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No Shortage Of Tourists Checking Out The Ice Hotel In Quebec City

A Tour of the Famous Ice Hotel in Quebec City

When the chance of a tour of the Ice Hotel in Quebec City (called the Hôtel du Glace in French) presented itself, I jumped at the opportunity. I'd heard about the Ice Hotel for years and I was curious about what it would actually look like. And I wanted to know just how cold it felt inside. As I found out, the Ice Hotel in Quebec City is far more beautiful than I ever imagined…

Hotel Pierre Du Calvet

A Stay in the Oldest Hotel Room (1725 AD) in Montreal

If you're planning a trip to Montreal - and you're looking for a hotel in the heart of old Montreal that exudes charm, history and warmth, look no further than Hôtel Pierre du Calvet. It's the oldest private house in the city that offers accommodation. The Hôtel Pierre du Calvet Built in 1725, the hotel boasts fabulous stone walls some of which must be at least a foot thick, beamed ceilings and wood paneling. Despite…

A Behind The Scenes Look At The Dancing Crowd At Igloofest

A First Timer’s Guide to Igloofest in Montreal

Who would ever think you could throw a successful party/dance/rave/festival over four 3 day weekends in the depths of a Montreal winter? OUTSIDE! Apparently four friends and founders of Igloofest in Montreal did. These guys, who were behind Picnic Electronik, started the Igloofest tradition in 2007. The event has grown from 4,000 fans in the first year to a whopping 70,000 fans by 2012. Don't forget - this is outdoors and the wind-chill can be…

10 Fun Things to do in Montreal in Winter

Looking for fun things to do in Montreal in winter? I think I can safely say that I've got you covered. Below I've suggested 10 things to do - from dogsledding to outdoor music festivals to a romantic skate at the top of Mont Royal. So if you're looking for a good time - and you dress for the outdoors, you'll find Montreal delivers in spades. It's one of Canada's great winter cities! Enjoy this…

These Markers Would Be Very Helpful On A Foggy Day

Hiking to the Summit of Le Mont Albert in Quebec

What an unexpected treat it turned out to be hiking to the summit of Le Mont Albert in the Chic Choc Mountains of Quebec. The Chic Chocs, a narrow mountain range that forms the northern extension of the Appalachians, are located inland on Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula in Gaspé National Park.  There are 25 peaks in the range over 1000 metres high, but only two are of interest to me –Le Mont-Jacques-Cartier and Le Mont Albert. Le…

You're Never Far From The Sight Of A Church Steeple On The Gaspe Peninsula

A Road Trip Around the Gaspe Peninsula

I've wanted to take the time and enjoy a road trip around the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec - considered one of Canada's most scenic drives, for years. But it's not an easy place to get to. From Quebec City it's at least a 4.5 hour drive and that's just to Matane on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River. Fortunately this summer I had places I wanted to explore that were either in or…

Incredible Drama In The Skies

Kayaking with Whales in the St. Lawrence River

I have dreamed of kayaking with whales in the St. Lawrence River for years. The Saint Lawrence River in particular is an incredible place to see a huge diversity of whales - with the beluga whale being just one of 10 whale species that inhabit these waters. When you go kayaking with whales in the St. Lawrence River, you have the chance of seeing 13 different types of whales and porpoises or dolphins, an unbelievable…

Beautiful Coastal Scenery In Forillon National Park

The Coastal Hike in Forillon National Park, Quebec

Forillon National Park located at the eastern tip of the Gaspé Peninsula, sandwiched between the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Gaspé Bay, is a great place for hiking. The park's diverse landscape can be experience on their many trails. The Coastal Trail in Forillon National Park is particularly beautiful as it follows the coast past cobble beaches and tiny coves.  On a clear day, the views on the Coastal Trail in Forillon National Park are…

Cycling The Blueberry Route

Cycling the Blueberry Route Over 3 Days in Quebec

Biking the Véloroute des Bleuets - French for the Blueberry Route - over two to four days gives you a great sense of the countryside and the culture around the Saguenay - Lac-Saint-Jean region in Quebec. The 256 kilometres can be comfortably done in three to four days.  Cycling the Blueberry Route self-supported is easy to do but there are companies around that will your bags. Alternatively you can join a tour like the one…

Take The Boat Trip To Bonaventure Island For Great Views

A Boat Trip to Bonaventure Island and Percé Rock

If you are a bird lover, then put the boat trip to Bonaventure Island on your wish list. The island is home to an astounding 200,000 seabirds, of which 116,000 are gannets. The gannet colony on Bonaventure Island is one of the largest and most accessible in the world. On the boat ride out to the island you'll also get a chance to get some photos of Percé Rock - likened to a "ship under…

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