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Giveaway – 2 Passes To The Kananaskis Nordic Spa

Giveaway – 2 Passes to the Kananaskis Nordic Spa

On a chilly, rainy June night John and I ventured to the Kananaskis Nordic Spa to see for ourselves what the experience was like. I’d heard many wonderful reports since it opened in the winter of 2018. The spa, fashioned in the Nordic tradition, stimulates your senses with temperature changes (hot, warm and cold pools) along with aromatherapy via the steam room. It’s all set against a gorgeous Rocky Mountain backdrop, only an hour away from downtown Calgary. 

The Kananaskis Spa on a chilly June night

The Kananaskis Spa on a chilly June night

What you’ll find at the Kananaskis Nordic Spa

Located behind the newly renovated Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge is the 50,000 square foot spa. It features both indoor and outdoor spaces including a three story lodge that boasts massage treatment rooms, locker rooms, a lounge and bistro. We were there in the evening and only availed ourselves of the locker room and outdoor facilities.

Outside are a variety of saunas including barrel saunas that can seat four to six people, a Finnish sauna and the Banya Sauna. We tried all of them! There’s also a steam room/aromatherapy room filled with the purifying scent of eucalyptus. Numerous pools across the property include a 12°C plunge pool – which we used four times. It’s very invigorating.

At the end of your stay be sure to visit the exfoliation room. Use the scrubbing salts followed by a shower for a feeling that will leave you fresh and relaxed. In total we spent 90 minutes in the spa – and both left feeling rejuvenated and less stressed.

Visit the Kananaskis Nordic Spa website for more information.

John testing the water temperature at the Kananaskis Spa

John testing the water temperature of one of the hot pools at the Kananaskis Nordic Spa

A serene setting for the the Kananaskis Spa

A serene Rocky Mountain setting for the the Kananaskis Nordic Spa

It was a good night to warm up by the fire

It was a good night to warm up by the fire

I spent a lot of time lounging in this hot pool at the Kananaskis Spa

I spent a lot of time lounging in this hot pool

We finished our visit with an exfoliation stop and shower

We finished our visit with an exfoliation stop and shower

My Kananaskis Nordic Spa Giveaway 

I have two passes to giveaway to the Kananaskis Nordic Spa. The lucky winner will have to plan in advance as the spa is heavily booked – up to three months out. Fortunately there are still lots of weekday times but you will have to be flexible if you want to go this summer.

Normally entrance to the spa is $85+ GST per person or $70 +GST if you’re staying at the hotel.

How to enter 

There are three ways to enter. If you enter all three ways you’ll increase your odds of winning.

  • Leave a comment on this blog telling me why you’d like to visit the Kananaskis Nordic Spa.
  • Go to my Facebook page, like it and leave a comment there.
  • And if you subscribe to my newsletter here – you will get a third entry.

The contest runs from Friday, June 21st until Thursday, June 27th at 8 PM MST. The winner will be notified either by email or through Facebook and will have 24 hours to respond. Then another winner will be chosen.

***Congratulations to the winner, Maureen Shenher.***


Leigh McAdam is a Calgary based writer, author, photographer and social media enthusiast with over 57,000 followers. Her blog: HikeBikeTravel is frequently cited as one of the top travel and outdoor adventure blogs in Canada.

Author of Discover Canada: 100 Inspiring Outdoor Adventures
Co-author of 125 Nature Hot Spots in Alberta

This Post Has 58 Comments
  1. I’d love to relax there! We have three small children so it’s busy here! Already subscribed to the newsletter.

  2. I find getting away to the mountains is the best way for me to relax. I haven’t spent time staying in K-Country for many years & have not tried the spa as yet. I’d love the opportunity to go whenever!

  3. I would love to relax there! I have been out watching it’s building progress since it started and would love to be able to go in instead of only peering over the fence wishing I could! Looks like one of the absolute coolest spots ever!

  4. My husband and I will be celebrating our 46th wedding anniversary on Sept. 1, 2019 – would love to celebrate it in Kananaskis – our backyard playground! Also, I am facing a knee replacement in 2 weeks so this would be the ideal place to rehab!!

  5. A relaxing day with my husband would be a great 40th birthday present for him. I have heard so many amazing things about this spa.

