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Giveaway: Two Nights In The Rockies With CRMR

Giveaway: Two Nights in the Rockies with CRMR

If you’ve been to Banff, Lake Louise or Field then you may already be familiar with the Rocky Mountain lodges run by Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts. In Banff they have Buffalo Mountain Lodge; in Lake Louise, Deer Lodge and in Field the iconic Emerald Lake Lodge.

I’ve stayed in all three places, mostly in the winter. I love the romantic quality to them and their onsite restaurants. All three hotels enjoy great locations with easy access to outdoor adventures.

Emerald Lake Lodge

Emerald Lake Lodge is a short drive from the small community of Field in Yoho National Park. With its enviable location overlooking Emerald Lake, you will have no problem finding things to do outdoors if you can drag yourself away from your cabin. In summer I recommend the easy walk around Emerald Lake. In winter snowshoe down to the Kicking Horse River and watch the icy waters flow through the narrow rock opening at the Natural Bridge.

Emerald Lake in summer

Emerald Lake in summer

Buffalo Mountain Lodge

This lodge is away from the hustle and bustle of Banff’s main street though still just minute’s away via a quick drive up Tunnel Mountain Road. Their rooms are homey – filled with stone and a wood-burning fireplace along with supremely comfortable beds. Look for heated slate floors in the bathrooms. Some rooms have private balconies. In winter especially be sure to check out their massive stainless steel hot tub. 

Food onsite is creative and delicious. And you’ll find a whole host of things to do no matter what the season practically out your door. If you’re new to Banff be sure to hike Tunnel Mountain, no matter when you visit.

The backdrop for Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff

The backdrop for Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff

Deer Lodge

With its incredible location – a five minute walk at most from Lake Louise, Deer Lodge is well situated to take advantage of all that you can do in the area. While it’s the most rustic of the three lodges, some rooms have been updated and their dining room is excellent. In summer why not hike to the teahouse at the Plain of the Six Glaciers. In winter check out the Fairview and Tramline trails on cross-country skis.

Deer Lodge in Banff National Park

Deer Lodge in Banff National Park – Photo credit: CRMR

My CRMR giveaway to celebrate 10 years of HikeBikeTravel

Win a two night stay with breakfast for two at any one of the three CRMR Rocky Mountain lodges – your choice based on availability. The gift certificate is valid from October 20, 2019 to December 15, 2019, or January 20, 2020 to May 15, 2020.

How to Enter the Giveaway

There are three ways to enter. You’ll get one entry for each way you enter.

  • Leave a comment on this blog post and tell me which  lodge you’d most like to stay in.
  • Go to my Facebook page, like it and leave a comment there.
  • And if you subscribe to my newsletter here – you will get a third entry.

The contest runs from Wednesday, June 5th and closes on June 11th at 6 PM MST. The winner will be notified by email or through a direct message on Facebook and will have 24 hours to respond. Otherwise a new winner will be chosen.

The winner is Jen Tenford from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Leigh McAdam

Leigh McAdam is a Calgary based writer, author, photographer and social media enthusiast with over 57,000 followers. Her blog: HikeBikeTravel is frequently cited as one of the top travel and outdoor adventure blogs in Canada.

Author of Discover Canada: 100 Inspiring Outdoor Adventures
Co-author of 125 Nature Hot Spots in Alberta

This Post Has 163 Comments
  1. Emerald Lake is a magical place and I love how serene it is there. It’s been on my bucket list to stay here!

    1. Omg! What a dream contest!I loved all but I will choose the Emerald Lake Lodge one to have a special moment with my family! We have 3 princess! I did all the 3 steps for the contest!🙂🙂🙂🙂

  2. When I saw the snow-capped Deer Lodge over the winter, I breathed a silent wish to the Universe to let me stay there someday. I hope my wish will be granted soon. ☺️

  3. I have had Yoho National Park on my bucket list for far too many years. Emerald Lake Lodge would be my pick! Came across your blog as my husband and I are planning an overnight canoe trip with our kiddos. Was debating between Maligne Lake and the Peace River but seeing as we are so late to plan … Peace River it will be!

  4. I’d love to stay at the Emerald Lake Lodge. I have visions of getting up at dawn with the mist slowly lifting off the lake, paddling quietly around the lake in a canoe with my camera close by as I may encounter wildlife. But more importantly, just to enjoy the stillness and silence of that most beautiful lake and surrounding forests that is missing sometimes from our hurried, harried lives. It would be a feast for the senses.

