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First Rate Mountain Biking In Scottsdale

Mountain Biking in Scottsdale at Brown’s Ranch

Scottsdale is probably not the first city you think of when it comes to mountain biking. But it should actually be on your radar. Scottsdale is home to 200 plus miles of trails in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve ALONE with trails ranging from beginner through to advanced. Mountain biking in Scottsdale on trails like the ones we rode at Brown's Ranch are made with crushed granite and compacted soil while others are rocky with loose…

The Back Side Of Pinnacle Peak

Hiking Pinnacle Peak in Scottsdale, Arizona

Pinnacle Peak in Scottsdale, Arizona is the focal point in Pinnacle Peak Park. From afar the summit of the peak looks far more challenging than it does up close but you do need to be a rock climber to get to the top of it. Hikers must be content with a 3.5 mile round trip hike with an elevation gain of approximately 1300 feet. Hiking Pinnacle Peak on the trail can be done in 75…

The Apache Trail Takes You Into A Fabulous Canyon Landscape

Apache Trail: Arizona’s Most Scenic Drive

My little rental car took me on an extraordinary drive along the Apache Trail in Arizona. And it was only by luck that I was there in the first place. I had checked out a route the night before I drove the Apache Trail though I hadn't planned to drive it - but sometimes, and this was one of those times, the unplanned and unexpected adventures turn out to be the best ones. Stunning Apache Lake…

The View Of Scottsdale From Frank Lloyd Wright's Home

Taliesin West – What You See on a Tour

How much do you know about Frank Lloyd Wright? I certainly knew of him but if my life depended on it I wouldn't have been able to provide more than a handful of facts - that is until I did a tour Taliesin West, his winter home in Scottsdale. It's a remarkable house and the tour - even if you're not that into architecture, is fascinating. Our guide - Skylar was truly outstanding - perhaps…

You Can Some Sense Of How Busy The Cholla Trail Can Get From This Photo

Camelback Mountain Hike in Phoenix, Arizona

The Camelback Mountain hike in Phoenix, Arizona is one of the more popular hikes in the Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley area. The hike is a great way to spend part of Christmas day as we recently found out. Normally I'm in the kitchen cooking on Christmas but the year we did this, things were different. We were meeting my father and step-mother at the atmospheric Lons in the Hermosa Inn in Paradise Valley for a…

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