staffed by women, for women. The town itself is pretty granola cruncher, flipflop wearing, hipster grunge but don’t let that stop you from visiting! FYI, it’s also pretty expensive, as tourism is their main industry. Don’t plan on driving too fast, as your progress will likely be impeded by hordes of people on bicycles, some with racks set up to carry surfboards!

    1. @Stephanie At least you lived reasonably close to Edmonton and Red Deer in your teens. Tofino is the one town that I would happily visit every year and no matter what the weather enjoy the experience. I am way overdue in that department.

      Thanks for your great comment.

  7. Thanks for highlighting Maple Creek – it truly is a gem that is central to so many larger centres on both sides of the Alberta and Saskatchewan borders. It is the gateway to the Cypress Hills and it is an incredibly vibrant little town, with tons of great energy and great things happening there! Knowing how great it is firsthand – I am now excited to go explore some of the other places you’ve mentioned that are in the same category!

  8. After seeing wonderful photos of Tofino, it’s definitely a place I want to return to Canada for a future visit. I’m excited I found this blog post to give me more ideas. I love Canada and will definitely have these towns on my radar for a future trip!

  9. I’d like to visit each of these small towns. I’ve actually been to one of them — Wolfville. Totally agree that it’s on your list. I’ve many fond memories of the wineries around there, great food and beautiful scenery.

    1. @Cathy You’re one of a few lucky Americans to have visited Wolfville. I also love the countryside around the town – great hiking and lots of photographic/birding opportunities.
      As for the rest of them – you wouldn’t be disappointed.

  10. Trinity, St. Andrews, and Niagara-on-the-Lake are three of my favourites as well. I’m also partial to Kagawong on Manitoulin Island in Ontario! I would love to be able to visit Dawson City some day. I had a bit of an obsession with Robert W. Service in elementary school and could recite The Cremation of Sam McGee from start to finish!

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