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Beautiful Gwillim Lakes In Valhalla Provincial Park

Valhalla Provincial Park for One of the Best Hikes in BC

Valhalla Provincial Park is home to one of the best hikes in BC. The 6 km trail into Gwillim Lakes is take-your-breath away beautiful, especially in the evening light. You'll find meadows to explore, mountain ridges to climb and lakes for skinny dipping. Also look for well-spaced tent pads, a kitchen area and a couple of outhouses. You could easily spend a few nights here. This post includes some affiliate links. If you make a…

The Red Lodge At Kicking Horse Is A Beacon

7 Hiking Trails at Kicking Horse Resort to Try

If you're a skier or boarder from Alberta or British Columbia there's a high probability that you've been to Kicking Horse Resort, one of Canada's world-class downhill skiing destinations. While it's renowned for its spectacular alpine setting, long runs and abundant snow in winter, it's equally beautiful in summer. From the top of the Golden Eagle Express Gondola enjoy sweeping Rocky Mountain views. Then look way down and you'll see the Columbia River Wetlands snaking…

Snack Time On Board The Rocky Mountaineer

What the Rocky Mountaineer Train Ride is Really Like

The day started early. I left the comfort of my luxurious Fairmont Hotel Vancouver bed to be whisked in a bus along with hundreds of others to the Rocky Mountaineer train terminal. And that's when the magic unfolded. Walking into the airy train terminal, John and I were immediately greeted with three things - glasses of orange juice, a coffee bar and gorgeous music coming from the grand piano. It didn't take long to get…

Way Out There: Cycling Northern Vancouver Island

The North Island has a hold on me, and I keep going back. Northern Vancouver Island is vast, sparsely populated, and you’re more likely to meet a bear than a tourism spot. A super destination if you like the great outdoors. This article shares three favourite spots for cycling northern Vancouver Island. Two are rough and remote (don’t expect pavement!), while the third is a mellower cluster of tourist gems. I’m a cycle tourist and…

Inside The Sauna At Island Lake Lodge

Top Things to do in Fernie, BC in Winter

Fernie, BC is a true mountain town with a laid-back vibe and great community spirit. Most of the 5,000 plus residents live here because they want to. They like what the town has to offer, not just in winter but on a year-round basis; things like great recreation out the back door, excellent dining, loads of locally owned shops to visit and most of the services of a far larger town. If you're a visitor…

Stunning Scenery In The Cariboo Mountains, BC

What its Like to Heli Hike in the Cariboos

You don't hear much about the Cariboo's - a group of rugged, remote mountains in east-central British Columbia at the northern end of the Columbia Mountains, about 100 kilometres due west of Mount Robson Provincial Park. There's a reason for that. Unless you have a helicopter or you're exceptionally skilled in the backcountry, the area that make up the Cariboos is basically off-limits. But you can heli hike the area - and what a treat…

A Minor Amount Of Easy Paddling On The First Day

7 of the Best Places to go Kayaking in BC

British Columbia, Canada is one of the most popular kayaking destinations in the world. With 25,725 kilometres of coastline to be explored it can be a bit confusing as to where you may want to go. Luckily I have some suggestions. Here are seven of the best places to go kayaking in BC. Some are merely weekend trips while others like Haida Gwaii deserve a minimum of a week.  This post includes some affiliate links.…

You'll Be Wowed By The Sunsets In Tofino

A Stellar Visit to Long Beach Lodge Tofino, BC

How do you know a stay away from home is memorable? When you enjoy yourself so much despite the pouring rain and incessant cloud cover that you’d go back in a heartbeat. That’s how my husband and I feel about my time at the stunning Long Beach Lodge Resort in Tofino, British Columbia. If you need a break from work, life or just want to be inspired by the beauty of the west coast, Long…

The Pangea Pod Hotel In Whistler

A Tiny Room & Big Value at Whistler’s Pangea Pod Hotel

Whistler's Pangea Pod Hotel is the first pod hotel in Canada to open. Its tiny pods are chic, well designed and big on value. The Pangea Pod Hotel is about half the price of a conventional hotel in Whistler and a giant step up from what you'd get in a hostel. With its prime location in Whistler Village just minutes away from the gondola, it's likely that the pod hotel will cause some commotion in the hotel…

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