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Superb Views Towards Kandersteg

A Stunning 6 Day Hike on the Via Alpina in Switzerland

The Via Alpina in Switzerland is a long distance hiking trail made up of three distinct sections covering different parts of the country. John and I hiked six of the 20 one-day stages that make up the 390 kilometre red trail route. This part of the Via Alpina starts in Vaduz in eastern Switzerland and ends in Montreux in the west. Over its length, it climbs 23,600 metres (77,400 feet) and crosses 14 alpine passes.…

Gorgeous View From Alp Bovine

What’s it’s Like to Hike the Full Tour du Mont Blanc

The Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) is one of the top long distance hikes in Europe, and in fact the world. It delivers superlative, pristine mountain scenery day after day for over a week. The hiker's Tour of Mont Blanc is a 168 kilometre loop around the base of Mount Blanc, the highest peak in western Europe at 4810 metres (15,782 feet). Most Tour du Mont Blanc hikers start just outside of Chamonix, France if…

What A Backdrop For A Hike On The Way To Both Las Torres And Chileno Campgrounds

What You Need to Know to Do the Torres del Paine Trek

The Torres del Paine trek - which include the O and W Circuits are nothing short of spectacular. They aren't easy multi-day hikes, especially with full backpacks but they sure are bucket list worthy. You are in for a treat if you head to this part of Patagonia to trek. It's time consuming researching the Torres del Paine trek - be it the O Circuit or the W circuit. I always had questions I could never…

The Platforms At Chileno Campground

What to Pack & How to Prepare for a Trek in Patagonia

I went with my husband and friends to trek in Patagonia - with the goal to hike both the "O" Circuit in Chile's Torres del Paine National Park and to do a few day hikes in Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina. I spent in excess of 30 hours researching, planning and preparing for this trek in Patagonia. From experience, here's what to pack and how to prepare for a trek in Patagonia. This post…

Iful Hiking With Some Serious Drop-offs For A Stretch

The Zanskar Trek: Day by Day Highs & Lows

While I've written several posts about my Zanskar trek from the Zanskar Valley to the Indus River in northern India, there is still much that I've yet to share. This post will give you a day by day account of the trek - including the highs and the lows along with one photo from each day from the time we left Leh until we returned. I think it will provide a better overall explanation of…

Zanskar Camp Tear-down

Trekking in Ladakh Zanskar – What a Day Looks Like

I've done three multi-week treks in the mountains - two guided trips in the Himalayas (Nepal and India) and one that was self-guided in the Cordillera Blanca region of Peru. The guided trips definitely follow a daily pattern. While on our 16 day trip with World Expeditions trekking in Ladakh Zanskar, the landscape changed but the routine did not. Trekking in Ladakh Zanskar, though hard, has been one of the most beautiful experiences in my…

The Markha Valley Trek In India

The Exceptional 3 Day Markha Valley Trek in India

We finished our trek from the Zanskar Valley to the Indus River in northern India with World Expeditions with the spectacular three day Markha Valley trek. Most of our 16 day trek was well off the proverbial beaten path. Beauty in the Markha Valley comes with a price - a lot more people and the tea-house culture. There's nothing wrong with that but it requires an adjustment after a couple of truly remote weeks. Our…

Unbelievable Afternoon Of Hiking In This Untouched Landscape

Trekking in Northern India in 20 Awe-Inspiring Photos

Visiting India had never been on my travel wish list - mostly on account of the noise, the huge population and the sheer amount of effort just to get there. But then I thought back to a film I saw about a dozen years ago from the Best of Banff Film Festival on Zanskar - and it alone was responsible for an overwhelming desire to go trekking in northern India. The film showcased a teacher…

What To Wear On An Extended Trek In The Mountains

Backpacking Essentials for an Extended Trek in the Mountains

Here's what you need to pack for a two to three week mountain trek where you'll be at altitude. This is what I took for a three week mountain trek in the Zanskar region of the Indian Himalayas. Temperatures ranged from 20 - 25°C during the day and got to -10°C at night. There were multiple stream and river crossings, plenty of dust and numerous high altitude passes to deal with.  A lot of thought…

Hiking in the Andes: Peru’s Amazing Alpamayo Circuit

You're in for a treat when you sign up with World Expeditions to do Peru's spectacular Alpamayo Circuit. I did the Alpamayo trip self-supported years ago and still look back at my time in these stunning mountains with wonder. The incredible landscape on this trip will stir your soul. What makes the Alpamayo trip different than say one in Europe or North America? The Cordillera Blanca (meaning white mountains) boasts an unspoiled landscape that is literally…

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