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Great location for a lodge at Sunshine

Sunshine Mountain Lodge – A Fabulous Stay

I admit to being clueless on occasion. I had no idea until this past summer when I hiked into Sunshine Meadows, that there was in fact a ski-in/ski-out lodge at Sunshine Village. My excuse is that I hadn't lived in Calgary for long. And the last time I skied at Sunshine was four years ago, on a -25°C day so all I could think about was staying warm. I obviously didn't bother to take in…

Ski Trip to Sundance Lodge, Banff National Park

Every year, John and I book cross-country ski trips into backcountry lodges in an effort to make the winters fun and enjoyable. Our most recent trip took us to Sundance Lodge in Banff National Park, just days after the winter solstice. The lodge has primarily been used in the summer as a place to stay while on horseback trips. But, with a recent change in ownership, there's a push now to welcome visitors throughout the…

Our hike starts in front of Mt. Assiniboine Lodge

Assiniboine Lodge – What a Stay Looks Like

I had high hopes for my stay at Assiniboine Lodge. Years ago I met the Renners (a couple who ran the lodge for decades) while trekking around Manaslu in Nepal. They handed out pamphlets about the lodge - and mine stayed with me for years, moving with me as I moved. Every so often I'd find it, gaze longingly at Mount Assiniboine on the pamphlet and dream about a stay in the mountains. That dream…

No shortage of tourists checking out the Ice Hotel in Quebec City

Ice Hotel in Quebec City – Is it for You?

When the chance of a tour of the Ice Hotel in Quebec City (called the Hôtel du Glace in French) presented itself, I jumped at the opportunity. I'd heard about the hotel for years and I was curious about what it would actually look like. And I wanted to know just how cold it felt inside. As I found out, the Ice Hotel in Quebec City is far more beautiful than I ever imagined it…

On the trail toward Shadow Lake

A Ski Trip to Shadow Lake Lodge near Banff

A ski trip to Shadow Lake Lodge in Banff National Park (now owned by the Alpine Clube of Canada)sure makes the long winter season enjoyable. I try to plan trips well in advance throughout the winter so I always have something to look forward to. That's especially important in Calgary as the snow is usually flying by the end of October and it doesn't typically end until late March. I decided I wanted to spend…

Hotel Pierre du Calvet

A Stay in the Oldest Hotel in Montreal

If you're planning a trip to Montreal - and you're looking for a hotel in the heart of old Montreal that exudes charm, history and warmth, look no further than Hôtel Pierre du Calvet. It's the oldest private house in the city that offers accommodation. The Hôtel Pierre du Calvet Built in 1725, the hotel boasts fabulous stone walls some of which must be at least a foot thick, beamed ceilings and wood paneling. Despite…

This horse was mostly indifferent to our overtures of head scratches

La Anita Rainforest Ranch – What its Like to Visit

Sometimes a three star hotel rating doesn't tell the full story. A three night stay in La Anita Rainforest Ranch, located 90 minutes by car from Liberia, Costa Rica is just such a place. Its rating doesn't do the place justice. If you were to pick hotels by ratings alone you would miss one of the best, most authentic experiences you could have in all of Costa Rica. La Anita Rainforest Ranch is a place…

One of the guest cabins at Skoki Lodge

10 Backcountry Lodges in BC and Alberta

If you want to make the most of a long, snowy winter one of the best things you can do is visit backcountry lodges in BC and Alberta. I'd also suggest these lodges in summer as world-class hiking destinations. Nothing beats walking out the front door to start a hike.  Embrace the seasons it is what I say. And what better way to embrace whatever Mother Nature throws at you than to visit one of…

Interesting theme to the room inthe Ice Hotel in Quebec City

Ice Hotels That Will Keep You Warm at Night

If you're looking for an unusual hotel experience in countries where winter is king - Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland and even Romania - then perhaps an ice hotel might be something you'd like to stay in. Here are seven ice hotels in the colder regions of the world that will still keep you warm at night.  Ice hotels in Canada Canada is home to one ice hotel - The Hotel de Glace , located just…

Beautiful scenery around the Cape dOr Lighthouse

Cape D’Or Lighthouse – What a Stay Looks Like

I didn't appreciate the treat I was in for when I booked a one night stay in the lightkeeper's cottage - a stone's throw away from the Cape D'or Lighthouse. I'd left accommodation arrangements until the last minute - but sometimes the planets align and everything falls into place. This was one of those times. Cape d'Or Lighthouse location The Cape d'Or Lighthouse is about 6 km away from Advocate Harbour, a small community near…


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