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Below is a guest post from my daughter Kristen. This post was updated in August 2021.

Back in early 2019, we had the opportunity to try out the brand new mattress from While this isn’t the typical type of blog you’ll find on here, the reason we wanted to do a review boiled down to the fact that the mattress is designed for active people – it’s not just another mattress in a box.

We were not paid for this review.We were gifted a mattress but received no extra pay to tell you simply what the company wants you to hear. This is our honest opinion!

After nearly 2 1/2 years of using the mattress – we still quite enjoy it. 

Unboxing Video

We had really low expectations from a mattress that comes out of a box. We’ve been so ingrained with the idea that you need to go to a brick and mortar store to buy an expensive mattress with memory foam. I mean after all, the mattress industry is 109 years old. But after trying this mattress, you can understand why this industry is shifting. mattress inside box

The good and the bad about the mattress

There are a number of reasons we like this mattress but we’ll also be totally transparent with our concerns as well. What we like is that the mattress dramatically lessens the movements of your partner. It’s so subtle when my husband moves around that it doesn’t disturb me. The mattress itself is not too soft and not too hard. It’s definitely right smack dab in the middle.

When we first received the mattress, I absolutely loved the level of firmness. But in my first pregnancy I developed sciatica which resulted in back surgery. Because of this, I definitely find my back aches a little more now than before. When I sleep on a more firm bed, I definitely have less back pain in the morning. So, I would say this mattress is likely not great for someone with back issues or someone who prefers a really firm mattress. 

One of the other things we really love though still is that the mattress doesn’t trap heat – it is super breathable. The mattress itself is made from graphite foam which regulates thermal energy.  There are gel microbeads that ensure the heat doesn’t get trapped and the synthetic latex provides a cooler surface than memory foam. So if you are someone that overheats in the night – definitely consider this mattress. It’s noticeable. Trust me – I went through two summer pregnancies and never had an issue with overheating while I slept.

A few other things that may be helpful if you are considering this mattress:

  • You have 120 nights to test the bed with a risk-free trial. This is so valuable for those that are concerned about the firmness. And believe me – the customer service with this company is beyond outstanding. 
  • The cover is machine-washable so it’s WAY easier to clean than most mattresses.
  • It’s Canadian made!
  • It’s non-allergenic.
  • It comes in a box! You can order it directly to your home and shipping is free for 99% of Canada. Only a few super remote locations have to pay a shipping fee.

Honestly, we really do love this mattress and if I didn’t have back issues, it would be something we’d purchase again and again. Moving forward, I think we’ll have to switch our main mattress to something that can support my back a little more, but this bed will live on in our guest room as we know visitors will have a great sleep.

I also wanted to mention that the company advised us to put a piece of plywood over the wooden slats of our bed as the slats can sometimes lead to drooping. So, the mattress is best either with that plywood if you have slats like us or on top of a box spring. Feel free to comment below with any questions and we’ll give you honest feedback! Here’s the link again in case you want to learn more:

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