This guest post has been written by my daughter, Kristen McAdam. 

I decided to head down to Utah to participate in Lifestyle Fitness Camp. Once a week we head out to the stunning Zion National Park. This past Friday we did a hike called Scout Lookout. While only a four-mile roundtrip hike, the hike packs a lot of punch in its short length.

Well-signed trails in Zion National Park

Well-signed trails in Zion National Park

After an easy, flat beginning on sandy ground, the trail turns to concrete and begins to wind its way up the hillside. With long switchbacks, the turns provide a great place to catch your breath and take in the scenery around you.

This is one popular trail!!

This is one popular trail!!

As the trail gets higher, you have to be more careful of the steep drop offs.

Watch for steep dropoffs on the hike to Scout Lookout, Zion National Park

Watch for steep dropoffs

The trail levels out after the first steep climb allowing some time to get your heart rate back to normal – a welcome break! There were plenty of interesting rock formations along this part of the path.

Interesting rock formations, Zion National Park

Interesting rock formations

The final push is nothing but up on the famed “Walter’s Wiggles” – a series of 21 switchbacks that make sure you are challenged until the very end.

Nothing but up but at least it's via switchbacks

Nothing but up but at least it’s via switchbacks

It’s all worth it though because the views from the top are outstanding. And if you have some extra energy, you can continue on another half-mile to the top of Angel’s Landing. I’ll reserve that for another time!

Fantastic views from the Scout Lookout, Zion National Park

Fantastic views from the Scout Lookout

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The Hike to Scout Lookout in Zion National Park

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