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You Can Look Forward To Loads Of Views Like This On The Bowron Lakes Circuit

3 of the Best Canoe Routes in British Columbia

Transporting a canoe and gear around multiple lakes to complete a circuit or route is both exciting and a huge challenge. Slowly viewing the changing landscape from the canoe and portage trail is also immensely fascinating and the main reason why I love this type of adventure. British Columbia is home to some amazing canoe circuits; here are just three of my favourite canoe routes so far. This post includes some affiliate links. If you…

Beautiful Scenery In The Broken Group Of Islands

A Sea Kayaking Trip in the Broken Group of Islands

For the better part of a week three of us - my friend Judy and husband John spent a lot of time checking the weather forecast for Ucluelet and Bamfield, two small towns on the west coast of Vancouver Island. We were trying to decide if it was worth making the day long drive to Vancouver from Calgary, then hopping a ferry to Nanaimo and continuing for another three hours to Salmon Beach - all…

Sailing In Acadia National Park

5 Adventurous Things to Do in Acadia National Park

Located two-thirds of the way up the rugged coast of Maine, Acadia National Park is one of the most spectacular destinations in New England. From the islands to the highlands, the park is filled with outdoor adventures. Here are five adventurous things to do in Acadia National Park. Go hiking in the park If you don't go on at least one hike in Acadia you should leave the park ashamed. Over 100 miles of hiking…

1000 Islands Kayaking

1000 Islands Kayaking: What a 3 Day Trip Looks Like

Setting out from Gananoque, there are several options for a three day 1000 Islands kayaking trip – primarily dependent on your experience, comfort level on the water and location of the campsite or oTENTik cabin you’ve either reserved or are hoping to snag. Camping is only permitted on islands that are part of Thousand Islands National Park. Reserve ahead where permitted (on Beau Rivage, Camelot, Cedar, Milton, McDonald, Gordon, Georgina, East and Central Granadier, Aubrey…

Surrounded By Mountains

Done in a Day: Kayaking the Beautiful Bow River in Banff

If you've ever driven the Trans-Canada Highway through Banff National Park you've seen the Bow River. It's a beautiful ribbon of turquoise-blue that you can't miss. I've wanted to paddle it since moving to Calgary. I finally did. The Bow River starts in the Rockies and flows onto the prairies to meet the Oldman River which then drains into the South Saskatchewan River. In Banff  National Park there are three sections of the Bow River that…

Off The Beaten Path Alberta With Our Dog On The Peace River

Canoeing the Peace River in Northern Alberta

Unless you're from northern Alberta, the Peace River probably doesn't register on your radar. Yet it's a huge river that dramatically cuts across the province for over 1,000 kilometres. Starting in the Rocky Mountains of northern BC, the river flows northeast through Alberta to empty into the Slave River, one of the Mackenzie River tributaries. The Mackenzie is the tenth longest river in the world! Canoeing the Peace River is a fabulous Alberta adventure but…

Jasper in 24 Hours: 3 Exceptional Experiences

Don't despair if you're visiting Jasper and you only have 24 hours to see some sights. There's plenty you can accomplish in short order if you're prepared to have a full day. Recently I was in town and did exactly as described below. It was a great day and one I'd recommend to everyone.  It's amazing when you're motivated and short on time what you can cover in Jasper in 24 hours. Having a game…

5 Fantastic Things to do in Elk Island National Park

When you need a break from the city, nothing beats a visit to a national park to recharge your soul. Humans need to reconnect with nature for their mental and physical well-being. For anyone living in Edmonton, they are lucky to have Elk Island National Park practically on their doorstep - a great destination to renew, reconnect with nature, relax and have fun on a sandy beach by a lake. Elk Island National Park has been…

When The Lights Go Down

Fabulous Camping on Georgian Bay near Killarney Park

If you're looking for an outstanding kayaking and camping trip that delivers where it counts  - unparalleled beauty, rocky pink granite islands and gorgeous campsites on islands you get all to yourself, then you should think about a kayaking (or canoeing) trip to the Georgian Bay - in particular, the area around Killarney Provincial Park. The camping on Georgian Bay is truly spectacular - think the Group of 7 painters kind of scenery. You just…

Racing The Storm

The 3 Day Lac la Biche Canoe Circuit in Alberta

Did you know that Alberta's only canoe circuit is located a few hours north of Edmonton in Lakeland Provincial Park, one of the Alberta parks most people in the southern part of the province are unfamiliar with. It's called the Lac la Biche Canoe Circuit and it's something any outdoor adventurer will love. Allow 3 to 4 days or more if you want to hang out in campsites. Before you hit the water you will…

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