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Winnipeg at night

The Forks in Winnipeg on a Winter Visit

If there's one place you must visit in Manitoba its the Forks in Winnipeg, named for its location where the Assiniboine River meets the Red River. Archaeological digs prove that people have been visiting this area for 6,000 years including Aboriginal bison hunters, fur traders, railway workers, immigrants and tourists. The Forks in Winnipeg ranks as the number one tourist attraction in the city, hosting around four million visitors per year. You'll quickly see the…

Bison in Riding Mountain National Park

Riding Mountain National Park – What to Do in Winter

If you're willing and ready, Manitoba is awesome in winter, especially a trip to Riding Mountain National Park in the western part of the province. But let's face it. If you're heading to Manitoba in winter, you're heading into real winter. Don't come to Riding Mountain National Park looking for daffodils poking their heads out of the snow. Instead expect regular dips of the thermometer below -20°C. Do plan to bring your warmest clothes and…

Four Outstanding Restaurants in Winnipeg

Until my most recent visit to Winnipeg, I hadn't thought of the city as having much in the way of a food scene. Once again my preconceptions were dashed. I should have known better. Winnipeg's restaurant scene is creative, eclectic and delicious. There's a big focus on regional foods. You'll find wild rice, pickerel, Arctic char and bison on menus. What a treat it was to experience these four outstanding Winnipeg restaurants. They offered everything from a casual to an…

emptyful in Millennium Library Park

Things To Do In Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg is the butt of many a joke in Canada. In fact when I returned from a recent visit to the city, the first thing out of one fellow's mouth I met up at Mount Engadine Lodge was - "You visited Winterpeg? How were the mosquitoes?" It does have a reputation for cold winters - albeit sunny ones. And in summer, the mosquito is "jokingly" called Manitoba's provincial bird. But after I told him what I…

Heading through the second tunnel

Outdoor Adventures in Manitoba – 7 of the Best

When you think of outdoor adventures in Manitoba, the first one that likely comes to mind is a trip up to Churchill to see the polar bears - and more often than not, when it's bitterly cold. Of course that would be an incredible experience but there are other great outdoor adventures in Manitoba - particularly in the summer. Some are easy to access from Winnipeg while others require a huge investment of time. Here…

I was surprised at the steep hills on the Gorge Creek Trail - though the name should have given it away

Gorge Creek Trail, Riding Mountain National Park

The Gorge Creek Trail, a 12.8 km return hike in Manitoba's Riding Mountain National Park takes you to another world, more akin, at least when I was there, to a rainforest in Costa Rica. The landscape is a total surprise and not one I expected in a prairie province. Considered to be one of the best hikes in the park, the Gorge Creek trail takes you up and down the Manitoba Escarpment through a range of…

Hecla Lighthouse overlooking Gull Harbour

Hecla Island Manitoba For Hiking & History

There's a good chance that unless you live in Manitoba or you've got some Icelandic blood in you, that you've never heard of Hecla Island, named for Mount Hecla, one of the most active volcanoes in Iceland. Located about 90 minutes by car north of Winnipeg, the island has an interesting history as we learned from our hosts, Sharon and Dave at Solmundson Gesta Hus in Hecla Village. Sharon was actually born in the house…

Stairs provide a scenic overlook over Spirit Sands

Spirit Sands Hike in Spruce Woods Provincial Park

Visit Spruce Woods Provincial Park near Brandon, Manitoba to hike the Spirit Sands and Devil's Punch Bowl Trails. The Spirit Sands or Carberry Sandhills (as they are also called) are Manitoba's only sand dunes. The dunes are not true desert but a remnant of a sandy delta on the Assiniboine River. The sands get almost twice the amount of rain of a typical desert - allowing a wide variety of plants to colonize the dunes…

One of the Caddy Lake tunnels

Caddy Lake Tunnels Canoeing in Whiteshell

Until recently I'd never heard of the Caddy Lake Tunnels, let alone the fact that there is a 169 km (105 mile) round-trip canoe loop that starts on Caddy Lake in eastern Manitoba. For those of you short on time, the tunnels can be canoed as part of a day trip from Winnipeg. The Caddy Lake Tunnels are located in Whiteshell Provincial Park, near the Manitoba - Ontario border. They were blasted through solid granite rock when the railways were built, somewhere…

Our first view of Pine Point Rapids

Whiteshell Provincial Park Nordic Skiing Experience

Who heads to Whiteshell Provincial Park in the depths of winter to go Nordic skiing in a place that's not well known outside of Manitoba? That would be me and my husband John who's game for almost all of my adventures though I'm not sure he would have booked this trip on his own. Unfortunately the day did not start well. It was blustery and snowy when we left Winnipeg. Road conditions were the pits…


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