  5. Emerald Lake Lodge. The lodge would be awesome place to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary 💚

  6. Buffalo Mountain Lodge looks would be an amazing time for my family! They love hiking and my wife is quite the foodie so dinner would be amazing!

  7. I would love to go to Emerald Lake Lodge in beautiful Yoho. I would love to canoe on that beautiful lake. It would be so peaceful.

  8. All are gorgeous- but I have never spent the night in Yoho and would love to stay at Emerald Lake Lodge!

  9. Emerald lake lodge has always been on my list to say. It’s so beautiful out that way. I always visit every year. It would be amazing to stay in their cosy little cabins.

  10. So hard to choose, I would say Emerald Lake Lodge. I’ve never been there at all or anywhere for years on a getaway to relax and see something new, this would be a beautiful place to stay. Thank you for the chance!

  11. I have visited Emerald Lake many times and would love to stay at their resort one day, it looks so magical any time of year!

  12. Emerald Lake is my favourite lake I’ve ever visited so it would have to be Emerald Lake Lodge if I won. 🤞🤞🤞

  13. My favourite would be Deer Lodge. This is my idea of what a hotel in the mountains should be .. No pomp, just relaxed and the perfect get away!

    1. All amazing destinations and accommodation offers, however I would choose Buffalo Mountain Lodge because believe it or not… I have never been to Banff 🤪 Happy 10th anniversary Leigh🥳

  14. Emerald Lake Lodge! The overall experience there is breath taking —from being nestled in the mountains, the amazing hiking, and the fantastic accommodations.

  15. Emerald Lake is heaven with the beautiful lake and the Presidents mountain range but for me it will always be Deer Lodge. Winter or summer you have 3-4 different trails that start right outside your door. The restaurant at Deer Lodge is second to none and fabulous service to match. The hotel is like no others with private reading rooms and quaint nooks throughout. All this addd into the msjestic Lake Louise and Mt. Victoria views from you window. Amazing! Breath taking!

  16. Emerald Lake Lodge is the one! We love it’s backcountry feel after the busloads of tourists go home, and the hiking in Yoho is primo.

  17. Emerald Lake Lodge would be my choice to celebrate our 35th Wedding Anniversary!
    Please pick me…
    Louise Poole
    Still in love after all these years ❤️

  18. All three look amazing and I haven’t had the opportunity to check any of them out but for some reason the Emerald Lake Lodge is calling out to me!

  19. Incredible area…a vast place to explore i would love to a few hikes there and stay at the Buffalo Lake Lodge as a base for exploration.

  20. Have I mentioned that Bruce and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary July 1? What a treat it would be to visit ANY of these fabulous places!!

  21. I would like stay in emerald lake because there I proposed to my girlfriend and we are celebrating our 10 years of marriage.

  22. I have friends who honeymooned at Emerald Lake Lodge and loved it. I’d welcome the opportunity to experience it and profit from some of the great nearby outdoor activities you suggest.

  23. They all look incredible but I would love to stay at emerald lake lodge. Water is my happy place and I would love nothing more than a weekend getaway with one of my best friends ❤

  24. I am doing a 5 day Bike tour from Cochrane to Lake Louise. My husband is meeting me in Lake Louise for dinner, and we were hoping to stay overnight but the prices are crazy. Deer Lodge is my choice!

  25. I was just at Emerald Lake the end of May and My friend and I were talking about this lodge. Love Yoho national park !

  26. The Canadian Rockies are on my husband’s bucket list, and time for completion of that list is growing shorter quickly. I think he’d like the Buffalo Mountain Lodge.

  27. Exploring Yoho National Park is on my bucket list. It would be great to stay in Emerald Lake Lodge.

  28. I would love to spend time at any of the 3 special places. Emerald Lake Lodge looks stunning and would be thrilled to stay there.

  29. It’s a tough choice! I’d be thrilled with any, but I would choose Emerald Lake Lodge because last year we camped nearby and got drenched, so hiking with a beautiful cabin to return to would be lovely even if it poured again!

  30. Even though I’ve probably driven past the road up to Emerald Lake once a year for my entire life, I’ve never had the opportunity to enjoy it’s splendor. ☹️ It’s a serious bucket list location I hope yo see some day soon. I’d love to win this opportunity to stay at the lodge.