  6. I would love to visit with my hubby!! Been a tough year with his dad passing and my parents not doing well. So we could use some relaxation and time together

  7. This looks amazing. I would love to enjoy the spa after a long hike in the mountains. It’s been a rough year & I would love to treat my Mum for all that she’s done for me ❤️

  8. This place is amazing! A couples room with floor to ceiling windows to watch the scenery as the stress just melts away 😉

  9. What an amazing prize! I would love to check this spa out as I keep hearing how wonderful it is! The setting couldn’t be more perfect

  10. I spend a lot of time in Kananaskis, but have never stopped at The Spa yet. Would love to go after a hike to relax, chill and rejuvenate!

  11. I love spas, and those in the outdoors even moreso! I’ve been to spa nordique in Quebec and loved it! The combination of outdoors and relaxation = bliss!! This spa is on my wish list!!

  12. Thank you for sharing this, Leigh. I didn’t know about this amazing new attraction until I heard about it from you! We’ll be in Canmore this summer and visiting the Kananaskis Nordic Spa would be a great way to add something new and exciting to our Alberta staycation. Happy hiking!

    1. Visited this spa about a year ago ( a wonderful day! ) . At that time only phase 1 of the spa was operational. Phase 2 should now be opened and I would love to return to the spa to experience the new additions. Thank you.

  13. I would love to relax here after a day of hiking with my partner! We rarely have the time or funds to do things like this and would be a wonderful time to spend time together as we love the outdoors.

  14. I would love to win this! I am a mountain girl but am usually hiking with my family. I have two kids who are competitive dancers and I work full time as a High School Guidance Counsellor so I don’t get much time to my self. This would be a wonderful way to pamper myself after a long and challenging school year!

  15. Yesterday was my 40th birthday and it’s been a tough year. I adore the kananaskis Nordic spa and would love to take a dear friend so we can just soak and do nothing else for a couple hours.

  16. I would absolutely love to win these passes because I’m planning on sending my inlaws to the nordic spa in the fall for their 50th anniversary.

  17. Thanks Leigh for once again showing me the gems right here in my backyard! I’m frequently out enjoying some mountain hike, bike or ski adventure and admittedly have never added this personal Nordic spa experience . Now I will be most certainly recccomending a spa treat to my B&B guests, and maybe also for Duane & I. Sounds like bliss and a “must do “after a day exploring in Kananaskis .

  18. I went to this in March… it’s amazing! I’d love to go again. That’s great that you went on a chilly day, I feel like the experience would be a lot different if you went on a hot day. Was there construction when you visited? I heard they were doing some reno’s

  19. It would be an amazing to experience a Nordic Spa! I can’t think of a better way to unwind. Thanks for letting us know about the amazing facilities!

  20. This looks so amazing! I can already imagine how good the hot pool would feel! We are hoping to take our toddler on easy hikes and this would be a fantastic place to stay!

  21. Originally from Alberta, I have lived in Ontario for the last 2 years, and have REALLY missed the mountains. Luckily, I am moving back to Calgary in 6 days. My husband and I are driving back, and are doing a hike on my bucket list – the Top of the Giant. While doing some research, I came across your blog. Thank you for your detailed post about the hike – we can’t wait to do it!

    The Kananaskis Nordic Spa is one of the first places I want to check out once I’m home. After a week on the road, this would top off our travels back home!!

  22. I’d love to go because this would be an INCREDIBLE date night with the wife, especially after a long hike up a mountain earlier in the day.

  23. This would be a fabulous place to try out. There are just so many treatments and pools that it looks like paradise.

  24. I would love to go here fore my 3rd wedding anniversary ! We don’t have down time very often because we are too busy exploring! this would be amazing.

  25. Your website and blog are a great resource to find places to visit and great hikes to do in Alberta. We moved here from the West Coast five years ago and still feel a bit like tourists! The Nordic Spa is on my bucket list. We had a fabulous weekend camping and hiking in Kananaskis Country early this month. I couldn’t help thinking what a fabulous end to a couple of days hiking in the mountains a visit to the Spa would be.

  26. The Spa has been on my bucket list since I found out about it a few months ago! Would be an awesome date for my partner and I!

  27. I have always wanted to spend time in Kananaskis. What an amazing give away! I would take my Sis with me.

  28. I have Nordic heritage – 50% anyways! I tried to go to the spa in early May and there was a blizzard. I’m so looking forward to trying it!

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