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Reflection On Grizzly Lake

Best Adventures in Canada for Outdoor Addicts

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Canada is an exceptional country for outdoor addicts. Bordered by three oceans and home to several mountain ranges, as well as thousands of lakes, and hundreds of rivers, the trick is narrowing down the geographic area you want to explore. Detailed below are 5 of the best adventures in Canada. While I have done literally hundreds of adventures in the country I always have a hard time picking…

We're All Enjoying The Paddle Through The Mangrove Tunnel

Florida Keys Kayaking Near Key West

It appears from comments in my social media networks that many of my readers are less than enthusiastic about kayaking with alligators in Big Cypress National Preserve. (No way, are you kidding, you are so brave, I want a contract that says No Attacking Me and Eating Me - and yet really it was such a great day.) However, I think everybody I know would love Florida Keys kayaking, especially when it's an easy half day…

Kayaking In Florida In A Sawgrass Marsh Landscape Once We're Out Of The Mangroves

Kayaking in Florida on the Turner River

With dreams of alligators lunging for the warm meat sitting in my kayak cockpit (me), I went ahead and booked a full day trip kayaking in Florida on the Turner River in Florida's Big Cypress National Reserve. The goal was to see the area in its most pristine state - well off the very busy and well-trodden tourist trail. I knew the area would be rich not only with alligators but with birds, and that…

Delightful Kayaking Among Islands On The West Coast Of Haida Gwaii

Kayaking in Gwaii Haanas National Park in 25 Photos

Our one week summer kayaking trip with Green Coast Kayaking to Gwaii Haanas National Park  was a standout from start to finish. Certainly fantastic weather made a difference but so did the dramatic west coast scenery, the beautiful beaches, the wonderful food and the frequent wildlife sightings. These 25 photos take you from Gordon Island to our last campsite north of Burnaby Narrows over five nights. They'll give you a very good idea of the kind…

Rose Harbour, Haida Gwaii At Sunrise

Rose Harbour Boat Trip in Haida Gwaii

It took 20 years of dreaming to make my kayaking trip to Gwaii Haanas National Park Preserve, located at the tip of Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlottes), a reality. My husband and I along with two very good friends joined a tour organized by Green Coast Kayaking. The trip to Rose Harbour started in Sandspit with a bouncy shuttle on a rough forest road to a boat launch. From there it was a four…

Paddling Over To Ninstints

Kayakers Checklist: 100 Items To Pack

If you've got a kayaking trip planned, even for a day, then you'll appreciate this kayakers checklist - with roughly 100 items that you can't leave home without. The biggest difference between a short trip and a long trip, from my experience, is the amount of food and water I take. On longer trips I also take more repair gear.  You need to be very organized if you're planning a multi-day kayaking trip. Sometimes the…

Paddle In Scenery Like This - With Islands, Mountains And Rainforests Always In View

Kayaking Clayoquot Sound in BC

Kayaking Clayoquot Sound, on the remote west coast of Vancouver Island was my first ever sea kayaking adventure. That trip was the start of my love affair with the sport. Since then I, along with my husband, have done countless kayaking trips, primarily to spots off of Vancouver Island, though we've done some inland paddling as well. It's a memorable experience kayaking Clayoquot Sound. To start with it’s ruggedly beautiful with classic west coast mountain…

Quintessential Georgian Bay Scenery

Kayaking Georgian Bay Over a Long Weekend

The magnificent Georgian Bay wilderness in Ontario is home to 30,000 windswept, granite islands, making it an amazing paddling destination. Kayaking Georgian Bay for a weekend or a week will leave you in awe of the rugged beauty of this magnificent, quintessential Canadian wilderness. The Georgian Bay, sometimes called the “sixth Great Lake”, covers close to 15,000 square kilometres so it's about 80% of the size of Lake Ontario. As such, it's capable of generating…

Incredible Drama In The Skies

Kayaking with Whales in the St. Lawrence River

I have dreamed of kayaking with whales in the St. Lawrence River for years. The Saint Lawrence River in particular is an incredible place to see a huge diversity of whales - with the beluga whale being just one of 10 whale species that inhabit these waters. When you go kayaking with whales in the St. Lawrence River, you have the chance of seeing 13 different types of whales and porpoises or dolphins, an unbelievable…

Looking Down The Saguenay Fjord

Kayaking the Saguenay Fjord in Quebec

A two day kayaking trip in the Saguenay Fjord is enough time to give you a sense of the place. But if I'd had one extra day, then three days kayaking the Saguenay Fjord from L'Anse-Saint-Jean to the mouth of the fjord at the St. Lawrence River in Tadoussac would be even better. I'd up my chances of seeing beluga whales as they are often seen near the mouth of the fjord. Here's what my…

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