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First rate mountain biking in Scottsdale

Mountain Biking in Scottsdale at Brown’s Ranch

Scottsdale is probably not the first city you think of when it comes to mountain biking. But it should actually be on your radar. Scottsdale is home to 200 plus miles of trails in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve ALONE with trails ranging from beginner through to advanced. Mountain biking in Scottsdale on trails like the ones we rode at Brown's Ranch are made with crushed granite and compacted soil while others are rocky with loose…

West entrance to Aravaipa Canyon

Aravaipa Canyon Hike in Arizona

If you want a unique hiking experience, then the Aravaipa Canyon hike needs to go on the must hike list. The canyon, located between Phoenix and Tucson in the Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness, sits in a landscape of soaring cliffs with a beautiful creek flowing through it year-round. Massive trees, thick riparian vegetation and lots of birds and wildlife make this a one of a kind Arizona experience. Reportedly when the leaves change colours in the fall,…

The hike to stunning Havasu Falls

Hike to Havasu Falls & Why You Should Do It

If you've ever seen the photos of world-famous Havasu Falls, the images of the turquoise-blue water contrasted with the earthy tones of the Grand Canyon will forever be etched in your mind. A hike to Havasu Falls is the best way (and apart from helicoptering in, the only way) to appreciate the beauty of not just these falls, but the four other equally stunning waterfalls in the Havasupai area. They include Upper and Lower Navajo Falls,…

Mountain biking in Usery Mountain Regional Park

Fun Things to Do in Mesa Arizona

Looking for a variety of fun, outdoorsy things to do in Mesa, Arizona? It's been named the best city for Outdoor Lovers by Money Magazine, even though its Arizona's third largest city.  Things to do in Mesa, Arizona outdoors I discovered a huge variety of things to do in Mesa, Arizona - largely because of where its sits in the state. There's easy access to the Lower Salt River. Four lakes are within spitting distance.…

You'll probably hear the sandhill cranes before you see them

Sandhill Cranes in Arizona – A Trip to See Them

My husband John is a very good sport about joining me on adventures, whether they interest him or not. Fortunately most do. But like any marriage there needs to be give and take so since he is an avid birder I agreed to several hours of birding - mostly to see the sandhill cranes in Arizona. Sandhill Cranes in Arizona at Whitewater Draw Specifically we visited Whitewater Draw, a globally important bird area in the southern…

La Poasada Winslow Arizona

La Posada Winslow – A Memorable Stay

In October one year John and I stopped at La Posada in Winslow AZ for a two night stay so we could spend a day hiking in nearby Petrified Forest National Park.  The famous corner really wasn't even on our radar when we booked our stay at La Posada in Winslow AZ. I was simply looking for some place other than a chain hotel to spend a few nights while we explored the nearby national…

On the upper sections of the Camelback Mountain hikewe ran into a human traffic jam

Best Hikes in Arizona – Top 10 Picks

The 10 best hikes in Arizona, at least in my humble opinion are described below. They showcase a huge swath of the state but they don't certainly don't cover everything. What's missing are two hikes - Coyote Buttes and The Wave - all bucket list worthy that are still very much on my wish list. The hikes in this blog start in the north at the Grand Canyon and take you right down to the…

The Courthouse Butte hike in Sedona

Courthouse Butte Hike in Sedona

Sedona, is famous for its gorgeous red rock buttes and pine forest so there are no shortage of exceptional hikes. But the town appears to be getting more popular with every passing visit, so even getting to some of the hikes can be a headache. Cue the ones off of the narrow, winding Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Drive, one of the top scenic drives in the United States. It can be an exercise in frustration…

Don’t miss the Long Logs hike near the southern boundary of the park

17 Awe-Inspiring Petrified Forest Photos

To reach Petrified Forest National Park located in northeastern Arizona, drive east from Flagstaff through the city of Winslow, made famous by the song Take It Easy by the Eagles. After an hour of humming and singing you'll reach the park where the beauty of the multi-hued yet desolate landscape will fill your senses.  Photographers will be in heaven in this park. We really should have been here at first light but at least we caught the golden hour. You're bound to…

Looking out at the Dragoon Mountains in the Cochise Stronghold

A Stellar Hike in the Dragoon Mountains, Arizona

I hadn't even heard of the Dragoon Mountains until I arrived at Cochise Stronghold Retreat. We drove up at night and couldn't see a thing. It wasn't until I looked out the first morning that I realized what a beautiful area we had happened upon. We had booked the B&B as it was reasonably close to Chiricahua National Monument and figured it would make a great base for several days. But we didn't appreciate that right out our…


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