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Well-marked trails on the Kerry Way in Ireland

Best Hikes in Ireland You’ll Want to Do

The hikes described below are some of the very best hikes in Ireland. Some will take you a day, others a week. All with give you a great sense of the country. Even though Ireland is famous for its rain, that shouldn't stop you from hiking here. I found it rarely rained for the entire day. On the occasions that it did rain all day, I actually found it exhilarating to have survived the inclement…

Do a walk at sunset along Claddagh Quay

5 Things to do in Galway, Ireland

Galway has been the starting point of a couple of trips for me including a recent six day hike with Wilderness Ireland and a self-guided bike ride with John in Ireland's Connemara region a number of years ago. Galway is a great jumping off point to explore western Ireland. And it's a snap to reach by train or bus from the Dublin airport (it takes about three hours). Once you're in Galway, the only time…

Climbing Mweelrea in Western Ireland

Climbing Mweelrea Mountain, the highest peak in western Ireland, was the highlight for me of a week-long hiking trip with Wilderness Ireland, a local Irish company focused on outdoor adventures. There's something about the feeling you get deep inside you when you make it to the summit of a peak. And it doesn't have to be Everest to get that sense of accomplishment. Climbing Mweelrea gave me that feeling too. Mweelrea Mountain, located near the…

Ireland hiking - Errisbeg Hill

Hiking in Ireland: The West Coast Experience

I traveled to western Ireland in late April as a guest of Wilderness Ireland to do six days of hiking in Ireland - specifically the Connemara and Mayo region. It's an area that's famous for its mountains, bog wilderness, big views and savage beauty - and one where it's surprisingly easy to get lost, especially if the weather heads south. While I had traveled through much of the Connemara region before on a bike, I…

Gorgeous country on the way to climb Mweelrea Mountain

Things to Do in Connemara, Ireland

There's a lot to see and explore in Connemara Ireland - a region of western Ireland that is most definitely worth a visit. There are enough things to do in Connemara that you could easily spend a week touring by car, bike or on foot. Visit Connemara National Park - where you'll find excellent hiking. Explore the region by bike though I do recommend keeping to the quieter roads as the Irish, in my experience,…

Impressive colours for the middle of summer

Hiking England’s Southwest Coast Path

Last summer my daughter spent three weeks attempting to hike England's 630 mile Southwest Coast Path. I say attempt because she gave it her best shot for three weeks. The Southwest Coast Path is what one would call an epic adventure as it follows the scenic coastline of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset. But after rain, rain and more rain, ferry schedules that didn't mesh with my daughter's timetable, expensive plus hard to book B&B's…

View over the River Dart

10 Scenic One Day Walks in Devon, England

A lot of people travel to Devon to make the most of the countryside, but if you don’t really know the area, it’s very easy to bite off more than you can chew when it comes to walks in Devon. It’s disappointing setting out on a circular walk which ends up being too long to complete, and all too disappointing when your walk finishes just when you are getting going!  With this in mind, we’ve…

Through the Lake District

Long Distance Walks in the UK – 10 of Our Favourite

With so many footpaths and bridleways criss-crossing the UK it would be possible to spend a lifetime walking the length and breadth of the country, exploring its hidden nooks and crannies, marveling at its favourable green vistas and stopping off at one or two excellent watering holes, all without being troubled by too much traffic. Although many people think of walks as being a countryside pursuit some of the walks we've picked out as our favourites…

Irish Islands – 5 You Must See for Yourself

The west coast of Ireland is dotted with islands - incredibly beautiful, romantic islands. Take time to visit at least a couple of them. You may find that they end up being the highlight of your visit. They were for me. Described are five incredible Irish Islands - all on the west coast of Ireland. My favourite - so far - are the Skellig Islands. This post includes some affiliate links. If you make a…

Views from the high traverse that parallels the Kerry Way road

What’s the Better Hike – the Kerry Way or Dingle Way?

One year I walked the Kerry Way and the Dingle Way, two long distance walks in western Ireland, back to back. So what's the better hike? Is one necessarily better than the other? What's to compare? Are either of them worth the time and effort? Here's my take on the Kerry Way versus the Dingle Way. The Kerry Way in Ireland The Kerry Way is the more famous walk of the two. It starts in…


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