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The Author Admires An Ancient Thule Tent Ring Ukkusiksalik National Park. The Thules Were Ancestors Of Canada’s Inuit. Photo Credit: Marlis Butcher

Park Bagger – Adventures in Canada’s National Parks

British mountaineer Sir Hugh Munro used the term “peak bagger” in the 1890s to describe climbers who set out to summit all of the highest peaks in Scotland. “Munro bagging,” which morphed into the term “Peak bagging,” later migrated to North America, where today it’s used by nature-lovers like author and conservationist Marlis Butcher, who proudly calls herself a “park bagger.”  Butcher has led the way for outdoorsy folks who aim to visit all 48…

The Road Down From Cape Smokey Looking South

Road Trips in Canada – 15 of the Best

Imagine a great play list, the wind in your face and the freedom of the road as you experience one or more of these beautiful road trips in Canada. We're spoiled for choice in this country - though the season for road trips in Canada tends to be short - unless you love driving in snow. Described are 15 road trips in Canada - from the Yukon to Newfoundland. Some will take you only a…

Views From Lake O'Hara To Lake Oesa

35 Top Day Hikes in Canada – Personally Tested

I have been very lucky to spend a lot of time doing hikes in Canada - across all provinces and territories. What I look for in a great day hike is superlative scenery - with my preference being coast, lake or mountain views or even something that makes the hike unique. The Mingan with its fantastic eroded rock monoliths would be a great example. I'm not a fan of hiking miles through forests without a…

We Followed This Women As She Descended From Way Up High Herding Goats And Scrambling Over Precarious Rocks

Best Travel Adventures of 2018

As the saying goes "the older you get the faster time flies." It certainly felt like 2018 flew by for me. While there were certainly highs and lows of the year, overall I consider myself very lucky. I think I did 25 trips in total, not including day hikes.  Here's a look at my best travel adventures for 2018 Sleeping in the Sahara Desert We were late getting to our tented camp in the Sahara…

The Yukon Northern Lights In All Their Glory

Northern Lights in Canada – Where to See Them

A trip to see the Northern Lights in Canada is bucket list worthy. Canada ranks high as one of the top places in the world to see the lights, though that shouldn't come as a surprise considering our northern geography. And yet I suspect only a small percentage of Canadians have actually seen the Northern Lights in Canada. You need clear nights without light pollution and the ability to stay up late. Often the Northern…

Biking Across The High Level Bridge In Edmonton

Best Bike Rides in Canada You Can Do in a Day

If you're someone who loves a good bike ride but hates biking on roads, then I think you'd love what I consider to be 19 of the best bike rides in Canada. Most you can do in a day, two maximum. The best bike rides in Canada I've suggested all travel on dedicated trails and while you may have to cross the occasional road you won't have to worry about big trucks flattening you into…

At The Top Of The Giant Hike Overlooking Lake Superior

Driving Across Canada: 40 Places You Shouldn’t Miss

If you're thinking about driving across Canada - which is an exceptional way to see the country, don't rush it. Savour the experience, the small towns, the quirky restaurants and the unusual places to sleep. Allow time to make detours - because those are the things you're going to remember. 40 Stops You Shouldn't Miss Driving Across Canada This post includes some affiliate links. If you make a qualifying purchase through one of these links,…

Goutte D'O In Fundy National Park, New Brunswick

Accommodation Options in Canada’s National Parks

If you haven't recently stayed overnight in one of Canada's National Parks you probably don't know about all the cool and quirky accommodation options that are now available. Forget your musty smelling tent you haven't dragged out in years. Instead check out options that include everything from micro-cubes to cocoon tree beds to double tents - exciting options to explore whether you're a couple, a group of friends or a family. It seems people are…

How to Get Through Airport Security Faster

If you want to get through Canadian airport security faster this summer these tips from CATSA are going to make a big difference.  It’s summer, you’ve been planning your big vacation for a while, and all you can think about is getting to the lake/beach/mountain (select dream location here). But with your mind’s eye fixed on your destination it’s easy to forget about the journey, particularly security screening at the airport. The good news is…

10 of My Favourite National Parks in Canada

I love the national parks in Canada and seek them out when I travel. I have a dream of seeing them all but the northern national parks are expensive to access and the weather window is short to visit. We'll see how far I get! There are only a handful of non-northern national parks in Canada I've missed;  Rouge National Urban Park in Toronto, Sable Island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Wapusk National Park…

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