Don’t be afraid when you turn down a dirt road in what feels like the middle of nowhere remarks our concierge at the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar in Los Cabos.

That was good advice when it comes to Flora Farm. You do wonder once you’ve hit the dirt road and pass a cement plant if you really are heading in the right direction. You are – and if you’re driving on your own print off these instructions beforehand, especially if you’ll be driving at night.

Situated on a beautiful 10 acre piece of property in the Sierra de Laguna Mountains outside of San Jose del Cabo, Flora Farm is a very special spot. You feel it and see it within seconds of arriving; the attention to detail, the aesthetic, the architecture, plants, flowers…and then of course the food and drinks – which is the main reason you’ll want to come here in the first place.

Flora Farm

My sister-in-law and I started with a tour in the late afternoon. We are both passionate gardeners so from that perspective alone it was fun to see the perfect rows of organic vegetables, herbs and flowers. Traipsing through the mango orchard, we could only imagine how it must smell in season – and what a perfect wedding venue it would be. We learned that Adam Levine got married here – and even our neighbour’s son. Lucky them.

Rows of colourful, edible marigolds

Rows of colourful, edible marigolds

A working garden is adjacent to the dining area - Flora Farm

A working garden is adjacent to the dining area

Looking out from the mango orchard - Flora Farm, Mexico

Looking out from the mango orchard

Bar set up - Flora Farm, Mexico

Bar set up

Flora Farm is more than a restaurant. There’s a bar that serves up amazing drinks (I had a thirst quenching non-alcoholic lemonade that was delicious), Culinary Cottages (you can buy fractional ownership of on-site cottages), a grocery store with their home-grown produce, a coffee shop/wine bar and more shops selling fashion, jewelry and body care products as examples.

Why you need to dine at Flora Farm in Mexico

Nothing run of the mill about these mugs

Details - Flora Farm, Mexico

I can’t pass a beautiful bike like this without snapping a photo

Love these straw bales used as seating - Flora Farm

Love these straw bales used as seating


I feel very fortunate that I had the chance to dine at Flora Farm. My sister-in-law and I both agreed that the meal was the best we had on our week long stay – and that’s saying something as the food in the Cabo area is amazing. And not only is the setting fantastic – adjacent to the working garden, but the rustic decor feels right at home. There’s nothing fussy about the place but you can see all the attention that has gone into the details – from the fresh flowers on the table to the way they let you know about cooking classes. Service is attentive but not overbearing. And when the local band started to play (most nights there is live music) we could still speak, rather than shout to each other.

The meal was sublime – from the smooth as silk beet soup, to the freshly baked bread to a wheat berry salad that was as beautiful as it was delicious to the wood-oven baked arugula pizza. The menu is creative; it’s one where you look at it – and then wonder how you’ll ever make a decision because you WANT EVERYTHING. Prices are very reasonable by Cabo standards. In Canadian dollars, the meals would be expensive but it was still less than almost anywhere else we ate.

Rustic table, gorgeous setting - Flora Farm in Mexico

Rustic table, gorgeous setting

Flora Farm

Fantastic menu, candlelight dining, attention to detail

Beautiful presentation of this wheat berry salad - Flora Farm

Beautiful presentation of this wheat berry salad

Arugula pizza - Flora Farm

Arugula pizza

Flora Farm - Dessert menu - they all looked good

Dessert menu – they all looked good

Chia pudding with coconut cake

Chia pudding with coconut cake

If you’re heading to the Cabo area – make a dinner reservation two to three months ahead of time to avoid disappointment. (No reservations are required for breakfast; they are recommended for lunch.)

We spent about three hours at Flora Farm between the tour and dinner. I actually would want more time so I could wander the shops and really take in the details.

Although our meal was comped, trust me – this is one restaurant you must visit if you’re in the Cabo area. We had to pay for a taxi ride – $US50 each way from the Sheraton – and still it was worth it, and then some!

Does this sound like the sort of restaurant you’d enjoy?

Leigh McAdam

Author of Discover Canada: 100 Inspiring Outdoor Adventures
Co-author of 125 Nature Hot Spots in Alberta
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  • Agata says:

    The pictures are marvellous! Oh, how I wish I were there! The weather is nasty here and my jogging against the freezing cold north wind is somehow less pleasant than it would be there!

  • Lucy Halliday says:

    Thanks for the great pictures and story of your time at Flora. We live in Burlington, Ontario and are owners at the Culinary Cottages and spend the month of November at Flora Farm. Such a wonderful place. Just so you know for future visits…they have established some nice trails on the mountain behind the farm. Great views.

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