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Grand Views From Nihahi Ridge

Bragg Creek Hikes along Highway 66

If you live in Bragg Creek you're spoiled for choice when it comes to hiking. Fortunately for those of us who live in Calgary, all of the trailheads for the Bragg Creek hikes described below are less than an hour's drive away. All the trailheads are accessed off of Highway 66, with the Fullerton Loop and Sugar Mama hikes the first ones you reach, only 15 km southwest of Bragg Creek. These seven Bragg Creek…

Don't Forget The Icers If You Do The Sugar Momma Hike In Winter

Sugar Mama Hike + Sugar Daddy near Bragg Creek

The Sugar Mama - Sugar Daddy hike is part of a loop that starts at the Allen Bill parking lot off Highway 66 near Bragg Creek, Alberta. It's a great shoulder-season or winter hike that delivers a workout because of its length. But I'd give it a pass in the summer (unless you bike it) when you get up into the mountains at higher elevations. The full loop is just under 14 km long and…

You Can See The Flag And Cairn Off In The Distance In The Top Right Of The Photo

Powderface Ridge Hike near Bragg Creek

If you want a moderate hike that gets your heart rate up, delivers Rocky Mountain views and wildflower filled meadows, do the Powderface Ridge hike near Bragg Creek. The trailhead for Powderface Ridge is about an hour's scenic drive from Calgary - about 10 minutes past Elbow Falls and the trailhead to the popular Prairie Mountain hike. While there are several variations of this hike, we did the straightforward up and back hike from the…

Exceptional Ridge Walking Especially In The Late Afternoon Light On The Fullerton Loop

Fullerton Loop Hike in Kananaskis Country

The Fullerton Loop hike is a great year-round choice that is only 10 minutes from Bragg Creek. On the day we did it, we were actually trying to do the Sugar Momma hike but missed that turnoff by 100 m. Fortunately the Fullerton Loop is an excellent alternative. You only need a half day to knock off the Fullerton Loop. Do it on snowshoes or with icers once the snow flies. Expect a combination of…

Fabulous Views From The Forgetmenot Ridge Hike

Forgetmenot Ridge Hike near Bragg Creek

The Forgetmenot Ridge hike is one of seven great hikes that you can do in the Bragg Creek area. Some of the other hikes include Prairie Mountain, Moose Mountain, Nihahi Ridge and Powderface Ridge. Accessibility is easy off Highway 66 near Bragg Creek. The crux of the Forgetmenot Ridge hike is finding the start of the trailhead. That may be a bit of an exaggeration but it's not far off. Once you're on the trail,…

Stay Back From The Cornice

Prairie Mountain Hike near Bragg Creek

The Prairie Mountain hike, accessed near Bragg Creek in Kananaskis Country, Alberta, is one of the top year-round hikes if you live in the Calgary area. Nothing beats it for the workout and the views - especially during the winter months. And you don't have to worry about avalanche danger if you stick to the main trail.  Even though the Prairie Mountain hike is similar to Vancouver's Grouse Grind, there is no sky tram at…

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