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The Third Of Four Lakes

Pickle Jar Lakes Hike in Kananaskis Country

The Pickle Jar Lakes hike is a standout if you're a fan of mountain lakes. And judging by the popularity of this Kananaskis hike, people love a lake as a destination. Four lakes. Even better - though not all are equally beautiful. Be sure to go as far as the third of the Pickle Jar Lakes as it's the prettiest of them all. This post includes some affiliate links. If you make a qualifying purchase…

The Stunning Sparrowhawk Tarn

Sparrowhawk Tarns Hike near Canmore

If you're after an outing that offers a heady mix of mountain views and lakes, then you'll enjoy the moderate Sparrowhawk Tarns hike. You won't have any problem with route-finding on the Sparrowhawk Tarns hike if you follow the directions in this blog and check out the photos. No scrambling is involved - merely a wee bit of rock-hopping. And most of the 13.7 km return hike is at a gentle to moderate grade. This…

View From The Meadows At Mt Engadine Lodge

9th Blog Giveaway: One Night at Mount Engadine Lodge

One of my all-time favourite lodges is Mount Engadine Lodge in Kananaskis Country. I have stayed for a weekend on three occasions now, twice in winter and once in the fall. Visit the lodge in the summer if you're into hiking and nature. Some truly exceptional hiking trails are practically on the lodge doorstep; cue Tent Ridge, Chester Lake and Burstall Pass for starters. If you go in the fall - like I did with…

King Creek Ridge Hike in Kananaskis Country

The fabulous 3.5 km King Creek Ridge hike off of Highway 40 in Kananaskis Country offers truly exceptional mountain scenery. But it's definitely not a beginner or even a family-friendly hike. Once you reach King Creek Ridge itself after about two kilometres of hard, steep hiking, the grade moderates and the rest of the hike is positively glorious. It's one of the best ridge walks I've done - though I'd also highly recommend nearby Pocaterra…

Stunning Hike On The Centennial Ridge Trail

Centennial Ridge Hike in Kananaskis

If you're looking for a long but glorious out and back day hike in Kananaskis Country then the Centennial Ridge hike up to Mount Allan should fit the bill. You can see Mount Allan from Highway 40 - but it's an altogether different experience to stand on its summit. If you want to turn it into an epic, unforgettable day day, do the Centennial Ridge hike one-way - and then from the summit of Mount…

The Hogarth Lake Loop Trail Is Accessed From The Same Trailhead As Burstall Pass

Hogarth Lakes Snowshoe Loop Trail

The Hogarth Lakes snowshoe trail in Kananaskis Country is a great one to do if you just have half a day. Even though it's easy to do it as a day trip from Calgary, it's way more fun if you can stay overnight in the area so you can take advantage of some of the other trails - without a 90 minute drive in each direction. While the Hogarth Lakes snowshoe outing doesn't get you…

Reflection In Warspite Lake

Black Prince Cirque Hike in Kananaskis

The hike to Black Prince Cirque is easy to access off the Smith Dorrien Road in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. In actuality, few people hike to Black Prince Cirque or even Black Prince Lake. Instead they stop at the very photogenic Warspite Lake - just a few kilometres from the trailhead. Warspite Lake is the first stop on the hike The majority of visitors head for Warspite Lake – via a 4.3 km loop trail.…

Looking Across To Opal Ridge

Opal Ridge South Hike in Kananaskis

If you're looking for Kananaskis hikes that deliver big time on mountain views be sure to include the steep hike up Opal Ridge South. The hike is full of surprises - the good kind - especially after you get through a steep, rather nasty section of scree. I did the Opal Ridge hike in mid-June when it was free of snow. I wouldn't recommend it before its snow-free unless you've got experience climbing on snow. …

Snowshoeing At Fortress Mountain

Fortress Mountain Snowshoeing Adventure

Even if you're a keen Alberta based snowshoer, there's a pretty good chance that you've never had a Fortress Mountain in Kananaskis Country. Access is restricted to snowshoe tours led by White Mountain Adventures, cat skiing with KPOW or film makers including those that make Hollywood movies like The Revenant, Inception and The Bourne Legacy. If you go to Fortress Mountain snowshoeing, don't expect to take pictures of anyone filming or the movie stars. That's…

No More Getting Close To Troll Falls

Troll Falls – A Year Round Hike in Kananaskis

The Troll Falls hike is a standout as a year-round family-friendly outing. It's only 3.4 km round-trip, climbing just 60 m to end at the falls. As of 2020 you can continue on a scenic side trail to Upper Troll Falls - which I'd highly recommend you do. The hike is especially lovely in winter when the waterfalls becomes icefalls. You can do the Troll Falls hike on foot, snowshoes or even by fat tire…

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