West Coast Trail

The West Coast Trail Hiking and Backpacking Guide

The West Coast Trail (WCT) is a physically demanding 75 kilometre (45 mile) hike and backback stretching from Port Renfrew in the south to Bamfield in the north along the west coast of Vancouver Island.

The West Coast Trail Hiking and Backpacking Guide

Best things about the West Coast Trail

  • Beautiful sunsets on very scenic, remote feeling beaches
  • Sense of accomplishment upon completion
  • Eating fresh crab at Nitinat Narrows
  • Every campsite is beautiful
  • Campfires and waterfalls

This guide answers some of the most important questions about the West Coast Trail …before you begin.

  • If this is actually the trail for you
  • Which trailhead you want to begin with
  • How many days you want to spend on the trail
  • What else needs to be reserved with regards to accommodation and transportation pre and post trip
  • What to pack
  • Meal suggestions
  • Total costs

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