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Views From King Creek Ridge

Things to Do in Alberta – 25 Great Ideas

Named for Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, the daughter of Queen Victoria, Alberta is the fourth largest province in Canada by area. As such it boasts a diverse landscape so that there is quite literally a lifetime of things to see and do. It's hard to pick only 25 of the best things to do in Alberta when there's a wealth of fun and interesting things to do in the province. This subjective list of the…

Cross Country Skiing Near Lake Louise

5 Easy Cross Country Ski Trails in Banff National Park

I am a big fan of the cross country ski trails in Banff National Park for many reasons. Even on the coldest days you stay warm  unlike my experience downhill skiing. You see some of the most pristine country on the planet - often with few people around. Check out these 5 suggestions for easy cross country ski trails in Banff National Park. Remember to always go prepared with the 10 essentials no matter what…

The Counter At The Start Of The Legacy Bike Trail

Cycling the Banff Legacy Trail from Canmore to Banff

You can't help but notice cyclists and rollerbladers on the Banff Legacy Trail when you drive the Trans-Canada Highway between Canmore and Banff.  I don't know why but it took me a couple of years to get around to cycling it. The Banff Legacy Trail was built in 2010 to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Banff National Park. Its 26 kilometres long one way and a comfortable three metres wide. It takes you from the…

Beautiful Mountain Scenery On The Hikes Off The Top Of The Gondola

What’s the Better Place to Visit – Whistler or Banff?

I've been asked the question numerous times. What's the better place to visit - Whistler or Banff? It depends on what you're looking for is my answer as they are very different despite both being mountain towns. I've read on forums that if you've been to one you don't need to visit the other as they're so similar. I disagree. Both towns have their own unique personalities. And as someone who has lived within 75 minutes…

Cross-country Skiing On The Banff Fire Road

Cascade Fire Road Skiing in Banff National Park

One of the best places for cross-country skiing in the Banff area is the Cascade Fire Road. It's an easy to moderate out and back ski so it's a good one for younger families. Many people ski to the Cascade Bridge spanning the Cascade River, approximately 7.4 km from the Lake Minnewanka parking lot. For those that want a longer day, you can continue on track-set trails all the way to the Stoney Creek ranger…

Looking Out Over Lake Minnewanka

Lake Minnewanka Hike Near Banff, Alberta

I was looking for a good shoulder season hike - something that would offer up great scenery but wouldn't take me into snow. The other factor was that my brother was visiting and he hadn't been to Banff National Park in over thirty years. And he wanted wildlife. The Lake Minnewanka hike, which is accessed just 15 minutes from downtown Banff, delivered on both accounts. I highly recommend it as a great shoulder season hike…

What’s Better? Lake Louise or Sunshine Village for Skiing

One weekend I skied two of the three downhill ski resorts in Banff National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) - Lake Louise one day and Sunshine Village the next. It had been over 30 years since I'd last skied at either of them - so it felt like the first time all over again. Temperatures both days in the morning were in the -17°C range (1°F) - and that was at the base without…

Banff Springs Hotel – A Rocky Mountain Classic

If you ever wanted to play hide and go seek then the Banff Springs Hotel is the place to do it. You just might never be found. We weren't trying to get lost last weekend but the labyrinth of corridors, nooks and crannies in this stately old hotel means that the odds are against being discovered. Just finding our room was an adventure. Banff Springs Hotel background info The Banff Springs has a longer history…

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