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Cycling Northern Vancouver Island

The North Island has a hold on me, and I keep going back. Northern Vancouver Island is vast, sparsely populated, and you’re more likely to meet a bear than a tourism spot. A super destination if you like the great outdoors. This article shares three favourite spots for cycling northern Vancouver Island. Two are rough and remote (don’t expect pavement!), while the third is a mellower cluster of tourist gems. I’m a cycle tourist and…

Biking The Dinosaur Trail

Biking the Dinosaur Trail near Drumheller

If you'd like to go biking through an otherworldly landscape of canyons, hoodoos and coulees with the added attraction of seeing the world's largest dinosaur, then you need to bike the Dinosaur Trail near Drumheller. The city of Drumheller is just 90 minutes from Calgary but with its badlands scenery it feels a world away. On the drive there make the short-detour to see Horseshoe Canyon. It will whet your appetite for what's ahead. Be sure…

Missed The Absolute Peak Fall Colours By A Week

Bike Trails in Minnesota – 7 of the Best

I had the privilege of biking 7 different bike trails in Minnesota over the course of a week. On some, like the Mesabi Trail, I merely got a taste of the biking experience. But there wasn't one I found lacking. In fact, Minnesota is one of the most progressive and bike-friendly states I've run into in the United States. There are literally hundreds of miles of paved trails and well over a thousand miles of…

Biking Adventures in Transylvania Romania

“My revenge is just begun! And I spread it over centuries, and time is on my side!” You may recognize this line from Bram Stoker’s famous Dracula novel. And Dracula may be the only thing that comes to mind when thinking of Romania, right? In fact, there’s so much more to discover about this Eastern European destination. With low tourist numbers and few marketing campaigns to promote the country, no wonder people have no idea…

Biking Le P'tit Train Du Nord - One Of The Great Bike Rides In Canada

Petit Train du Nord – A 4 Day Bike Trip

Le Petit Train du Nord, a 200 km multi-use trail in Quebec's Laurentian region checks off almost every box cyclists dream about. Cue the beautiful countryside, delicious local food, charming small towns and villages, excellent signage and relatively easy cycling - especially if you bike from north to south. Throw in the option of getting a shuttle to the starting point in Mount-Laurier and a daily luggage transfer and Le Petit Train du Nord is…

Biking Across The High Level Bridge In Edmonton

Best Bike Rides in Canada You Can Do in a Day

If you're someone who loves a good bike ride but hates biking on roads, then I think you'd love what I consider to be 19 of the best bike rides in Canada. Most you can do in a day, two maximum. The best bike rides in Canada I've suggested all travel on dedicated trails and while you may have to cross the occasional road you won't have to worry about big trucks flattening you into…

WatertonLakes National Park

Things to Do in Waterton National Park, Alberta

Enjoy a selection of these 7 things to do in Waterton Lakes National Park, located in southern Alberta. The park shares a border with Glacier National Park in Montana. Remember you can even visit Waterton National Park as a day-tripper from Calgary! Even though it may be the smallest national park in the Rockies, it sure delivers a punch for its size. While parts of the park remain closed after the Kenow Fire from 2017,…

Biking The Glenbow Ranch Trails

Glenbow Ranch – Where You Can Bike the Great Trail

If you're looking for a stunning section of the Trans-Canada Trail (TCT), now called the Great Trail, in Alberta to cycle visit Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, an oasis of rolling green hills on the banks of the Bow River. The Great Trail is completed in Glenbow Ranch though there is a plan to connect Cochrane to Calgary. The only thing missing is a small strip of land near the Calgary city limits. Glenbow Ranch Provincial…

Professionally Sized Bike Is One Of The Road Cycling Safety Tips

Road Cycling Safety Tips To Keep You Alive

I don't know if any of you have been in a road cycling accident. I have. It was back in the days before bike helmets were even a thing. I was biking to St. Michael's Hospital in downtown Toronto where I worked as a dietitian. Because of the traffic, I cycled very close to the curb, so close in fact that my front tire got caught in a sewer grate and threw me head first…

Views Of The Inner Harbour In Victoria

Cycling in Victoria BC: The Harbour to Farm Tour

April is an awesome time for cycling in Victoria. While the rest of Canada is under snow advisories (at least some years) or even worse, still buried under many feet of snow, you can head off for a bike ride on an extensive network of flower-lined trails around the city and the surrounding area. Cycling Victoria BC is a superb way to intimately visit the city as you get to experience it with all your…

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