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Hiking The Southern Headland Trail, Pukaskwa National Park

Southern Headland Trail Hike in Pukaskwa

A hike on the Southern Headland Trail is just what three of us and a dog needed after being cooped up in a car for seven hours. We'd driven from Espanola, west of Sudbury through Wawa to arrive in Pukaskwa National Park, a little known park that boasts dramatic Lake Superior scenery. We were in the park for another reason - to backpack the phenomenal, add it to your bucket-list, Coastal Trail. After completing the…

Beautiful Mist Rising Off Of Lake Superior

Backpacking in Pukaskwa – Coastal Trail on Day 5

Day five was our last day of backpacking in Pukaskwa on the Coastal Trail. For those of you who joined me at the beginning of the hike you might be wondering how we ever did it in five days considering the extremely slow and inauspicious start we had. Somehow we did - and this is how the last day unfolded. It was even colder than normal, only 2°C according to my thermometer, on the last…

The View Near Shot Watch Cove

Hiking the Coastal Trail in Pukaskwa – Day 4

If you've been following my adventures hiking in Pukaskwa National Park you would know that it had been a tough hike so far on the Coastal Trail. Fortunately on the fourth day we were able to make some serious progress. Our plan for this day was to hike the Coastal Trail from Oiseau Bay to Willow River, a distance of 14.1 km. We got started at 9 AM but didn't roll into camp until 6:40 PM.…

This Is The Only Campsite Where We Saw Another Person

A Day From Hell on the Coastal Trail in Pukaskwa

I thought after guerrilla camping on the Coastal trail and backpacking in the dark that the worst would be behind us. But that wasn't to be the case. Our group of three and a dog were on day three of a five day backpacking trip in Pukaskwa National Park in northwestern Ontario. It turned out to be our day from hell. The plan for the day was to backpack from Fisherman's Cove to Morrison Harbour…

Fisherman's Cove - The Site Of Our 2nd Campsite

Pukaskwa National Park – Day 2 on the Coastal Trail

Yesterday I left you on the trail at 9:30 PM, about a kilometre short of our first campsite on the Coastal Trail in Pukaskwa National Park. That was the first time in decades of backpacking that I have ever backpacked in the dark. At least we ended up right beside the water without breaking anything - and awoke to the view in the photo below. As a side note we had been told at our…

There Is Lots Of Hiking Along Granite Ridges

Coastal Trail in Pukaskwa National Park

The 60 km Coastal Trail in Pukaskwa National Park is one tough trail. The trail weaves along the shore of Lake Superior, typically over a five day period. It's worth every minute of agony to hike this trail - as the scenery is sublime, the campsites ridiculously gorgeous and the sense of accomplishment, huge. It, I believe, is one of the very best long distance hikes in Canada. And although 60 km may not sound…

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