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Cycling Northern Vancouver Island

The North Island has a hold on me, and I keep going back. Northern Vancouver Island is vast, sparsely populated, and you’re more likely to meet a bear than a tourism spot. A super destination if you like the great outdoors. This article shares three favourite spots for cycling northern Vancouver Island. Two are rough and remote (don’t expect pavement!), while the third is a mellower cluster of tourist gems. I’m a cycle tourist and…

Scenery Along The Chilkoot Trail

Adventures in British Columbia – 25 of the Best

If you're traveling to British Columbia in search of adventure, I've got you covered. Check out these 25 adventures in British Columbia that include everything from hiking to backpacking, and biking to canoeing and kayaking. I've done 23 of these adventures in British Columbia and there are two I haven't. Mt Edziza and the Rim Trail are at the top of my wish list.  Adventures in British Columbia - Backpack the Juan de Fuca trail …

Pacific Ocean Views From Cape Scott Beach

Cape Scott Trail – Muddy but Fabulous

There are few places in the world as remote, muddy and wet as the north-western tip of Vancouver Island. Torrential rain for days on end is not unusual here. For this reason, the 47 km return hike to the Cape Scott lighthouse via the Cape Scott Trail can be difficult. There might not be any mountains to ascend or ladders to climb here; these are replaced by giant fallen trees, huge swathes of mud and…

The Trail System Is Well Signed Throughout Courtenay

Discovering the Comox Valley by Bike

If you want to experience a completely different side of Vancouver Island's Comox Valley - one that engages your senses and shows off a side more familiar to locals than tourists, sign up for a bike ride with Island Joy Rides. Owner, Laurel Cronk and I spent a wonderful summer afternoon cycling the Comox Valley on a mixture of off-road trails and quiet backroads before trying out various culinary delights in the Courtenay area. This…

The Campbell River Salmon Fishing Experience

Campbell River Salmon Fishing Experience

I have done my fair share of salmon fishing but chiefly from the cockpit of my 17 foot sea kayak - jigging off the west coast of Vancouver Island. Although it's a rather delicate experience at times, it's been largely a rewarding one. Recently I had the pleasure of a Campbell River salmon fishing experience out of April Point Lodge on the east coast of Vancouver Island. The fishing took place within sight of Campbell…

Campbell River Wildlife Tour for Nature Lovers

If you need a nature fix, Vancouver Island and the Discovery Islands off its east coast are an ideal destination. The ocean here is known for its wild currents, whirlpools and standing waves. It's also an area that is spectacularly good for viewing seabirds and marine life like whales, seals and sea lions. A half day Campbell River wildlife tour will deliver nature up close. You can't help but me mesmerized by the sight of…

View From Our Tent On The Juan De Fuca Trail

Hiking Trip on the Juan de Fuca Trail

Interested in a four day hiking trip on the Juan de Fuca Trail - a cousin to the better known West Coast Trail? Located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, just 90 minutes from Victoria, the 47 km Juan de Fuca Trail runs parallel to the coast dodging and weaving through temperate rainforest and along rocky beaches. The trail goes all the way from China Beach to Botanical Beach just outside of Port Renfrew.…

View From Our Tent On The Juan De Fuca Trail

Juan de Fuca Trail Hike – What You Need to Know

I did a four day backpacking trip on the 47 km long Juan de Fuca Trail in early June before the crowds appeared. Located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, a little south of its more famous cousin, the West Coast Trail, its short distance belies the difficulty of the trail. This post is meant for those who have yet to hike the Juan de Fuca Trail but want to - and would like…

One Of The Beautiful Beaches On The West Coast Trail

West Coast Trail – What You Need to Know

Hiking Canada's famous 75 km long West Coast Trail is for you - if you have masochistic tendencies. Every year approximately 6,000 people attempt it between May 1st and September 30th. It's almost a rite of hiking passage to be able to say that you survived the trail. (In 2021 it doesn't open until June 4th.) The West Coast Trail offers the best and the worst of hiking experiences. It is stunningly beautiful when the…

Grotto Spa At Tigh-Na-Mara Resort

Things to Do in Parksville, British Columbia

Parksville is a city of 12,000 people nestled on Vancouver Island’s sheltered east coast best known for its large sandy beaches and warm swimming waters (warm by coastal B.C. standards anyway). There are a fantastic number of things to do in Parksville as Emma Gilchrist explains in this post. It’s also one of those places many Vancouver Islanders drive through several times before realizing it’s worth stopping. I recently visited for a girls’ weekend and…

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