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Cross Country Skiing Near Lake Louise

Lake Louise Skiing: The Fairview & Tramline Trails

Lake Louise skiing on the Fairview and Tramline trails is an incredible way to spend a day, especially because in this part of the world snow comes early and stays late, there's lots of it and the backdrop is world-class Rocky Mountain scenery. It really doesn't get much better than this. At last count there are at least 17 cross-country ski trails in the Lake Louise corridor. They range in difficulty from novice all the way through…

Beautiful Scenery At The End Of The Plain Of Six Glaciers Hike

Plain of Six Glaciers Hike near Lake Louise

The Plain of Six Glaciers hike which ends near a tea house above Lake Louise is a beauty. But the crowds are there unless you pick your times - early mornings, late afternoons or in the fall when the crowds have dispersed. It's an interesting hike because of the views it affords of Lake Louise from a different angle and the glorious glaciers near the end point. The hike to the Plain of Six Glaciers…

Lake Agnes In The Summer

Lake Agnes Tea House Hike near Lake Louise

Yesterday did not start well. Chock that up to a longer than anticipated drive to Lake Louise from Calgary, the longest lines I've ever seen to get into Banff National Park (I have a yearly pass but our guests did not and spent 30 minutes waiting for one), unbelievable crowds at Lake Louise and parking nightmares. But there was a reward for our troubles - the Lake Agnes Tea House hike above Lake Louise.  You'll…

This Is What It Looks Like Skiing Down From Deception Pass

Skiing to Skoki Lodge via Deception Pass

Backcountry skiing to Skoki Lodge via Boulder and Deception Passes can be challenging but only under whiteout conditions. Otherwise it's straightforward unless you have a lot of powder or crusty conditions on the descent from Deception Pass.  I have already written about what awaits you when you finally get to Skoki Lodge - but first you're going to have to get there. In the winter that means you need to backcountry ski or snowshoe eleven…

Arrival At Skoki Lodge

Skoki Lodge – A Winter Visit on Skis

Skoki Lodge in Banff National Park was our destination one January weekend. You don't drive to Skoki because you can't. Instead you ski or snowshoe the 11 km in, starting at Temple Lodge at the Lake Louise Ski Resort. And in the summer you hike in - that is unless you're Prince William and Kate, in which case you fly in. Skoki Lodge - how to get there The trip into Skoki begins with a…

What’s Better? Lake Louise or Sunshine Village for Skiing

One weekend I skied two of the three downhill ski resorts in Banff National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) - Lake Louise one day and Sunshine Village the next. It had been over 30 years since I'd last skied at either of them - so it felt like the first time all over again. Temperatures both days in the morning were in the -17°C range (1°F) - and that was at the base without…

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