You’ve got to hand it to the Indians. They know how to use humour to address bad driving habits in a way that I haven’t seen in other countries. I used to drive to Seattle from Vancouver quite often and the first road sign you’d see entering the US was a threat – Litter and it will hurt. I much prefer the use of humour.

Certainly the Indian drivers are still crazy – coming up right behind a car and passing on blind corners. Impatience must run in their blood. But I’m impressed at the government’s attempt at humour to change behaviour. Whether it works I don’t know.

The Hilarious Road Signs of Northern India

Perhaps you’re safe with worry beads in your line of sight

We had a four hour drive from Leh via the Lamayuru Monastery to get to the start of our multi-week trek in the Zanskar Valley. Within minutes of getting on the highway the road signs appeared. You couldn’t help but smile and laugh at many of the signs. I hope they bring a smile to your face too.

The Hilarious Road Signs of Northern India

Some attempt at a barrier where there are significant dropoffs

If married, divorce speed.

Live for today. Drive for tomorrow.

Speed thrills but kills.

If married, divorce speed.

It’s this narrow at times on the Leh to Manali Highway

Don’t be silly in the hilly.

Be Mr. Late rather than late Mr.

Drink and drive. You don’t survive.

The Hilarious Road Signs of Northern India

The confluence of the Zaskar and Indus Rivers – a distraction though in a good way

After whiskey, driving risky.

Life is short. Don’t make it shorter.

Three enemies of road: liquor, speed and overload.

The Hilarious Road Signs of Northern India

Lots of tourist rent motorcycles to drive the Leh to Manali Highway – and its popular with cyclists too (no thanks!)

Accidents do not happen. They are caused.

Don’t be Gama in the land of Lama.

On the bend go slow friend.

The Hilarious Road Signs of Northern India

The mountainous roads require your full attention

Start early. Drive slowly. Reach safely.

Always alert. Accident avert.

For safe arriving, no liquor driving.

The Hilarious Road Signs of Northern India

The road into the trailhead may not have had much traffic but with drop-offs it got your full attention

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Hilarious road signs of northern India

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