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Views From The Glacier Crest Trail Of The Illecillewaet River

Glacier Crest Trail – Glacier National Park, BC

The Glacier Crest trail in Glacier National Park, British Columbia rewards with panoramic views of Mount Sir Donald and the Illecillewaet Glacier to the east and the Asulkan Glacier to the west along with views of Abbott Ridge, Perley Rock, the Rogers Pass summit, and Eagle Peak to name but a few mountain peaks. It is well worth the 958-metre climb to experience the beauty of this hike. Count on a full day (6 -…

Spectacular Views From The Abbott Ridge

Abbott Ridge Trail in Glacier National Park BC

The Abbott Ridge Trail in British Columbia's Glacier National Park (often confused with Montana's national park that goes by the same name) is the must do hike in the park despite its length and significant elevation gain. After hiking the Hermit Trail in the park a few years ago, I had an inkling I'd be in for a treat. Abbott Ridge is named for Henry Abbott, a mountain and railway man who helped build the…

Spectacular Iceberg Lake

Iceberg Lake Hike in Glacier National Park

On a busy trip to St. Mary and Glacier National Park in Montana, John and I squeezed in the Iceberg Lake hike in the Many Glacier area of the park. We did it in mid-September when the colours had started to change and after the summer crowds had left. The Iceberg Lake hike is 9.8 miles round trip and the elevation gain is a very manageable 1,275 feet or 389 m. Iceberg Lake trailhead location From…

Very Pretty Scene Looking Down Saint Mary Lake

East Glacier Road Trip in Montana

For a scenic drive in the western US, do an East Glacier road trip, exploring the country between St. Mary and East Glacier and beyond. It's an easy three hour drive if you're coming from Calgary - and for those already in Glacier National Park, it's a worthwhile add on. You'll be exploring the Crown of the Continent ecosystem and enjoying  world-class mountain scenery at the eastern edge of one of the most beautiful national…

Dramatic Lighting Over Revelstoke

Things to do in Revelstoke in Summer

Looking for things to do in Revelstoke in summer? You won't have a problem filling your day(s). But what you may find is that you haven't allowed enough time to do everything you want to do.  I personally would recommend these 11 things to do in Revelstoke, based on trips to nearby hot springs and national parks over several visits. There are also several adventurous activities I wish I'd done (see below) that will have…

Views From The Hermit Trail, Glacier National Park BC

Glacier National Park BC – Hermit Trail Hike

If you want a big workout in a short amount of time plus high impact mountain scenery, plan to hike the Hermit Trail in Glacier National Park, British Columbia. Steep hikes are what Glacier National Park BC is famous for - and the Hermit Trail is the steepest of them all. But it differs from other hikes in the park in that you end in a rocky alpine bowl, and not on a ridge. Glacier…

Iceberg Lake, Glacier National Park

Things to Do in Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park in Montana gets top marks for natural beauty. In fact it's been called the Switzerland of America. To justify that name consider this; over its one million acres there are 175 named mountains, 200 named waterfalls, 25 named glaciers and literally hundreds of lakes and streams. And the area surrounding the park is also a hotbed of beauty.  Glacier National Park is a fantastic destination in summer, offering an incredible range of…

What A View While Biking The Going To The Sun Road

Biking Going to the Sun Road, Glacier National Park

I've had a trip to Whitefish, Montana in my sights for some time. I didn't have specific plans other than to see what sort of outdoor adventures one could do in the area. And then I found out that hiking and biking Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park was available to hikers and cyclists in the spring. The road remains closed to cars until sometime in June but for two glorious months…

Wolves in the Wild: Why Sightings Stay With You for Life

I live just outside Denali National Park, in Alaska, and of all the many things I can say about such an incredible and complicated place, this is one: it's wolf country. I have seen many wolves in the wild since I moved to the area 8 years ago, including, most dramatically, a wolf pair splitting a caribou herd to pick off a calf and a wolf father feeding pups from a carcass with its mouth,…

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