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An Expert Weighs in on Travel Vaccinations

Are you forgoing a trip to the US because of the state of the Canadian dollar? There’s a good chance you’re passing on the warm weather states and planning a trip instead to Mexico, Cuba and the Caribbean this year. But before you go, it’s worth taking note of what travel vaccinations you should have and what timelines you should work within. In speaking with Amani Chehade, a Shopper’s Drug Mart pharmacist, Associate Store owner…

A Dead Car At The Side Of The Trans-Canada Highway Near Golden

How to Survive a Winter Drive: 15 Tips for Safety

I hate driving in winter - especially on snowy days in the mountains. I feel like I'm always courting death especially when massive semi-trailers rumble by, dousing my entire car in a snowy mixture that leaves me blinded for a few seconds. Here are lessons I learned on how to survive a winter drive from years of close calls and neat misses. I penned this post after our experience on a drive to to Silver Star…

100 of the Most Useful and Practical Travel Tips

With travel to 60 countries under my belt I thought that these 100 travel tips - garnered from my mistakes, time on the road and talking to fellow travelers would be of interest.  The travel tips are all broken down by category. General travel tips 1. Planning a trip is half the fun. Think hard about what you're trying to get out of it; talk over the trip with your travel companion(s) so you're all…

Cooking Shelters Make All The Difference In Bad Weather Conditions

25 Spectacular Places I’ve Pitched a Tent

Both John and I have spent a considerable amount of time in a tent - the equivalent of many years. In our twenties when we were both working as geologists, we'd spend the entire summer in a tent - though granted it was a stand-up tent. John has lived in a tent in northern Saskatchewan in the winter but I couldn't take the cold. I called it quits when I woke up one morning and my…

River Crossing In The President Range, Yoho National Park

12 Safety Tips for Crossing Rivers & Streams

On a spring hike in Kananaskis Country I couldn't help but notice that the Elbow River was flowing hard already. In fact kayakers could be seen playing in the rapids. The scene brought to mind river safety - in particular safely tips for crossing rivers or stream on foot. When I was in Auyuittuq National Park in Nunavut, we were given stern warnings and a lot of useful tips on how to get across a…

The Lost Art of Map Reading

Map reading is becoming a lost art. Friends now look at me as like I'm a relic from another age because I don't own a GPS. I don't have any apps on my cell phone either. What I do have are drawers full of maps and side pockets overflowing with maps in my car. I mourn the lost art of map reading. Updated May 2020. This post includes some affiliate links. If you make a…

Wildflowers Out In Masses In Late July

10 Photography Landscape Tips and Tricks

I finished a six week landscape photography class and feel like I learned so much - from two full day field trips and from listening to the weekly critiques from our teacher of our work. There's nothing like looking at several hundred images every class to understand what makes the good shots pop.  I thought I'd share 10 landscape photography tips I learned over a six week course.Over time and with lots of practice the…

My Dog With Three Feet Off The Ground

35 Intermediate Photography Tips and Tricks

I finished an intermediate photography course and I wish I could say I understood everything and am able to fully apply all I've been taught. But unfortunately learning how to compose a great shot and get it right takes time and a tremendous time and number of shots. For example - in one intermediate photography class we had to bring in a photo of motion. Some people took in excess of 400 shots before they…

Female Bear Seen On A Boat Ride From Great Bear Lodge

8 Outdoor Safety Tips for Staying Safe & Alive

Every so often we hear grim news stories about outdoor adventures gone badly wrong - and they're not just happening on big mountains or on gnarly ocean waters. North Vancouver is a great example and a place where the dedicated Search and Rescue volunteers are kept busy looking for or attending to people in the north shore mountains. Every year people head out, ill prepared, poorly dressed, and/or under equipped and get lost or somehow…

27 Crazy Curves

30 Tips for Long Distance Bus Rides

On a recent trip to Chile and Argentina our group of four took three long distance bus rides - ranging in length from 9 hours to 14 hours. I wanted to share what I learned. You'll find that most of this information is useful anywhere in the world. I hope these 30 tips for long distance bus rides that pertain especially to South America are helpful to you.  This post includes some affiliate links. If…

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