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Canopy Tower Experience in Panama

The Canopy Tower, a birding lodge in Panama's Sobrenia National Park, was our home for three nights in November. It's a converted, hard to miss, turquoise coloured former radar tower that was built in 1965 by the US Air Force to defend the Panama Canal. You can see the canal from the observation deck and even the lights of Panama City, less than an hour's drive away.  Popular with the birding crowd The tower is…

Things to do in Panama – 10 Great Ideas

I spent a lot of time researching what things there are to do in Panama if you only have eight full days. Our group of four didn't want the hassle of an internal flight which limited options. I think these are 10 of the best things to do in Panama if you have five - eight days to visit. If you have more time in Panama, add a trip to the San Blas Islands for…

Hiking in Guatemala from Village to Village

On a beach holiday, the closest you might come to a local resident is when they serve you a drink at the bar. Maybe, you learn their first name and discover they have a couple of children. Hiking in Central America, especially hiking from village to village, however, provides you with a fascinating glimpse into a culture that is entirely different than our own in Canada. For a short time, it allows you to observe…

Interesting Facts about Costa Rica

These 32 interesting facts about Costa Rica, a nature rich, bio-diverse country in Central America, will hopefully fill a few knowledge gaps. Read them if you're just plain curious about the country or should you have plans to visit. As one of the few democracies in South America, Costa Rica is an unusual country. It makes a strong effort to protect its biodiversity. One of the interesting facts about Costa Rica is that it moves…

Parque Nacional Vinales Bike Trip

I love biking. Not only it is a great means of transportation, it is fast and it is eco-friendly; but it also gives me a huge sense of freedom and closeness to nature. When I read that it was possible to visit in Parque Nacional Vinales by bike, I had no doubt that I would want to do that. And it was the best decision. For some reason, I had decided to visit Parque Nacional…

Volcanoes in Nicaragua You’ll Want to Hike

I’ll admit right off the bat that having volunteered with Quetzaltrekkers Nicaragua that I’m a bit biased on my hike selection. It is a volunteer run organization that supports local children’s charities with 100% of their profits, but you’ll also find other options located in Leon and throughout other parts of the country. After doing well over 30 hikes in Nicaragua on six different volcanoes and several other routes, as well as talking with fellow guides…

Hiking in Costa Rica: The Miravalles Volcano

You need to wear these rubber boots, Pablo our host at La Finca Anita Rainforest Ranch explains - to guard against snake bites. Oh great I'm thinking. John and I are both wondering what we've got ourselves into hiking in Costa Rica. We have elected to do a guided hike of beautiful cone-shaped Miravalles Volcano - one of the 61 volcanoes in Costa Rica that is dormant. If you're planning to go hiking in Costa Rica, it's…

This Horse Was Mostly Indifferent To Our Overtures Of Head Scratches

La Anita Rainforest Ranch – What its Like to Visit

Sometimes a three star hotel rating doesn't tell the full story. A three night stay in La Anita Rainforest Ranch, located 90 minutes by car from Liberia, Costa Rica is just such a place. Its rating doesn't do the place justice. If you were to pick hotels by ratings alone you would miss one of the best, most authentic experiences you could have in all of Costa Rica. La Anita Rainforest Ranch is a place…

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