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A View Of Squamish And Stawamus Chief - About 15 Minutes Into The Hike

Sea to Sky Highway – Worthwhile Stops to Make

The Sea to Sky Highway, aka Highway 99, is an incredibly scenic, cliff-hugging road that takes you from West Vancouver to Pemberton, via Whistler home of the 2010 Winter Olympics. After three plus years of highway improvements including the addition of lanes and wider shoulders, both drivers and bikers can now navigate the road with some degree of safety all the way through to Whistler.

The Sea to Sky Highway is an awe-inspiring drive at any time of the year – but especially when the sun is shining. That’s when the stunning Tantalus Range shows its full glory – seen as you get close to Whistler.

Updated April 2020. This post includes some affiliate links. If you make a purchase via one of these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

The view of the Sea to Sky Highway from part way up Cypress Mountain
The view from part way up Cypress Mountain

Sea to Sky Highway – Cycling

Before the improvements to the highway with lane widening and additions it was unthinkable – in fact it was a death defying feat to bike it. You still need to exercise caution and don’t try cycling it on a busy holiday weekend.

There is an RBC Gran Fondo ride every year from downtown Vancouver to Whistler. It’s a great time to bike it as there are lane closures to aid the cyclists.

On the Sea to Sky Highway stop at Porteau Cove for the view
View to Anvil Island from Porteau Cove

Stops to make along the Sea to Sky Highway

There are a number of small communities and provincial parks to explore as you head north to Whistler from West Vancouver.

On the Sea to Sky Highway enjoy a view of Bowen Island from Horseshoe Bay
The view of Bowen Island from Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay to Porteau Cove

Horseshoe Bay and in particular Whytecliff Park is a worthwhile stop though it’s a few kilometres detour off the highway. If you’ve got a craving for fish and chips hit up Trolls in Horseshoe Bay before you continue on to Squamish.

Lions Bay is next, only 12 km away. Look for the Lions Bay General Store and Café, especially if you love smoothies. Also check out the gallery featuring local artists.

Next discover Porteau Cove Provincial Park, 13 km north. It’s a small park, popular with weekend campers. Excellent views across to Anvil Island and nice beaches beckon you to stop and picnic. If you prefer not to camp there is the option to rent one of two cute cabins by the night. You can book the Porteau Cove Olympic Legacy Cabins right here.

The Furry Creek Golf Course soon appears on your right. It has an enviable location but I have never seen a human being around.

Road trips in Canada - with a stop at Porteau Cove on the Sea to Sky Highway
Road trips in Canada – with a stop at Porteau Cove on the Sea to Sky Highway

Britannia Beach

Britannia Beach, a small community of about 300, is the next stop, 8.5 km away. It owes its origins to a copper discovery. By the early 1900’s the Britannia Mine had opened and in 1929 it was the largest producer of copper in the British Commonwealth.

Underground tours are available seven days a week – and you can even pan for gold. There’s some pretty interesting historic mining equipment to check out too.

Bike or Drive BC's Gorgeous Sea to Sky Highway
Picturesque views when you hike The Chief

Shannon Falls and Stawamus Chief

Shannon Falls appears 9 km after Britannia Beach. It’s the third highest waterfall in British Columbia, rising 335 m above Highway 99. It’s an especially impressive sight after a storm.

The second largest chunk of granite in the world (after the Rock of Gibraltar) known as Stawamus Chief is next. It’s internationally famous in climbing circles. Hikers also get a great workout hiking one of the trails to the top of the Chief’s three summits. The first peak is the shortest route.

The Sea to Sky Gondola is the faster, easier way to get to the top of Stawamus Chief to enjoy the views. For details on pricing and schedules visit the Sea to Sky Gondola website.

On the Sea to Sky Highway do a side-trip and hike to Elfin lakes for this view
A view of Squamish and Stawamus Chief from the Elfin Lakes hike


It’s only a short three to four kilometre drive to reach Squamish from Stawamus Chief. If you’re on a bike this section of road is always a challenge as the sight lines aren’t great and the wide shoulder disappears and doesn’t reappear until you get through the town. Exercise extreme caution is you elect to continue through here.

Squamish bills itself as the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada. The city is known for its incredible mountain biking, rock climbing and kite surfing. The hiking in nearby Garibaldi Provincial Park is also first rate. If you want to stop here for a day I’d highly recommend the Elfin Lakes hike.

Bike or Drive BC's Gorgeous Sea to Sky Highway
The view of the town of Squamish from The Chief

The Sea to Sky Highway between Squamish and Whistler

It’s another 59 km to reach Whistler from Squamish. Along the way there are many opportunities to hike and even swim in the summer.

I’d also recommend a stop in Brackendale, particularly in the winter months when bald eagles congregate here. Check out the Explore Squamish website for a host of ideas on how to see them. My favourite is via a winter rafting tour.

It’s just 5.5 kilometres from Brackendale to reach Alice Lake , a very popular destination for swimming, camping and hiking. Continue north for 33 kilometres to reach Brandywine Falls. It’s about a 15 minute walk, one kilometre walk to reach the falls, an easy stop on the Sea to Sky Highway to fit in.

Stunning views of the Tantalus Range greet you as you get closer to Whistler. There are a number of pullouts along the highway so you can fully appreciate the view.

It’s a total of 85 km from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver to Whistler. I don’t know what the elevation gain is but I do know it’s up there – somewhere around 5,500 feet. If you’re driving, allow 75 minutes from Horseshoe Bay to Whistler without stops.

Stunning views on the Sea to Sky Highway
Stunning views on the Sea to Sky Highway – Photo credit: Mike Crane


Whistler is a year-round destination. No longer do you have to be a skier to enjoy the town. In summer I love it for all the fantastic hiking opportunities. In winter it’s an amazing place to ski if you have a bluebird day. It’s also a major mountain biking destination. And the mountains themselves are a summer playground with easy access to the top via gondolas.

While it is not an inexpensive town to spend a night – it’s a treat to do so. I’d suggest the Pangea Pod Hotel (Canada’s first pod hotel) if you’re on a budget. I’ve always had comfortable stays at The Crystal Lodge and Suites as well as The Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel. If you want a massive splurge check out the Fairmont Chateau Whistler

Great hiking in the high alpine above Whistler
Great hiking in the high alpine above Whistler

Further reading on things to do in British Columbia

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A drive on British Columbia's stunning Sea to Sky Highway



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