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The MV Mahabaahu on sunset- the view from Peacock Island

Brahmaputra River Cruise: An Out-There Adventure

The Brahmaputra River Cruise as you'll see when you read this guest post by my friend Judi Cohen, is truly an out-there adventure kind of adventure. For those of you who don't think of yourself as cruising types, this post might change your mind. Cruise ships have a reputation for being predictable. While fixed itineraries and tight schedules appeal to some travelers, neither are deal breakers for me. Fortunately there are cruises that are adventurous…

iful hiking with some serious drop-offs for a stretch

Zanskar Trek: Day by Day Highs & Lows

While I've written several posts about my Zanskar trek from the Zanskar Valley to the Indus River in northern India, there is still much that I've yet to share. This post will give you a day by day account of the trek - including the highs and the lows along with one photo from each day from the time we left Leh until we returned. I think it will provide a better overall explanation of…

The mountainous roads require your full attention – so the road signs in India are a great idea

Hilarious Road Signs of Northern India

You've got to hand it to the Indians. They know how to use humour to address bad driving habits in a way that I haven't seen in other countries. I used to drive to Seattle from Vancouver quite often and the first road sign you'd see entering the US was a threat - Litter and it will hurt. I much prefer the use of humour on the road signs in India. Certainly the Indian drivers…

Zanskar camp tear-down

Trekking in Ladakh Zanskar – What a Day Looks Like

I've done three multi-week treks in the mountains - two guided trips in the Himalayas (Nepal and India) and one that was self-guided in the Cordillera Blanca region of Peru. The guided trips definitely follow a daily pattern. While on our 16 day trip with World Expeditions trekking in Ladakh Zanskar, the landscape changed but the routine did not. Trekking in Ladakh Zanskar, though hard, has been one of the most beautiful experiences in my…

The Markha Valley trek in India

Markha Valley Trek in 3 Exceptional Days

We finished our trek from the Zanskar Valley to the Indus River in northern India with World Expeditions with the spectacular three day Markha Valley trek. Most of our 16 day trek was well off the proverbial beaten path. Beauty in the Markha Valley comes with a price - a lot more people and the tea-house culture. There's nothing wrong with that but it requires an adjustment after a couple of truly remote weeks. Our…

Unbelievable afternoon of hiking in this untouched landscape

Trekking in Northern India in 20 Photos

Visiting India had never been on my travel wish list - mostly on account of the noise, the huge population and the sheer amount of effort just to get there. But then I thought back to a film I saw about a dozen years ago from the Best of Banff Film Festival on Zanskar - and it alone was responsible for an overwhelming desire to go trekking in northern India. The film showcased a teacher…

Prayer flags galore flapping in the wind at the Namgyl Tsemo Monastery

Places to Visit in Leh if You Have 2 Days

The city of Leh, located due north of Delhi, via an 80 minute scenic plane ride or a hair raising almost 24 hour drive, is the gateway to the Ladakh region. Trekkers and adventure lovers arrive here to get acclimatized before taking off on multi-week adventures in the Indian Himalayas. There are lots of worthwhile places to visit in Leh itself if you have a day or two. Just don't push it physically and drink…


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