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Beautiful Rock Formations In Mingan Archipelago National Park Preserve

Quebec Road Trip: Quebec City – Havre-Saint-Pierre

If you're looking for a Quebec road trip that's a little different, why not drive the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River from Quebec City to Havre-Saint -Pierre, the last town of any size, with the option to continue to Kegashka, at the end of Highway 138 - a distance of 1,060 km. In theory you could do the Quebec road trip in one long day, taking about 12 hours. But there are a…

It Was Sunflower Season When We Took The Train

Charlevoix Train – Beauport to La Malbaie, Quebec

The scenic Charlevoix region has long been served by trains from Quebec City - but with hiccups along the way. Service has stopped, sometimes for years at a time. Today the Charlevoix Train is very much in existence offering seasonal train trips between Beauport and La Malbaie with numerous stops along the way. The Charlevoix Train follows the north shore of the St. Lawrence River for 125 km with views of the river, cliffsides and…

Montmorency Falls In Quebec

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Quebec City

I'm curious by nature and it's one of the reasons I love to travel. On every trip I learn something - whether it's the history that was never taught in school or the lay of the land you only get by exploring on foot. Here are 10 things I didn't know about Quebec City before my latest visit. The Quebec City Winter Carnival Quebec City's Winter Carnival has been around in one form or another since…

My First Poutine

Quebec City Food Tour – Educational & Delicious

 I figured if I signed up for a Quebec City food tour, I'd finally try poutine. You'd think as a Canadian who has been on this planet for well in excess of five decades that I would have eaten it by now especially growing up just across the border from Quebec. For the first few decades I can blame it on my mother. She was a health nut and French fries were verboten - as…

J.A. Moisan Epicier In Quebec City

Quebec City in December & Why You’ll Want to Visit

December is not traditionally a time for tourists in Quebec City and as such it's a great time to go. Prices are lower, there's lots to do both inside and out and there's a real magic to the city - especially with so many Christmas lights and beautiful decorations. Over a December weekend you could easily fit in a visit to all of the following places. Park you car for everything but the aquarium. Quebec City is…

No Shortage Of Tourists Checking Out The Ice Hotel In Quebec City

Ice Hotel in Quebec City – Is it for You?

When the chance of a tour of the Ice Hotel in Quebec City (called the Hôtel du Glace in French) presented itself, I jumped at the opportunity. I'd heard about the hotel for years and I was curious about what it would actually look like. And I wanted to know just how cold it felt inside. As I found out, the Ice Hotel in Quebec City is far more beautiful than I ever imagined it…

Rue De Petit Champlain Is One Of The Prettiest Streets In Canada

27 Fun, Interesting & Useful Facts About Quebec City

I don't know of anyone who's been to Quebec City who hasn't loved the place. It's got a 400 year history set against the backdrop of a walled city filled with narrow, winding cobbled streets. The place oozes history and charm in a manner reminiscent of old European cities. The last time I spent any time in the city was back in university days when the Chateau Frontenac was actually the hotel we used for a week long ski trip.…

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