Cabot Trail

A Guide to Biking the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia

Biking the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island is a fantastic choice if you love multi-day bike trips, especially ones with lots of hills. The Cabot Trail makes a 298 km (185 mile) loop around the northern part of Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia passing through scenic Cape Breton Highlands National Park. The Cabot Trail has long been thought of as one of the top places for a bike trip in North America. If you’re a keen cycler put it on the must do before you can’t cycle a hill with a 17%  grade list!

HighlightsA biking guide to the Cabot Trail

  • Beautiful panoramas for 298 km
  • Mind blowing views
  • Cape Breton Highlands National Park
  • Amazing workouts and fun, long downhill stretches
  • Super friendly people
  • One of the world’s great bike rides
  • Wildlife sightings – think moose


  1. This is such a great guide to the Cabot Trail! My daughter and I will be there this summer and looking for the absolute more scenic 20-40 mile section…. Do you have a favorite section for stunning coastal views?


    1. Hi Catherine, I loved the views from the bike about an hour out of Cheticamp and the views on the downhill from the high point were memorable. The east coast of the Cabot Trail was way prettier than I expected and off Cape Smokey I think you’ll be wowed.

  2. Thank you for compiling such a thorough list of resources and detailed notes on the trail. The PDF format was so handy for printing. I really appreciate you sharing this information.

    1. Hi Bob,
      When we did the trip we spent the night in Baddeck and the motel let us park the car for the length we were gone free of charge. Going forward I would recommend asking, depending on where you start – and if they say no, ask what they would suggest, as biking the Cabot Trail is big – and draws a lot of people.

  3. Biking the Cabot trail. We’d like to do this on our own but not take an expensive tour. Any suggestions about where we can leave a bit of luggage for the week while we cycle?

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