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Looking Back Towards The Campground

Kinbrook Island Park – A Prairie Oasis

When Alberta Parks got the go-ahead back in May to open parks for camping at half capacity beginning in June, I was intent on getting some reservations to parks and backcountry campgrounds I'd never visited before. A getaway to local provincial parks may not be as exciting as travel to far-flung places around the globe, but I am truly thrilled just to be out of Calgary and exploring a new part of Alberta. Kinbrook Island…

The Azraq Wetland Preserve

Azraq Wetland Reserve – Day Trip From Amman

“There’s nothing there” some told us. “Just flat desert.” However, after having our fill of culture for a week we wanted to get a little taste of Wild Jordan and were not to be deterred from visiting the Azraq Wetland Preserve. We had not seen very many bird species in the previous week and quite frankly I was feeling a little demanding about getting some birding in. As a bonus, there was a UNESCO site…

You'll Probably Hear The Sandhill Cranes Before You See Them

Sandhill Cranes in Arizona – A Trip to See Them

My husband John is a very good sport about joining me on adventures, whether they interest him or not. Fortunately most do. But like any marriage there needs to be give and take so since he is an avid birder I agreed to several hours of birding - mostly to see the sandhill cranes in Arizona. Sandhill Cranes in Arizona at Whitewater Draw Specifically we visited Whitewater Draw, a globally important bird area in the southern…

Beautiful West Coast Landscape

Day Trips in Vancouver – Sewell’s Sea Safari

If you're visiting Vancouver or anywhere in the North Vancouver - Whistler corridor - and you're looking for fun Vancouver day trips then put the sea safari out of Sewell's Marina in Horseshoe Bay on the must-do list. As far as day trips in Vancouver go, it's one of the most interesting and rewarding ones out there. And kids will love it too. Here's why! Sewell's Marina, a long time business located in the Village…

Rhyolite Formations At Chiricahua National Monument

Chiricahua National Monument Hiking – On a Snowy Day

In southeastern Arizona, about a two hour drive away from Tucson you'll find the beautiful and somewhat isolated Chiricahua National Monument. Called a sky island - with mountains that rise to a height of 9,763 feet (2,978 m) above the surrounding plains, the area makes a great destination for hikers and birders. We were there in mid-December  - during a snow storm. So much for getting away from the cold of Calgary! However, it turned…

One Of The Bird Blinds At The Quill Lakes

Quill Lakes Saskatchewan Birding Trip

Ask just about anyone in Saskatchewan where the Quill Lakes are and chances are you’ll be met with blank stares. That was certainly our experience. Yet the Quill Lakes, located a few hours’ drive east of Saskatoon, are an International Bird Area – with over 300 species and 1,000,000 birds going through the area every year. Three large lakes make up the area – Big Quill Lake, Little Quill Lake and Mud Lake. The lakes…

Looking North From The Most Southerly Point In Mainland Canada

Things to Do in Point Pelee National Park

If birding, beaches, hiking and boardwalks have appeal - some of the top things to do in Point Pelee National Park, then perhaps you'd enjoy a trip to one of Canada's smallest national parks. The park in southwestern Ontario is located at the crossroads of major migration routes, not only for birds but also butterflies, bats and dragonflies. Loop trails lead through five Carolinean habitats including dry forest, wet forest, swamp, cedar savannah, marsh and…

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