  31. All amazing choices! I came into the world as a surprise (twin) so I would let you choose and surprise me with whatever lodge, and just be grateful. Solo Calgary traveler and would love it

  32. What a wonderful give away! These are such beautiful areas to visit and stay. As i usually hike and camp alone with my dog Rocky I would choose Either Emerald Lake or Buffalo mountain Lodge as these 2 places clearly state dogs are welcome. Banff is such a wonderfully dog friendly place.

  33. All of these lodges are beautiful.

    I would love to stay at Emerald Lake Lodge.

    My fingers and toes are crossed.

  34. I’ll be hiking the Rockwall Hike this summer. What better way to cap off that experience than a stay at Emerald Lake Lodge!

  35. I’d love to stay at Emerald Lake Lodge! It’s the most remote and removed from the crowds of Banff and Lake Louise. I am really curious about its trails and facilities. Even if I don’t win, I know I’ll be going to stay there someday…

  36. All 3 lodges look amazing, but Emerald Lodge looks perfect for an energetic vacation of hiking and kayaking.

  37. I walked around the emerald lake lodge area in October a few years ago. No souls around, it was so peaceful. Would love an opportunity to stay there and experience it fully!

  38. I’d love to stay at Emerald Lake Lodge – why? 40 years ago I lived and worked in Yoho at Wapta and hung with so many other searching teens/you g adults working the ski lodges. I would love to return and show my hubby where I spent a winter “out west” as a aimless wandering teen.

  39. Thank you for the amazing opportunity!! I would love to stay at Buffalo Mountain Lodge. ❤️❤️

  40. I would love to stay at any of the three as they all look fantastic! But if I have to pick one it would be Emerald Lake Lodge.

  41. I did a family hike at Emerald Lake 3 years and absolutely loved it! Such a lovely place. Would love to return and enjoy Emerald Lake Lodge.

  42. What a fabulous contest. All destinations would be breathtaking! I would pick Emerald Lake Lodge because of all the wonderful comments from friends who have attended events there. ❤️ The Mountains!

  43. It is an amazing insight into these places.. I would love to stay at Deer Lodge and explore the areas you have mentioned.. thank you!

  44. I would love to stay at Emerald Lake lodge! A beautiful place, I’ve visited but never had a chance to stay and would love to do so.

  45. Emerald Lake Lodge is definitely on my bucketlist! As a worn out mom of two under two, it would be amazing to win this giveaway!

  46. I’ve been dying to check out Emerald Lake Lodge! Looks so dreamy and romantic. Perfect for a weekend getaway!

  47. I and hubby would love to stay in Emerald Lake! Imagine the serene and quiet place, away from the crowd! This would be perfect to relieve our stress and prepare us for our upcoming fertility procedure! 🤗🤗🤗

    1. I love all
      Three of these beautiful place but I would love to stay at the emerald
      Lake lodge !!! Thank for your wonderful contest 🤗❤️

  48. What a wonderful opportunity…growing up in Calgary it was a pleasure to explore the Canadian Rockies, however I have been transplanted into SK for the last 20 years. The Rockies remain deep in my soul, and I would cherish any visit. But there is something about Field, Yoho National Park that draws me, so Emerald Lake it is!

  49. I am sure I would love all of them but the serenity of Emerald Lake Lodge is particularly enticing.

  50. I was stranded at Deer Lodge during a blizzard back in the late 80s. It was shut down. I’d love a revisit during the summer!

  51. Any of those places would be fantastic. However, I’d choose Emerald Lake Lodge because I have not spent a lot of time in Yoho and would love to explore the area more.

  52. My top choice here would be Buffalo Mountain Lodge! I’ve never hiked Tunnel Mountain before and the lodge looks beautiful!!

  53. Emerald Lake Lodge is on my bucket list for some much needed R&R! It is a bit of a toss up though, my husband and I got married at Buffalo Mountain Lodge, that place was amazing as well!! What a great contest, thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  54. Emerald Lake Lodge would be my choice. I’ve been lucky enough to experience it during the winter, cross country skiing across the lake, feasting upon the delicious food in the restaurant & enjoying being unplugged in the rooms. Here’s to experiencing during the fall!

  55. This is such a wonderful contest! I would love to go to the Emerald Lake Lodge !! They are all so beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity!

  56. If I should be the fortunate winner, I would like to take my wife for a surprise 45 anniversary stay. I have been told that it is a beautiful location and a wonderful place to stay

  57. Hello, I’m looking forward to visiting the area in 2 weeks with my family of 7. I was there on a whirlwind weekend pre-kids in 2002. I cannot wait to show my children the beauty of this place.

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