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Long Point Eco Adventures Glamping Tents

Long Point Eco Adventures Glamping Experience

If you want to get close to nature, but not so close that you're sleeping on the ground, give glamping a shot. For those of you new to glamping it's basically camping but with amenities like comfortable beds, heated blankets or fans and indoor toilets - luxurious additions by traditional camping standards. Glamping in Ontario is growing in popularity and one place in particular - Long Point Eco Adventures in St. Williams, offers a luxury…

Cycling Through A Tunnel Of Trees In Oxford County

Things to Do in Southwest Ontario

If you've driven the rather boring section of Highway 401 between Toronto and Windsor, you could be forgiven for thinking there's not much to see in southwest Ontario. But drive off the main highway and you're in for a treat. Not only that - there's so much to do in southwest Ontario that you could visit every weekend for months and still not experience everything. Southwest Ontario is home to a thriving and growing wine…

Snowshoeing At Hiawatha Highlands In Sault Ste Marie

Hiawatha Highlands Snowshoeing Experience

If I was a resident of Sault Ste. Marie (located 675 km northwest of Toronto) I would be making twice weekly trips to Hiawatha Highlands to cross-country ski on trails that have been described as offering some of the continent's finest Nordic skiing. Located less than 10 minutes outside of "the Soo" in a rolling landscape  filled with stands of pines, hardwoods, creeks and waterfalls, a day trip to Hiawatha Highlands will leave you feeling…

Stokely Creek Lodge for Cross-country Skiing

Canadians have been slow to catch on to the charms of Stokely Creek Lodge, located just 35 minutes by car north of Sault Ste. Marie - especially considering the ease of getting to 'the Soo" from Toronto. You can easily fly on either Porter Airlines or Air Canada. The American owned Stokely Creek Lodge has been drawing guests primarily from Michigan and Wisconsin since the first cross-country ski trails opened in 1976-77.  Stokely Creek Lodge…

Morning Calm On Lonely Lake

Canoeing Quetico – How to Plan a Week Long Trip

Quetico Provincial Park is huge at 4,760 square kilometres, almost double the size of the country of Luxembourg. Its home to literally thousands of lakes along with over 2,000 backcountry campsites. Because of its size, it's a challenge, at least the first time you visit, to decide where to go canoeing in Quetico. Canoeing in Quetico Provincial Park is bucket list worthy if you're a paddler. The sheer choice of routes, the history and the…

Beautiful Kakabeka Falls Near Thunder Bay

Kakabeka Falls Near Thunder Bay

Kakabeka Falls, also called the Niagara of the North, are the second highest waterfalls in Ontario with a drop of 40 m. They are truly magnificent and worth a stop at any time of the year. In winter, you'll likely have the falls to yourself. They make a great year-round stop if you need a break from driving the Trans-Canada Highway or if you're visiting the Thunder Bay area especially as Kakabeka Falls are only…

Canoeing In Quetico Provincial Park

Quetico Provincial Park – A 7 Day Canoe Trip

Quetico Provincial Park is a massive wilderness park in Northwestern Ontario, located a few hour's drive west of Thunder Bay. The park is immediately adjacent to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Minnesota. With thousands of lakes, rivers, centuries old portages, waterfalls and campsites you could literally spend a lifetime exploring Quetico Provincial Park. Quetico Provincial Park is an ideal destination for people who like to get truly off the beaten path and experience…

Superb View From Top Of The Giant

Top of the Giant Hike in Northwest Ontario

The Top of the Giant hike in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park rewards those who make the 12 km one way trek with outstanding views over Lake Superior. Despite its considerable length, there is only 290 m (961 feet) of elevation gain and the first 8 km of the hike are dead flat so you can cover a lot of ground quickly. The day we did the Top of the Giant hike did not look promising.…

Start To Decompress With This Rice Lake View While You Wait For The Water Taxi

Island Spirits Vacation on Rice Lake

If you're looking for an off the grid spring or summer vacation within easy driving distance of Toronto check out Island Spirits on Grasshopper Island in the middle of Rice Lake. Owned and run by the energetic and enthusiastic Trudy Jo (TJ) Chernuck, Island Spirits is home to several off-grid eco-cabins and a number of campsites scattered around the island. Think rustic with a lake view, along with all sorts of unexpected cool things to do. Island…

Beautiful Boats In The Peterborough Canoe Museum

Peterborough Canoe Museum – What to See

If you're a paddler of any type of craft, a history buff or a museum goer you will LOVE Peterborough's Canoe Museum. I visited the museum and came away awed by the beauty and design of the canoes and kayaks that are on display along with the stories that go with them. The Peterborough canoe museum contains the largest collection of canoes, kayaks & paddled watercraft in the world! When you enter the museum it's…

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