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One of the pretty spots to stop for a break

Canoe Trip in Canada You Won’t Want to Do

We're eight kilometres into a 290-kilometre canoe trip in northern Saskatchewan and I'm already wondering how I'm going to survive two weeks of paddling. It's not the bugs, the rain or the mildly hypothermic temperatures I'm worried about - but our campsite we've had to carve out of the forest on a bed of slippery reindeer moss. Is this what we're going to have to do every night for two weeks I wonder to myself?…

Campsite on the second night on the Churchill River

47 Interesting Facts About Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is much more than what you see from the Trans-Canada Highway. This prairie province is a wonderful destination - primarily from spring to fall when temperatures are pleasant. Before you venture to the province, have a read through these irreverent but interesting facts about Saskatchewan for some perspective on the province. My husband John penned these 47 interesting facts about Saskatchewan. As you'll see below he has an offbeat sense of humour. Enjoy. Saskatchewan…

The First Nations University of Canada with buffalo sculptures y of Canada

29 Fun and Interesting Facts About Regina

I finally made it to Regina this past summer - the last of the Canadian cities for me to visit. Even though Regina is a prairie city, it's green and lush thanks to 350,000 hand-planted trees. With truly fabulous restaurants, a passionate fan base for the Saskatchewan Roughriders football team and one of the largest urban parks in North America, I'd certainly recommend a visit. Enjoy these 29 fun and interesting facts about Regina. Here's…

Kayaking on Wascana Lake in Regina

12 Unique Places to Visit in Saskatchewan

Fun and unique places to visit in Saskatchewan are not hard to find. Even though Saskatchewan is one of Canada's prairie provinces, it's home to an incredibly diverse landscape which in turn lends itself to some unusual things to do. Did you know that there are over 100,000 lakes, a couple of national parks, and a lake that's saltier than the ocean? The landscape is far more diverse than you might imagine - and as…

Saskatoon SUP on the South Saskatchewan River

Things to do in Saskatoon In Summer

Saskatoon is a fun, dynamic place to visit in summer with lots going on. You can feel the energy in the music and festivals, taste the local food at farmer's markets and restaurants, and experience soft adventure within the city limits. I think you'll be surprised at what Canada's fastest growing city offers. Here are 6 things to do in Saskatoon in summer - that will keep you busy for at least two days. Things…

Campsite on the Churchill River

8 Adventures in Saskatchewan

Some people roll their eyes when you say Saskatchewan - thinking it's only flat with nothing to do. But it has a lot more to offer the outdoor adventurer than meets the eye. Here are seven exciting adventures in Saskatchewan to get you started on exploring the province. Be prepared to hike, paddle, backpack and be amazed by the landscapes you encounter. What you'll find on most any of the adventures in Saskatchewan is a…

Sunset over the train tracks in Maple Creek

Things to Do in Maple Creek Saskatchewan

Do you have a driving trip planned across Canada? Or perhaps between Winnipeg and Vancouver? If you do and you're looking for a great stop for the night or even longer, make the short detour off the Trans-Canada Highway and check out Maple Creek Saskatchewan. Maple Creek Saskatchewan is home to a 5 million star B&B and within striking distance of Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park. The small town has got way more to offer than…

One of the bird blinds at the Quill Lakes

Quill Lakes Saskatchewan Birding Trip

Ask just about anyone in Saskatchewan where the Quill Lakes are and chances are you’ll be met with blank stares. That was certainly our experience. Yet the Quill Lakes, located a few hours’ drive east of Saskatoon, are an International Bird Area – with over 300 species and 1,000,000 birds going through the area every year. Three large lakes make up the area – Big Quill Lake, Little Quill Lake and Mud Lake. The lakes…

You feel small in a landscape of sand and sky

Great Sand Hills Saskatchewan – A Fun Family Outing

If you can find the Great Sand Hills in Saskatchewan you're in for a treat! Despite the fact they cover 1,900 square kilometres in the western part of the province, rather a large chunk of real estate if you ask me, they are difficult to find. Signage is next to non-existent until you're within spitting distance of the dunes. But don't let that deter you. The dunes and the accessible area around the Great Sand…

The trail between the upper and lower cabins

Hike to Grey Owls Cabin, Prince Albert National Park

Oh no was all I could think as John and I drove up to the entrance of Prince Albert National Park in mid-July. Flies bombarded our car like missiles with NO let up. And we had a 20 km hike to Grey Owls Cabin planned the next day. I hate bugs as much as the next person and although I'd brought my bug jacket, I was unprepared for the sheer number of bugs - including…


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