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The Jura Creek hike near Canmore
The Jura Creek hike near Canmore is fun and family-friendly

Jura Creek Hike Near Canmore, Alberta

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The Jura Creek hike near Canmore is a family-friendly outing with an option to add a level of difficulty by doing a loop hike that includes a scramble of Doorjamb and Loder Peak. Another alternative once out of the canyon and past the false fault, is to walk up Jura Creek for many kilometres. Near the end of Jura Creek, you can climb Morrowmount (in the summer or fall), a peak named for Patrick Morrow, the second Canadian to summit Mount Everest. That’s approximately a 20 – 22 km return hike with a route description here.

I have only done the Jura Creek hike in winter. It might be a tad challenging in the slot canyon in spring with high runoff in the creek, but the rest of the year should be fair game. In winter, families in particular would enjoy the hike, as there’s a short section that’s like a mini-ice walk. It’s nothing like nearby Grotto Canyon, but there is a high fun factor for the younger crowd.  

Jura Creek hike route description

Look for the trailhead sign at the west side of the Jura Creek parking lot. There’s a warren of trails in the area but pick anyone that heads west. You’re aiming for Jura Creek. Drop down to the creek bed and head north (or right) for the canyon sandwiched between Loder Peak to the east and Exshaw Mountain to the west. About 10 minutes and 800 m later, arrive at the slot canyon entrance.

Early morning walk up Jura Creek towards the Slot Canyon
Early morning walk up Jura Creek north towards the slot canyon
We're just a short distance from the entrance to the canyon here
We’re just a short distance from the entrance to the canyon here

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The slot canyon in Jura Creek

Jura Creek’s slot canyon is short, perhaps 150 – 200 m long, and way easier than the mile long slot canyon hike I did in Utah one year. Still, it’s very cool and a definite highlight of the hike. You can be through it in a few minutes, but this is where you’ll want to stop and take some photos.

After the slot canyon there’s another fun section of frozen ice if there has been a cold spell. If you’re coming for the ice walk, wait until mid-January unless it’s been really cold for some time. Despite the short length of the ice walk, I’d still highly recommend a pair of icers and even poles, if balance is an issue for you.

The ice walk will be the highlight for kids – and some adults too. Many families turn around just after the ice walk. If you do that it will be about 3 km round-trip. But I recommend continuing up to the top of the false fault as it’s another interesting feature on the Jura Creek hike.

The short but beautiful Slot Canyon on the Jura Creek hike
The short but beautiful slot canyon on the Jura Creek hike
I think the Slot Canyon is the highlight for everyone
I think the short slot canyon is the highlight for everyone
The slot canyon section is short so take your time
Scenery after the slot canyon section 
The mini ice walk in Jura Creek
The mini ice walk on Jura Creek
Icers definitely come in handy for this section
Icers definitely come in handy for this section
Three sets of animal prints seen on the way up Jura Canyon
Three sets of animal prints seen on the way up Jura Creek – wondering if some are bobcat or lynx
Without snow you would be able to see the contrast of the black Exshaw formation on the left where it meets the grey Palliser formation limestone on the right; this is the false-fault
Fun section at the top of the canyon
Fun section at the top of the false fault

Options to extend the Jura Creek hike

You can continue past the end of the canyon following Jura Creek through the valley for many kilometres. When we did this, the trail was quite wind-blown, so we ended up taking our icers off and hiking in our winter boots. On other occasions, you might need snowshoes. Elevation gain is minimal. It’s quite lovely walking in winter – especially as hardly anyone goes past the false fault. Count on a return hike of around 7- 8 km if you continue up the creek.

At the top of the false fault, we met a group who were off to do a loop hike that included Loder Peak in January. Apparently, it’s quite doable in winter, providing you don’t mind a bit of scrambling. They figured it would be about a five-hour hike to loop back to the parking lot. It’s on my list now for next summer.

This tree in Jura Creek has stood the test of time
This tree in Jura Creek has stood the test of time
The Jura Creek hike after the canyon
Heading up the creek – and having the place completely to ourselves
We find lots of rocks with fossils as we head up Jura Creek
We find lots of rocks with fossilized coral as we explore the creek area
Rocky landscape once you start exploring at the top of the canyon
Rocky landscape after you get out of the canyon

Parking for the Jura Creek hike

You’ll find parking for the hike east of Exshaw, but west of the Graymont Exshaw Plant on Highway 1A. The parking lot is on the north side of the highway. See the map below.

If you’re driving from Calgary, get off the Trans-Canada at the Seebee exit (Highway 1X) and follow it to reach Highway 1A. Turn left at the intersection and follow Highway 1A for about 5.5 km. If you’re coming from Canmore, get on Highway1. Pass the turnoff to the Grotto Canyon parking and continue for another 5.5 km to reach Jura Creek. There is signage on the highway.

Alberta Parks improved the parking here a few years ago adding a washroom and trailhead facility. There seems to be some spillover parking on the highway when it gets busy on sunny weekends. Be sure to follow posted signs or you’ll end up with a ticket.

Jura Creek hike location map


Where to eat post hike

If you’re hungry after the hike and don’t mind heading back to Canmore I highly recommend stopping at Rocky Mountain Bagel Company, Communitea or Rocky Mountain Flatbread.

A few considerations for the hike

The Jura Creek hike is not as busy as Grotto Canyon. I preferred Grotto Canyon for the ice walk but loved Jura Creek for the variety of experiences. Both are quick to access from Canmore and Calgary.

Dogs are allowed on a leash.

Be sure to take hand and toe warmers, especially if you’re planning a long day out in winter. Dress in layers. Carry the 10 essentials. Take a thermos of something hot to drink and some high energy food.

Further reading on winter hikes or snowshoe outings in Alberta

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The Jura Creek hike near Canmore Alberta has a little bit of everything - a short slot canyon, a mini ice walk in winter , a false fault and the option to do a scramble up Loder Peak



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