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Arrival At Ojibway Cabin In Quetico Provincial Park

Quetico Provincial Park for a Girl’s Getaway

I'm happy to have a few girlfriends who say yes to adventures most won't consider. Cue my friend of almost four decades - Jo. She has always wanted to visit Quetico Provincial Park in northwest Ontario, though a winter trip was perhaps not what she initially had in mind. To her credit, she said she was game for a stay in a simple cabin on a frozen lake, accessed via a 2 km snowshoe in.…

Morning Calm On Lonely Lake

Canoeing Quetico – How to Plan a Week Long Trip

Quetico Provincial Park is huge at 4,760 square kilometres, almost double the size of the country of Luxembourg. Its home to literally thousands of lakes along with over 2,000 backcountry campsites. Because of its size, it's a challenge, at least the first time you visit, to decide where to go canoeing in Quetico. Canoeing in Quetico Provincial Park is bucket list worthy if you're a paddler. The sheer choice of routes, the history and the…

Canoeing In Quetico Provincial Park

Quetico Provincial Park – A 7 Day Canoe Trip

Quetico Provincial Park is a massive wilderness park in Northwestern Ontario, located a few hour's drive west of Thunder Bay. The park is immediately adjacent to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Minnesota. With thousands of lakes, rivers, centuries old portages, waterfalls and campsites you could literally spend a lifetime exploring Quetico Provincial Park. Quetico Provincial Park is an ideal destination for people who like to get truly off the beaten path and experience…

Canoeing The Churchill River

Canadian Canoe Trips – 15 of the Best

One of the best ways to discover Canada in the summer is via a canoe. If you're looking for adventure and a means of communing with nature then any of my suggestions should do the trick. From single day outings to month long epic canoe trips, Canada has it all covered.  Canadian canoe trips can be an affordable way to explore the country. Canoes are relatively inexpensive to rent, camping is cheap and you have…

One Of The Numerous Lakes In Quetico Provincial Park

Hardcore Adventure Travel in Quetico Provincial Park

Quetico Provincial Park is one of the premier hardcore adventure travel canoe spots in North America and possibly the world. This is due to its pristine beauty and remote access. Only 20,000 people visit this park annually, so it is possible to travel for days sometimes without seeing another person. The terrain consists of mile after mile of cobalt blue lakes with water so pure that no filtration system is needed. Just dip a canteen…

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