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View From The Meadows At Mt Engadine Lodge

9th Blog Giveaway: One Night at Mount Engadine Lodge

One of my all-time favourite lodges is Mount Engadine Lodge in Kananaskis Country. I have stayed for a weekend on three occasions now, twice in winter and once in the fall. Visit the lodge in the summer if you’re into hiking and nature. Some truly exceptional hiking trails are practically on the lodge doorstep; cue Tent Ridge, Chester Lake and Burstall Pass for starters.

If you go in the fall – like I did with my mother-in-law, you are practically guaranteed a moose sighting. And some of the trails, like Buller Pass are particularly beautiful when the larches are at their peak around mid-September. Visit in winter if you love snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and relaxing by a cozy fire.

View from the meadows at Mt Engadine Lodge
View from the meadows at Mt Engadine Lodge

Of note is the fact the Mt Engadine Lodge now has dog-friendly glamping tents. You can read about my December glamping experience here. These tents are very luxurious inside.

The glamping tents at Mount Engadine Lodge
The glamping tents at Mount Engadine Lodge

Mount Engadine Lodge is approximately a two hour drive from Calgary. It offers cabins, lodge rooms and the glamping tents I mentioned as well as a yurt. At the front entrance there’s a welcoming big fireplace. There’s also a large common area where you can hang out with a book and a glass of wine. Dining is family style. Two meals are served daily – along with a packed lunch and a fantastic charcuterie board late in the afternoon.

Mount Engadine Lodge charcuterie plates are fantastic
Mount Engadine Lodge charcuterie plates are fantastic

Mount Engadine Lodge Giveaway

Mount Engadine Lodge has kindly donated a one night stay for two people along with a late afternoon tea, dinner, breakfast and a packed lunch for the following day. (Value varies according to the time of year but a one night stay is in the range of $450 – $600/night.) Visit their website if you want more information.

How to win a one night stay at Mount Engadine Lodge

There are four ways to enter. If you enter all four ways you’ll increase your odds of winning.

  • Leave a comment on my blog. telling me why you’d like to stay here.
  • Go to my Facebook page, like it and leave a comment there.
  • Subscribe to my newsletter here – and you will get a third entry.
  • Like my IG page and tag someone in the comments. 

The contest runs from Monday, June 24th until Sunday, June 30th at 8 AM MST. The winner will be notified either by email or through Facebook and will have 24 hours to respond. Then another winner will be chosen.

***The winner is Lis Higgins. Thanks to all of you who entered.***

Leigh McAdam

Leigh McAdam is a Calgary based writer, author, photographer and social media enthusiast with over 61,000 followers. Her blog: HikeBikeTravel is frequently cited as one of the top travel and outdoor adventure blogs in Canada.

Author of Discover Canada: 100 Inspiring Outdoor Adventures
Co-author of 125 Nature Hot Spots in Alberta

This Post Has 57 Comments

  1. After soon to be 26 years of marriage, I am always looking for new ways to surprise my hubby and I think that a weekend getaway in this beautiful place is just what we need! Besides the whole idea of “glamping” is so intriguing and really is there any other way to camp? 🙂

    1. Please consider me for this getaway giveaway. I’d definitely take my mountain-loving mom for some quality hiking and foodie time.

      1. My answer is who wouldn’t want to stay here???? Haha
        I am pre-empting that I won’t just WANT to stay here but I will NEED to stay here by the end of a summer of
        Fun fandangoes with my kids!!!!
        It sounds heavenly!!!

  2. I would love to go because mt engadine has amazing food and views! Subscribed to the newsletter, following on ig and tagged a friend on the Haida gwai post, and entered on Facebook.

  3. My family has had a rough year. We are going through the typical challenges of a family with two children. However our youngest has complex needs and requires a lot of support. I am a stay at home mom because my youngest requires me to be. She is sick often, and this year on top of being sick she managed to scratch her cornea of her eye this year. A break away would be appreciated. My husband lost his job in January, and decided to take business at NAIT. It was a good decision but short term financially we are feeling the stretch. In addition to job loss, we were in a major accident in February where we were t boned in an intersection. The guy didn’t see the stop sign, hit my side and pushed us into a power pole. Our vehicle was totalled, and I was hurt. Luckily the kids were not in the car. I am still getting treatment for my injuries. This happened on February 13th. Let’s just say there was no romance for Valentine’s day. I would love to give my husband a belated Valentines weekend, I know he feels stress in not being able to financially provide as before. And a weekend away is not financially feasible for us.

