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Connors Brothers Nature Preserve Is A Great Place For Beach Combing

Things to Do in New Brunswick Outdoors

Let’s not beat around the alder bush: the East Coast of Canada is one of the best spots to be in the summertime! There are many great opportunities for hiking, biking, swimming, and paddling—especially in the province of New Brunswick. For those who love the outdoors, don’t miss out on these uniquely New Brunswick adventures. You’ll find several things to do within a couple of hours of Saint John. I grew up across the Bay…

Places to Visit in New Brunswick in Summer

New Brunswick is the largest of Canada's three maritime provinces. Its home to 5,500 km of coastal shoreline and part of the Appalachian Mountain chain. For you the traveler, that means there's a wonderful variety of landscapes to explore and loads of worthwhile places to visit in New Brunswick. You can count on beautiful beaches, coastal scenery, fabulous hiking, whale watching, superb kayaking, delicious seafood and a host of other interesting things to do. Described…

Road Trip in Acadian New Brunswick

To start your road trip in Acadian New Brunswick it's a good idea to first learn something about what it means to be an Acadian. That part of Canadian history was certainly missing when I was in school. The best way to do this is to visit Monument-Lefebvre National Historic Site in the Village of Memramcook, just outside of Moncton. A video along with thoughtful exhibits will leave you shocked to discover that from 1755 - 1763…

Brilliant Red Peat Bogs On Miscou Island In Fall

Miscou Island – A Destination for Fall Colours

As I was flying back to Calgary from a trip to New Brunswick over the weekend, a woman on the plane beside me, Carol, who grew up in Miramichi, peered over my shoulder and asked if she could look at some of my photos I was working on. "Where's that one from she asks" pointing to a mass of red and green. I reply - "Miscou Island." She'd never heard of the place, though it's less…

Fishing Is Still One Of The Biggest Economic Drivers On Deer Island

Deer Island NB – Exploring by Bike

You don't hear much about Deer Island in New Brunswick. That's partially a result of its diminutive size. Deer Island has a land mass of only 45 square km. For comparison's sake that's a little bigger than the country of Liechtenstein in Europe. But for such a small island there's a lot of rural and coastal beauty.  A visit to Deer Island NB is more about rest and relaxation than it is about keeping busy.…

The Kouchibouguac River Can Be Boated As Well

Kouchibouguac National Park Biking

The drive into Kouchibouguac National Park is underwhelming. Trees line either side of the road and block any views to the coast. You might be wondering why you’ve even bothered to come. But don’t despair, because once you’re on a bike the charm, of the 238 square kilometre park becomes apparent. Kouchibouguac National Park is in fact, considered to be one of the best cycling destinations in all of Atlantic Canada. The word Kouchibouguac means…

Goutte D'O In Fundy National Park, New Brunswick

Things To Do in Fundy National Park

New Brunswick's Fundy National Park is located on the Bay of Fundy, home to the world's highest tides. Easy access is via the pretty town of Alma, literally just minutes from the park gates at the east entrance. There are lots of things to do in Fundy National Park in summer when beaches beckon and over 100 km of hiking trails wait for the clomp of your boots. In winter snow related activities abound. And…

One Of The Gorgeous Views Along The Fundy Parkway

Fundy Trail Parkway – Exploring by Bike

While most people drive the popular Fundy Trail Parkway, a 30 km paved coastal road, it's also possible to enjoy it via a strenuous bike ride or hike. The parkway, located just 10 km east of the village of St. Martins, is being lengthened. In 2020 the Fundy Trail is scheduled to connect to Sussex and in 2021 to Alma. The trail is easily accessed from Saint John or Moncton but don't confuse it with…

Grand Manan Island – A Nature Lover’s Haven

It was a treat to visit Grand Manan Island in New Brunswick after I'd heard so much about the island for years. It's especially well-known for its untamed beauty, superlative bird and whale watching and cliff-side hiking. In fact Grand Manan Island is one of the top places for birders in all of Atlantic Canada. Located in a globally significant important bird area, the spectacular Grand Manan Migratory Bird Sanctuary Nature Reserve on the Bay…

Gorgeous Views On The Mount Sagamook Hike

Sagamook Peak Hike, Mt Carleton Provincial Park

I hadn't planned to hike Sagamook Peak in Mount Carleton Provincial Park in northern New Brunswick.  But sometimes you have to be flexible in your thinking. I'm a peak bagger at heart. And I had come to bag Mount Carleton - the highest peak in New Brunswick - at 820 m and the highest peak in the Maritimes. But after a lot of humming and hawing and chatting with the Mount Carleton Provincial Park person…

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