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The Ottawa Sign In The Byward Market

Ottawa Activities on a Visit to Canada’s Capital

Ottawa. Canada’s Capital. The city I grew up in, have a soft spot for - and one of the few places in Canada where I’d happily live again. Every time I go back, I marvel at how vibrant the city has become. How much there is to do. I leave thinking next time I come back I’ll leave time for all the Ottawa activities I'd still like to do - wander the museums I’ve never…

A View Out To The Not So Pink - Pink Lake In Gatineau

Secret of Pink Lake in Gatineau Park, Quebec

Pink Lake in Gatineau Park, located less than a half hour drive from downtown Ottawa, is not what you think it might be. First off, the only thing pink about it are the colourful visitors ambling around the lake on the Pink Lake Trail. The Pink part relates to the name of the family that settled nearby and "loaned" their name to the lake. One can walk 2.5 km around Pink Lake in Gatineau Park…

Our Group Is In Awe At The Number Of Trilliums

Carbide Willson Ruins Hike in Gatineau Park

The easy Carbide Willson Ruins hike in Gatineau Park is particularly lovely in spring. If you can do the hike in May, you'll find the forest carpeted with trilliums - and the birds busy singing their hearts out. But the hike to the ruins is also a great one for fall. Colours in Gatineau Park have a habit of dazzling those who visit. I think this is a hike that will feed your soul. If…

Exceptional Cross Country Skiing In Gatineau Park

Cross Country Skiing in Gatineau Park, Quebec

Growing up in Ottawa, I was very lucky to live within spitting distance of Gatineau Park. As a kid I didn't take advantage of the cross-country ski trails very often but if I lived in the area now, I would be a frequent visitor, especially as Gatineau Park is only 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa. In the winter, cross country skiing in the Gatineau is possible on over 50 trails stretching from Gatineau to Wakefield.…

A Dazzling Display Of Trilliums

Chelsea Quebec, the Gateway to Gatineau Park

A trip to Chelsea Quebec in Gatineau Park feels like a trip down memory lane for me. I grew up in Ottawa so I spent a lot of my youth skiing at Camp Fortune and swimming in the park's lakes. But it had been over three decades since I'd been back. And what a treat to find most of what I remember unchanged. Our base for exploring Gatineau Park was the Moulin Wakefield Inn, just…

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