  4. I would love to stay there because it’s beautiful, pet friendly and close to so many amazing hikes!

  5. I would love to stay in this magical place!! My husband and I looove the mountains and wildlife!! Will be a very cool experience to spend the night there!!

  6. Your adventures are all so wonderful. I’d love to go on this one with my husband as a getaway! What a beautiful place.

  7. What an amazing spot! I have never been, but have heard amazing things! It would definitely be a highlight for me to be able to stay at the lodge and experience the beauty that surrounds it.

  8. Engadine Lodge is a beautiful place. Amazing food, amazing views and close to so many hikes. Perfect for hiking, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing weekend.

  9. I have always wanted to stay at this lodge . Would love the opportunity to go with my husband. It’s been a tough year and it would be lovely to get away from it all together. ❤️

  10. I’ve often seen photos of Mount Engadine Lodge in the winter and it looks so magical. Would love to have a birthday getaway with my husband here.

  11. This would be a dream to take my hubby. Hard year with father in law passing, my parents not well, my brother I’ll too. So would be nice to have a get away just the two of us

  12. I’d take my husband on a weekend when he’s not allowed to run through the mountains so we can enjoy them together. Usually he is running trail races and I meet him at transitions with food, water and other essentials. I’ve been following Mount Engadine Lodge’s page awhile. The photos are stunning!

  13. I would love to win this! I am just finishing 3.5 years of online school while working fulltime. I could sure use a break – I would take my best friend Kim along!

  14. I’d love to stay here because our family LOVES exploring the Kananaskis region and I’ve only heard amazing things about this lodge!

  15. Mount Engadine has always been on my list of places to visit. My husband and I are (finally) moving back to Calgary after being away for a few years, and need to spend some time in the mountains this summer, to make up for lost time!

  16. After scrambling up Smutwood Peak last September 2018 we thought how nice if we could just stay over night at Mount Engadine Lodge and enjoy the area a little longer before driving back home to Calgary. This lodge is located in a peaceful, spectacular back country location with a lot of great scrambles, hikes, walks all around….or a great place to just rest as well. My husband and I would love to stay here overnight but if we won I would offer the stay to my sister and brother in law who have had a tough year as he went through cancer treatments and is now trying to recover from the side effects of the harsh drugs and radiation. I would love to bless them with this…pay it forward 🙂

  17. Mt Engadine Lodge is a lovely place! I’ve enjoyed it in the winter before and would love to experience it during hiking season as well!

  18. Would love to stay here! It looks beautiful in your blog post, and I love nature… Also, who wouldn’t want a better chance to see a moose ????

  19. I love our mountains but unfortunately don’t get to spend too much time there these days. I’d love the opportunity to see & stay at Engadine lodge to truly get a weekend of relaxation. Something I’m going to need after Stampede… ????

  20. This looks like a fabulous place. Would love to visit with my wife. We enjoy hiking and nature and this would make a perfect getaway.

  21. I adore big mountain views. Being from Van Isl we have been planning our next trip to Kananaskis soon!

  22. On our recent camping trip to K Country, we drove past the sign for the Mount Engadine Lodge. Such spectacular scenery in this part of the country and relatively quiet, wonderful hiking and fresh mountain air, I can only imagine what a treat a visit to this lovely mountain lodge would be.

  23. I have always wanted to stay at Mount Engadine Lodge! What a great getaway in Kananaskis, summer or winter.

  24. As someone who loves Kananaskis Country, I think Mt. Engadine has to be one of the most idyllic places on earth. I have been following them on social media for years but I’ve never had the opportunity to stay or even stop for brunch or tea. It would be a dream come true. I would stay in the lodge, a glamping tent, a broom closet… anywhere they will have me! Thank you Leigh!

  25. I would love to take my sister there to explore the beauty of the back country and enjoy a girls day of hiking and fine dining!

  26. I have snowshoed many areas in Northern BC. Would love to experience some of Alberta and all its beauty.

  27. I would love to stay here to take in the spectacular larch colours in the fall! Or have a reason to take the snowshoes out of hibernation.

  28. I like the idea of being able to hike or snowshoe as you step out the door. It would be nice to be right there for sunrise and sunset photography.

  29. I would love to stay with my husband and our two young kids. Chester lake is one of my favorite trails we used to snowshoe in the winter so it would be amazing if we can see what it’s like in the summer or fall!

  30. We have had ‘tea’ at the Lodge and would love the opportunity to stay overnight in one of their types of lodging (cabin, suite or tent glamping).

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