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Alice Springs, Australia

5 Hiker-Friendly Movies for Outdoor Lovers

I tried upping my street cred (okay, hiking cred) recently while having pints with a group of fellow hikers. Emboldened by a pint (or two) of IPA, I claimed out aloud: “You know, you could say that I’ve hiked with Robert Redford and Martin Sheen.” The deafening silence was quickly followed by an outburst of derisive laughter that basically suggested: “Dream on, dude!” While I haven’t actually hiked with either of these stars—I have shared…

The Road Down From Cape Smokey Looking South

15 of the Best Road Trips in Canada

Imagine a great play list, the wind in your face and the freedom of the road as you experience one or more of these beautiful road trips in Canada. We're spoiled for choice in this country - though the season for road trips in Canada tends to be short - unless you love driving in snow. Described are 15 road trips in Canada - from the Yukon to Newfoundland. Some will take you only a…

The Columbia Icefields On The Wilcox Pass Hike

Around the World – 10 Web Cam Views for Nature-lovers

Web Cam views are the next best thing to being there. As I write this, smart-thinking governments have clamped down on recreational air travel—a good thing. It’s springtime as I pen this, when I’d normally be putting into place my outdoorsy travel plans but not this time around. Downside: I’m at home glued to my computer.  The upside: I’m at home glued to my computer enjoying a myriad of web cam views from around the…

View Of The Bow River From The Canmore Engine Bridge

9 Canmore Hikes That Offer Great Views

The town of Canmore is both the gateway to Banff National Park and an access point to Kananaskis Country. As a result there is an unbelievable amount of truly exceptional hiking within an hour's drive. I've tried to showcase Canmore hikes that offer views within a short distance of the town, with most about a 15 -20 minute drive away. The hike to the Sparrowhawk Tarns is the exception. Many of these Canmore hikes can…

Books To Read To Take Your Mind Off The Virus

17 Books to See You Through the Covid-19 Crisis

How do you get through the COVID-19 crisis with your physical and mental health intact? I for one have loads of work to do (updating old posts, writing new ones, fixing photos...) so staying busy isn't a problem. It's how to make the most of my down time. I'm less and less keen to even watch the nightly news and spend time on social media. There is too much hype and misinformation for my liking.…

Don't Forget The Icers If You Do The Sugar Momma Hike In Winter

The Sugar Mama – Sugar Daddy Hike near Bragg Creek

The Sugar Mama - Sugar Daddy hike is part of a loop that starts at the Allen Bill parking lot off Highway 66 near Bragg Creek, Alberta. It's a great shoulder-season or winter hike that delivers a workout because of its length. But I'd give it a pass in the summer (unless you bike it) when you get up into the mountains at higher elevations. The full loop is just under 14 kilometres long and…

Arrival At Ojibway Cabin In Quetico Provincial Park

A Girl’s Getaway to Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario

I'm happy to have a few girlfriends who say yes to adventures most won't consider. Cue my friend of almost four decades - Jo. She has always wanted to visit Quetico Provincial Park in northwest Ontario, though a winter trip was perhaps not what she initially had in mind. To her credit, she said she was game for a stay in a simple cabin on a frozen lake, accessed via a 2 kilometre snowshoe in.…

Spectacular Vineyard Views From Summerhill Pyramid Winery

10 Things to Do to Make the Most of a Kelowna Winter

The best way I know of to get through a Canadian winter, and have fun at the same time, is to plan loads of activities and short getaways. From Alberta and British Columbia, one of the easy options is a trip to Kelowna - the largest city in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley.  In the summer Kelowna is a very popular recreational area with loads of sandy beaches and opportunities for boating, swimming, SUP & wind…

Mosquitoes Carry The Virus For Japanese Encephalitis

World Encephalitis Day and What it Means to Travelers

Today, February 22nd is World Encephalitis Day (#WED), dedicated to raising awareness of encephalitis across the globe. Even the healthiest people can be affected by encephalitis: read the incredible story of how one Canadian family was affected by Japanese encephalitis - and how an active, athletic 62-year-old father succumbed to the disease after contracting it in Thailand. What do travelers need to know? Encephalitis is inflammation of the brain caused by one of two things…

Little Engine Winery In Winter

The Best Things to Do in Penticton, BC in Winter

Penticton, a town that's perfect for outdoor adventure enthusiasts, beer aficionados and wine lovers alike, is located in the south Okanagan Valley. Home to about 35,000 full-time residents, it has plenty to offer both locals and visitors on a year-round basis. Even though winter is a quieter time to visit, there are still lots of things to do in Penticton, as you'll see below. Bike a section of the Kettle Valley Railway, visit wineries, go…

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