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Ice Walks In Alberta - The Beauty Of Johnston Canon Ice Walk

Ice Walks in Alberta – Three Unforgettable Experiences

There are three ice walks in Alberta - and they all provide unforgettable experiences. Enjoy a high fun factor as you slip slide along frozen rivers, stopping to admire icy waterfalls or beautiful ice formations. On one of the ice walks in Alberta you can slither into a cave and stand behind a curtain of frozen water. On another, you can enjoy the view down into a multi-hued canyon while standing on a cantilevered catwalk…

Arrival At Ojibway Cabin In Quetico Provincial Park

A Girl’s Getaway to Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario

I'm happy to have a few girlfriends who say yes to adventures most won't consider. Cue my friend of almost four decades - Jo. She has always wanted to visit Quetico Provincial Park in northwest Ontario, though a winter trip was perhaps not what she initially had in mind. To her credit, she said she was game for a stay in a simple cabin on a frozen lake, accessed via a 2 kilometre snowshoe in.…

A Winter Hike To The Plain Of Six Glaciers

What to Do in Winter in Lake Louise

Winter in Lake Louise may be cold but it sure is pretty. There's loads to do for skiers and non-skiers alike. A frozen lake with the most beautiful skating rink in the world set against a backdrop of truly stunning mountain scenery may be the first thing people think of when they think winter in Lake Louise. But within 25 - 30 minutes of Lake Louise Village there are an incredible number of outstanding outdoor…

Lake Akan Frost Flowers

10 Memorable Things to Do in Hokkaido in Winter

Hokkaido is the northernmost and least developed of Japan's four main islands. It's famous for hot springs, volcanoes, ski resorts and beautiful national parks. With unspoiled nature you can look forward to a host of memorable, unique things to do in Hokkaido in winter. These 10 fun things to do in Hokkaido in winter are recommended based on my personal experiences. This post includes some affiliate links. If you make a qualifying purchase through one…

Me Testing Out The Frigid Waters In The Sea Of Okhotsk

What to Pack for Japan in Winter

I made a winter trip to Hokkaido - Japan's most northerly main island. Before I left I was warned by the group that invited me to be prepared for chilly temperatures. They obviously don't live in Calgary where chilly takes on quite a different meaning. Still I needed to put some thought into what to pack for Japan. Hokkaido, which is at the same latitude as Toronto, is famous for its spectacular mountain scenery, volcanoes,…

Inside The Sauna At Island Lake Lodge

Top Things to do in Fernie, BC in Winter

Fernie, BC is a true mountain town with a laid-back vibe and great community spirit. Most of the 5,000 plus residents live here because they want to. They like what the town has to offer, not just in winter but on a year-round basis; things like great recreation out the back door, excellent dining, loads of locally owned shops to visit and most of the services of a far larger town. If you're a visitor…

Start Layering When It Gets Really Cold

Prepping for Winter: 15 Must-Haves to Keep You Warm & Stylish

Have a look outside. Do you see snow? I do. In some parts of Canada like Alberta we've skipped a season and arrived in winter. It looks and feels like late November which can mean only one thing. It's time to get serious about prepping for winter. When it comes to clothes and footwear these 15 must-have items will keep you warm and stylish. They won't change the season but at least if you go…

Bison In Riding Mountain National Park

What to Do in Riding Mountain National Park in Winter

If you're willing and ready, Manitoba is awesome in winter, especially a trip to Riding Mountain National Park in the western part of the province. But let's face it. If you're heading to Manitoba in winter, you're heading into real winter. Don't come to Riding Mountain National Park looking for daffodils poking their heads out of the snow. Instead expect regular dips of the thermometer below -20°C. Do plan to bring your warmest clothes and…

The Interpretive Trail Behind The Royal Tyrrell Museum Is Easy To Follow Even In Winter

A Winter Hike in the Drumheller Badlands of Alberta

A winter hike in the Drumheller Badlands of Alberta, offered a few surprises on a bluebird January weekend. I had been ready to give up on a winter hike in the Canadian Badlands until we drove up to the world-famous Royal Tyrrell Museum. If you wander past the entrance you land on the Badlands Interpretive Trail. Both the museum and the trail are located in Midland Provincial Park. The Drumheller Badlands area is also home to…

Edmonton Winter Weekend

10 Things to do in Edmonton over a Winter Weekend

Let's face it. Winters are long in Canada. To survive them - and actually enjoy a winter I think you need lots of things to look forward to - like mini vacation breaks to the mountains and/or to cities you perhaps don't know much about. Over a January winter weekend John and I immersed ourselves in activities in and around Edmonton. You'd be amazed at the diversity of things to do in Edmonton and how much fun…

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