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Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park Is So Green In June

A Visit to Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park in Alberta

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, located between Calgary and Cochrane is an excellent four season destination. Over 1,300 hectares of fescue grasslands, some of it rare, are protected along a section of the Bow River. Explore approximately 30 kilometres of paved trails running through these grasslands on foot, by bike or on snowshoes in winter. In summer there are even golf carts for those with mobility issues. Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park is a delight for the…

Biking In Nose Hill Park

20 Fun Things to do in Calgary, Alberta

Calgary, still referred to by some as Cowtown is a fun, dynamic city with a young demographic. Even with the oil slowdown it's got an energy to it that I love. There's always lots going on in the city especially in the summer when the Calgary Stampede and the Calgary Folk Music Festival come to town. I think this sampling of fun things to do in Calgary will appeal to locals and visitors alike. I…

The Ink Pots Hike In Banff National Park

5 Easy Rocky Mountain Hikes Within 2 Hours of Calgary

If you're in the mood for an easy family-friendly hikes but with the option for something more, these five Rocky Mountain hikes - all within a two hour drive of Calgary (and the Calgary airport should you be visiting from out of town) should fit the bill. From Kananaskis Country to Banff National Park, there are Rocky Mountain hikes for every type of hiker. All five of these hikes are easy - popular too so…

How to Recycle Your Beverage Containers & deliver #ChangeThatCounts in Alberta

I've been collecting beverage containers since my university days, first as a method of funding my weekly trips to the pub and secondarily as a means of keeping the streets clean. Fast forward many decades and it's the environment that I'm most interested in now. I never pass up an opportunity to pick up an empty beverage container lying in the park or on the road on my daily dog walks, a fact my neighbours…

Skiing Up To Skogan Pass With Nakiska Ski Resort In The Background

5 Places to Go Cross Country Skiing Near Calgary

If you're looking to get outside and make the most of winter why not hit one of these five cross-country ski trails, all within an hour of Calgary. Described are five of my favourite places to go cross country skiing near Calgary - appreciating that suggestions take you as far as Kananaskis Country. West Bragg Creek - one of the best places to cross country ski near Calgary You are spoiled for choice with well…

Fat Tire Biking In Sandy Park In Winter

Crazy and Fun: Winter Fat Biking in Calgary

Winter fat biking in Calgary is an awesome way to see the city plus it's kind of crazy and fun. While the thought of bundling up and heading out in the cold may not sound appealing to many, it's actually something that will make you feel really good mentally and physically. The trails around Calgary are plowed after a snowfall as are the bike lanes so getting around the city in theory is easy. I…

Rawson Lake Covered In Snow

7 Places to Snowshoe Within 2 Hours of Calgary

If you live in Calgary, you've got heaps of snowshoeing options within a two hour drive of the city. Granted, after a big dump of snow you don't even need to leave the city but let's face it, that's a rarity in this city. Where should you snowshoe within two hours of Calgary? These 7 places to snowshoe are all great options to get the happy hormones pumping in winter. Snowshoeing 30 Minutes from Calgary…

The Park Has So Many Moods Depending On When You Visit

5 Easy Winter Walks Within 40 Minutes of Calgary

As much as I love a winter hike in the mountains I don't always have the time to go. And on days when the driving is gnarly I'd rather opt for something closer. Fortunately in Calgary we're spoiled for choices - both within the city and close by. I've chosen these 5 easy winter walks near Calgary as examples of where you can go within a 40 minute drive of the city. Opt outside and…

Chester Lake Is Beautiful In The Fall

5 Fabulous Fall Hikes Near Calgary (Within 2 Hours)

Fall is a marvelous time in Alberta for hiking. The crowds are gone, so are the bugs and even though the wildflowers have died back, there's usually some colour left in the woods. Plus it's always a treat to have a Rocky Mountain backdrop. I've chosen these five fabulous fall hikes near Calgary - okay within a two hour drive of Calgary - to get you outside having fun until the snow flies and in…

Biking The Glenbow Ranch Trails

5 of the Best Bike Rides Around Calgary

We're extremely lucky when it comes to biking in Calgary. According to the City of Calgary "there are approximately 900 kilometres of pathways and 400 kilometres of on-street bicycle routes within the city." None of these numbers reflect the opportunities for biking in Fish Creek Park. The following are 5 of the best bike rides around Calgary from my personal experience. Glenmore Reservoir - one of the pretty bike rides around Calgary This is my…

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