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The Roman ruins of Jerash, Jordan

50 Fun Facts About the Country Jordan

We recently had the privilege of visiting Jordan. It was a real treat having been reasonably acute observers of international news and a lover of maps, basically all of our lives. There was a palpable feeling of excitement and tension just being in this part of the world. Enjoy these 50 strange, fun facts about…
Grapes and condiments seen in the market on a tour of Amman

Tour of Amman to Discover Jordan’s Food & History

While you don't see a lot of blogs related to food on HikeBikeTravel, there are always exceptions to be made. The walking, food and history tour of Amman led by Raed Suleiman from Rahhalah Tours is one such exception. It's a tour of Amman that I would recommend to anyone visiting Jordan, even if you don't usually do food tours. How our tour of Amman unfolded The day started early. Rather than eat a crappy…

The view from the Fairmont Hotel in Amman Jordan

Fairmont Amman – For A Luxurious Stay

Since its opening in the fall of 2017, the Fairmont Amman has set the bar for luxury hotels in Amman, Jordan. Its prestigious location in the 5th Circle of Amman, ensures its a convenient 30 minute drive from the Queen Alia International Airport.  From the moment you step out of your car at the entrance of the Fairmont Amman, the five star hotel experience begins. As you walk to the check-in desk through a magnificent…

The Azraq Wetland Preserve

Azraq Wetland Reserve – Day Trip From Amman

“There’s nothing there” some told us. “Just flat desert.” However, after having our fill of culture for a week we wanted to get a little taste of Wild Jordan and were not to be deterred from visiting the Azraq Wetland Preserve. We had not seen very many bird species in the previous week and quite frankly I was feeling a little demanding about getting some birding in. As a bonus, there was a UNESCO site…

Cycling in Jordan

Cycling Jordan – Highlights of a Week Long Trip

A week long trip cycling through Jordan is a fun way to see this safe and peace-loving country, often referred to as the Switzerland of the Middle East. While it's surrounded by noisy neighbours including Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the West Bank, don't let that deter you from visiting. I'm serious. Over the 10 days I was cycling Jordan and exploring the country I never felt unsafe for a second. You can expect…

The hike to the Petra Monastery

Petra Monastery Via a Stunning Hike

The hike to the Petra Monastery was the highlight of my day in the rose-coloured city of Petra. The Monastery, called Ad Deir in Arabic, is half-carved, half-built out of rock. It was completed sometime in the 1st century by the Nabateans, a group of nomadic Arab people. The impressive facade of the Petra Monastery measures approximately 45 m high by 50 m wide. While it resembles the Treasury, the most famous of the many…

Walking down to the Dead Sea for a swim

Dead Sea in Jordan – What it’s Really Like to Visit

We cycled to the Dead Sea in Jordan the other day. Now doesn’t that sound casually epic, especially for people that live in Calgary, Alberta, nine times zones away from Jordan? We stopped in at Mount Nebo for a great overview of the rift valley and our salty destination - the Dead Sea in Jordan. And then enjoyed a thrilling 1,400 m (4,600 feet) descent on bikes to the lowest elevation on the earth’s surface.…

The golden hour in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum Camp – A Bucket List Experience

An overnight stay in a Wadi Rum camp in Jordan finally got checked off my bucket list in March of 2019.  I'd been angling to get to Jordan for well over a decade. The country has been on my radar since I first read Desert Queen: The Extraordinary Life of Gertrude Bell: Adventurer, Advisor to Kings, Ally of Lawrence of Arabia. Instagram provided further fodder - with lots of drool-worthy photos over the past few…


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