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We Got Lucky And The Rain Held Off For Most Of The Day

Canoeing the Peace River in Northern Alberta

Unless you're from northern Alberta, the Peace River probably doesn't register on your radar. Yet it's a huge river that dramatically cuts across the province for over 1,000 km. Starting in the Rocky Mountains of northern BC, the river flows northeast through Alberta to empty into the Slave River, one of the Mackenzie River tributaries. The Mackenzie is the tenth longest river in the world! Canoeing the Peace River is a fabulous Alberta adventure but…

The Top 5 Outdoorsy Things to Do in Prince George, BC

Few towns throw down outdoor adventure like Prince George, BC. Yet, the small northern B.C. city doesn’t get the hype it deserves on the western Canada scene. I had passed through town a few times before, once on the way to paddling the amazing Bowron Lakes Circuit—an epic paddle through 116-kilometre chain of lakes, waterways and portages just a couple hours north of town. But it still took until a recent May visit to open…

Things to do in Elk Island National Park

When you need a break from the city, nothing beats a visit to a national park to recharge your soul. Humans need to reconnect with nature for their mental and physical well-being. For anyone living in Edmonton, they are lucky to have Elk Island National Park practically on their doorstep - a great destination to renew, reconnect with nature, relax and have fun on a sandy beach by a lake. Elk Island National Park has been…

When The Lights Go Down

Camping on Georgian Bay near Killarney Park

If you're looking for an outstanding kayaking and camping trip that delivers where it counts  - unparalleled beauty, rocky pink granite islands and gorgeous campsites on islands you get all to yourself, then you should think about a kayaking (or canoeing) trip to the Georgian Bay - in particular, the area around Killarney Provincial Park. The camping on Georgian Bay is truly spectacular - think the Group of 7 painters kind of scenery. You just…

Racing The Storm

Lac la Biche Canoe Circuit in 3 Days

Did you know that Alberta's only canoe circuit is located a few hours north of Edmonton in Lakeland Provincial Park, one of the Alberta parks most people in the southern part of the province are unfamiliar with. It's called the Lac la Biche Canoe Circuit and it's something any outdoor adventurer will love. Allow 3 to 4 days or more if you want to hang out in campsites. Before you hit the water you will…

Canoeing The Yukon River

Canoeing the Yukon River to Whitehorse

Canoeing the Yukon River is often done as a multi-day or even multi-week paddling trip. As the third longest river in North America, the Yukon River is a favourite of recreational paddlers. Many people set off canoeing the Yukon River from Whitehorse to Dawson City - though that's only a fraction of its 3,185 km length. You can also go canoeing on the Yukon River via a 30 kilometre section from Marsh Lake south of…

The Next Morning The Smoke Is Gone To Be Replaced By Fierce Winds

Canoeing the Cameron River to Yellowknife

The Northwest Territories offers some of the best canoeing in Canada. But almost all of the canoe routes require an expensive float plane ride. I wanted to do something that didn't cost a lot. With some help from Gary at Overlander Sports I put together an itinerary that only required a one hour van shuttle from Yellowknife to KM 55 on the Ingraham Trail (also known as Highway 4). The plan was to spend four nights…

One Of The Caddy Lake Tunnels

Caddy Lake Tunnels Canoeing in Whiteshell

Until recently I'd never heard of the Caddy Lake Tunnels, let alone the fact that there is a 169 km (105 mile) round-trip canoe loop that starts on Caddy Lake in eastern Manitoba. For those of you short on time, the tunnels can be canoed as part of a day trip from Winnipeg. The Caddy Lake Tunnels are located in Whiteshell Provincial Park, near the Manitoba - Ontario border. They were blasted through solid granite rock when the railways were built, somewhere…

It's Hard To Pick A Camping Spot As There Are So Many Great Ones And Not A Soul Around

Hidden Lake Territorial Park Canoe Trip

One of the highlights of a five day canoe trip on the Cameron River in the Northwest Territories was the overnight detour we made to Hidden Lake Territorial Park, a 3000 hectare park. The closest access to the park is via Kilometre 45 on the Ingraham Trail at Powder Point. Hidden Lake Territorial Park is considered to be one of the most beautiful areas east of Yellowknife. Home to Hidden Lake and lots of backcountry…

Canoes Tied Off For A Lunch Break On The Thelon River, NWT

Thelon River, NWT Remote Canoe Trip

A few years ago I did a canoe trip on the remote Thelon River in Canada's Arctic for 11 days. I got the proverbial bee in my bonnet about seeing this part of Canada that few ever do - perhaps only a few dozen people a year - after reading Discovering Eden: A Lifetime of Paddling Arctic Rivers by Alex Hall. He wrote from the heart about the largest single wilderness left on the continent…

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