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Ivvavik National Park In The Yukon

4 Arctic Hikes in Ivvavik National Park

For some of the prettiest, most pristine hiking of your life head to Ivvavik National Park in Canada's Yukon Territory, home to wild empty spaces and non-glaciated mountains. From the Imniarvik Base Camp there are a huge number of Ivvavik hiking opportunities, all on unmarked trails but with big vistas so it's easy to find your way. These are the four fabulous Ivvavik hikes our group did while staying in Ivvavik National Park. Ivvavik hikes…

The Ivvavik National Park Base Camp Experience

Tucked into the northwest corner of the Yukon and sharing a border with Alaska sits Ivvavik National Park - the first Canadian national park directly formed as a result of an aboriginal land claim settlement. It's a magnificent part of Canada that only about 100 people experience every year. This year I was one of those lucky 100. Getting to Ivvavik National Park Ivvavik National Park isn't easy to get to. On the first day…

Views And Reflections Down Bennett Lake From The Train

A Yukon Day Trip on the White Pass Scenic Railway

If you have a day in Whitehorse, one of the must do activities is a ride on the White Pass scenic Railway - also called the White Pass - Yukon Route Railroad (WP & YR), a narrow gauge railway that runs from Skagway, Alaska to Carcross, Yukon Territory. It's one of the most scenic train trips I've ever done.  The White Pass scenic railway was built in 1898 in just 26 months during the Klondike…

The Runway On Herschel Island

Herschel Island: A Must Do Day Trip From Inuvik

Herschel Island - Qikiqtaruk Territorial Park is not a place many people ever visit. With a location in the Bering Sea, five kilometres off the coast of the Yukon, and a 90 minute Twin Otter flight from Inuvik - the closest city of any size, it's not what you would call an easy place to get to. Also Lady Luck needs to be on your side as both Herschel Island and Inuvik can be shrouded…

The Yukon River In Whitehorse In Winter

9 Reasons why you Should Visit Whitehorse in Winter

Who ventures up to the Yukon Territory in the dead of winter? Do you have to be half-baked to visit? From my experience on a five day trip to Whitehorse in early March (which I appreciate is hardly the dead of winter) I can tell you with certainty that not only is it an awesome destination but there is a heck of a lot to do. Everything listed in this blog can be done as…

Yukon Dogsledding

Why You Need to Go on a Yukon Winter Holiday

The Yukon is a place of magic in the winter and a unique and unforgettable holiday destination. In a drama-filled landscape you can experience a host of guided winter activities that range from easy to adventurous. Throw in the warmth of the northern people and the great vibe you'll feel the minute you arrive in the Yukon and there's little doubt you'll leave the Yukon with a lifetime of memories. Why You Need to Go on a Yukon Winter Holiday   Northern…

Yukon Dogsledding In Beautiful Light As We Head Back Along The River

Yukon Dogsledding: Learning to Mush Like a Local

Have you ever heard 100 plus dogs all barking at once? That's how we were greeted as we drove into Muktuk Adventures, deep in the woods about a 30 minute drive northwest of Whitehorse. We had come for a full day of Yukon dogsledding on the Takhini River and hoped to mush like a local by the end of the adventure. This post includes some affiliate links. If you make a qualifying purchase through one…

The Yukon Northern Lights In All Their Glory

A Trip to See the Yukon Northern Lights

It's hard to describe what the Yukon Northern Lights do to you.  Of course the northern lights are both beautiful and magical and will stir your soul in a way few things can. Likely you will thank the universe or perhaps even God for intervening and showing you the beauty of a dancing night sky. If you see them you might clap, scream or even cry. Descriptions and photos will never capture what you see…

Knife Edged Ridges Are An Incredible Sight

Kluane National Park Flightseeing – A Grand Experience

Yukon's Kluane National Park offers visitors one of the most stunning and unspoiled mountain landscapes in North America. Along with neighbouring Wrangell - St. Elias National Park and Preserve in Alaska, the two parks are home to the world's largest non-polar icefields as well as some of the world's longest and most impressive glaciers. Seventeen of Canada's highest 20 peaks can be found in Kluane National Park, including Mount Logan, the highest of them all…

SS Klondike II National Historic Site

26 Fun, Interesting & Useful Facts About Whitehorse, Yukon

I've been to Whitehorse three times - always on the way to grand outdoor adventures. Although there are plenty of outdoor activities in the immediate vicinity of Whitehorse, beautiful Kluane National Park is an easy drive away as is Skagway, Alaska and the start of the famous Chilkoot Trail. Should you be lucky enough to visit here are 26 fun, interesting and potentially useful facts about the city of Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory. Whitehorse…

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