Hiking Trails at Kicking Horse Resort to Try

The red lodge at Kicking Horse is a beacon

If you’re a skier or boarder from Alberta or British Columbia there’s a high probability that you’ve been to Kicking Horse Resort, one of Canada’s world-class downhill skiing destinations. While it’s renowned for its spectacular alpine setting, long runs and abundant snow in winter, it’s equally beautiful in summer. From the top of the Golden Eagle Express Gondola enjoy sweeping Rocky Mountain views. Then look way down and you’ll see the Columbia River Wetlands snaking through the valley bottom. If you’re a hiker you’ll love these views and the choice of hiking trails at Kicking Horse from the short and easy CPR Ridge trail to the longer and more difficult hike up T2 Peak.

Starting from an elevation of 2,347 m (7,700 feet), at the top of the gondola, pick one or more of the seven hiking trails at Kicking Horse described below. You could easily do several of them on a visit.

If you want a real adrenaline fix check out the Via Ferrata. You can choose from three routes of varying length and exposure.

I recommend taking a photo of the hiking map before you start out on the Kicking Horse hiking trails, so you have a sense of where you are.

When you’re finished hiking why not enjoy a drink and something to eat at the beautifully situated Eagle’s Eye Restaurant? 

Drinks and a meal with a view at Eagle's Eye Restaurant
Drinks and a meal with a view at Eagle’s Eye Restaurant – Photo credit: RCR with Dave Best

The CPR Ridge Hiking Trail – one of the easy hiking trails at Kicking Horse

If you’re looking for a short, easy hiking trail that will give you a sense of the beauty of the area, choose this hike.

From the top of the Golden Eagle Express Gondola head down the ridge parallel to the gondola. Along the ridgeline you can see both the Blaeberry and Columbia River Valleys and of course the Rocky Mountains. You really only need 20 – 30 minutes to knock it off.

Hiking trails at Kicking Horse - the CPR Ridge Trail
The CPR Ridge Trail is one that parallels the gondola – Photo credit: RCR with Abbydell Photography

Dogtooth Ridge hike – one of the hiking trails at Kicking Horse with superb views

From the top of the gondola look for It’s a Ten road and follow it for about 200 m. Continue on a marked trail that climbs up the ridge crest.

Hike up and over two high points – Blue Heaven Lookout and then Ozone. You’ll see the Stairway to Heaven chairlift just below the summit of Blue Heaven. 

From Ozone the route is less defined and rougher. While it’s possible to continue over another couple of high points, you need to pay a lot more attention to route finding. The terrain gets steeper and tougher. Turn back and retrace your steps if you’re out of your comfort zone.

There may be the odd patch of snow you have to cross early in the summer. Enjoy wildflowers and first rate mountain vistas along this trail. Allow one to two or even three hours depending how far along the ridge you go. Retrace your steps to return.

Looking over to Eagle's Eye from Stairway
Looking over to Eagle’s Eye from Stairway – Photo credit: RCR with Scott Thumlert

It’s a Ten – one of the easy hiking trails at Kicking Horse

For an easy loop hike It’s a Ten is a great choice. Head down the mountain from the top of the gondola on a well-marked trail that takes you through Crystal Bowl. It’s in a sensitive alpine area so be sure to stick to the trail.

Underneath the gondola this trail links up with the beautiful Bowl Over Loop trail. Continue back to the top. Allow one to three hours.

Cold drinks are just a few minutes away
Cold drinks are just a few minutes away – Photo credit: RCR

T2 Peak – one of the harder hiking trails at Kicking Horse

The T2 Peak hike is one of the more difficult ones of the seven hiking trails at Kicking Horse. From the top of the gondola it will take you one to two hours to do this out and back hike.

The trail drops down briefly and then heads back up to the main ridge from the Super Bowl Saddle. Continue past the Via Ferrata climbing area along the Terminator Ridge hiking trail to reach the T2 summit lookout in a meadow. Enjoy the wildflowers along with spectacular mountain views.

Don't forget proper footwear for the hiking trails at Kicking Horse
Don’t forget proper footwear for the hiking trails at Kicking Horse

Bowl Over Loop hike

On the Bowl Over Loop hike you actually do two trails – the CPR Ridge trail and Bowl Over.

To begin the hike head out on the CPR Ridge trail, losing elevation until you reach Tower 15 on the Gondola. Then the hard work begins.

Head up through alpine meadows and along a moraine left by a retreating glacier, enjoying the expansive beauty of Bowl Over between breaths. There’s one final steep push to get to the Kicking Horse summit and then you’re done. 

If you want a workout you can find it at Kicking Horse Resort
If you want a workout you can find it on the hiking trails at Kicking Horse Resort – Photo credit: RCR

Terminator Ridge and Terminator Peak

The easy Terminator Ridge hiking trail takes off from the top of the gondola. It heads to the Super Bowl saddle before gaining the ridge.

Revel in the fantastic views you get of the Purcell Mountains and even the town of Golden thousands of feet below. This is one of the top hiking trails at Kicking Horse.

If you want to include Terminator Peak look for a sign approximately halfway along Terminator Ridge. Head up for your summit experience, keeping an eye out for climbers finishing the Via Ferrata.

The Via Ferrata Experience at Kicking Horse

If you’re after real adventure with regular jolts of adrenaline sign up to do one of the Via Ferrata routes. You have a choice of three lengths – and three levels of exposure.

I’ve not done one at Kicking Horse but I have done a couple of Via Ferrata’s (at CMH Bugaboos and at Mt Norquay) and I guarantee it will get your attention.

While you may be scared at times, that’s all part of the fun and the sense of accomplishment. To book your Via Ferrata experience visit the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort website.

Can you picture yourself her on the Kicking Horse Via Ferrata
Can you picture yourself here on the Kicking Horse Via Ferrata – Photo credit: RCR with Cole Pellerin

Visit the Kicking Horse website for operating hours and to book your online tickets for the gondola. Hiking kicks in once the snow has melted.

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7 hiking trails & a via ferrata experience at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort near Golden, BC

Thank you to the RCR (Resorts of the Canadian Rockies) for making this post possible.

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