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Views From Lake O'Hara To Lake Oesa

35 Top Day Hikes in Canada – Personally Tested

I have been very lucky to spend a lot of time doing hikes in Canada - across all provinces and territories. What I look for in a great day hike is superlative scenery - with my preference being coast, lake or mountain views or even something that makes the hike unique. The Mingan with its fantastic eroded rock monoliths would be a great example. I'm not a fan of hiking miles through forests without a…

Where to See the Northern Lights in Canada

A trip to see the Northern Lights in Canada is bucket list worthy. Canada ranks high as one of the top places in the world to see the lights, though that shouldn't come as a surprise considering our northern geography. And yet I suspect only a small percentage of Canadians have actually seen the Northern Lights in Canada. You need clear nights without light pollution and the ability to stay up late. Often the Northern…

22 Bucket List Worthy Outdoor Adventures in Canada

Updated January 2020 Wondering what outdoor adventures in Canada to do this summer? These 22 bucket list worthy adventures in Canada - two in each province except for PEI and one in each of the northern territories should give you plenty of fresh ideas. I've personally tested all of them but picking a favourite would be nearly impossible.  British Columbia Bike the Gulf Islands It’s hard to beat island hopping by ferry with your bike.…

Canada’s Most Scenic Drive: Banff to Jasper, Alberta

The drive between from Calgary all the way through to Jasper, Alberta is a treat. Once you're about 20 minutes west of Calgary you get into big sky country and from there it just gets better and better. Highlights include the area around Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, Bow Lake and the Columbia Icefields. I personally think the drive between Banff and Jasper is the most scenic drive in Canada - though there is some close competition -…

Brilliant Red Peat Bogs On Miscou Island In Fall

Canada in Fall: 16 Places to Visit & Things to Do

Fall in Canada is my favourite time of year. It's time to think about what you can do to take advantage of what I think is the best season in Canada. With a little luck we'll get loads of sunny warm days, cool nights and no bugs. Here are 16 places to visit and things to do in Canada in fall.  Check out the fall foliage at hot spots across Canada this fall Hit the…

The Top 5 Outdoor Adventures Across Canada

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Canada is an exceptional country for outdoor adventures. Bordered by three oceans and home to several mountain ranges, as well as thousands of lakes, and hundreds of rivers, the trick is narrowing down the geographic area you want to explore. Here are 5 of my favourite adventures showcasing a diverse cross-section of Canada. Backpacking in the Tombstone Mountain Range, Yukon Territory Accessed from the Dempster Highway, via a…

Biking Le Petit Train Du Nord

10 of the Best Bike Trips in Canada

Here are what I think are 10 of the best bike trips in Canada - all personally tested. The bike rides described below take you from British Columbia to Newfoundland with lots of great choices in between. Enjoy a variety of landscapes on all of these bike trips in Canada including west coast and east coast scenery, the Rocky Mountains along with the beauty and steep hills of Cape Breton Island. Quebec is one of…

A Quick Visit to Dawson: Canada’s Klondike City

Dawson City, Canada's Klondike City, is a small town with a big presence in the Yukon. It sits in the heart of the Klondike region - made famous by the Klondike Gold Rush in the late 1800's. Today it's home to about 1,300 people yet it hosts 60,000 visitors a year. Canada's Klondike City Why, might you wonder would people visit a town that's a six hour drive from Whitehorse, and basically in the middle…

My Updated Bucket List for Canada

Even though I've finished my book - Discover Canada: 100 Inspiring Outdoor Adventures, it doesn't mean that I've stopped thinking and dreaming about where else in Canada I'd like to visit. The list never gets shorter. Here's my updated bucket list for Canada. British Columbia Backpack the Juan de Fuca Trail on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Done and the post is here. I'm a sucker for remote beaches and wild landscapes so the North Coast Trail…

In View Of Mt Thor

Baffin Island Backpacking: Across the Arctic Circle in Photos

Last week's introduction to Baffin Island wasn't a warm one - as far as the temperature was concerned. And it didn't really get much better for several days. Fortunately though the scenery did. What it's like to backpack in Auyuittuq National Park Our plan was to backpack along the Weasel River to the high point at Akshayuk Pass by Summit Lake. Although distances were short, the hiking was slow because of the 50-60 pound loads…

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